What is an A7 service in Mercedes Benz?

This blog will explain the service schedule in Mercedes Benz cars and answer the following questions: what is the A7 service in Mercedes Benz? Why is periodic maintenance necessary in the Mercedes Benz cars? How to reset the service indication in a Mercedes Benz car?

What is the A7 service in Mercedes Benz?

The A7 is a minor service in Mercedes Benz, performed after 7 years or 70,000 miles whichever comes first. It can cost 500- 600 USD, Mercedes Benz’s service schedule consists of a minor service followed by a major service. Therefore, service A7 comes after the B6 service, minor service is called service A and major service is called service B.

When the vehicle reports to the workshop for service A, the service scope is identified by using the workshop code. The workshop code is generated in the Assyst plus service calculator. The workshop code is then entered into the workshop information system so that the appropriate service check sheet is printed out.

The service check sheet contains a list of all the checks that are performed on the vehicle before the actual service is performed. In the A7 service, the following work is carried out.

Engine oil replacement

Engine oil is replaced during service A7, if the vehicle has the latest engine then the drain plug is also replaced. The latest engines have a plastic engine oil pan with a plastic drain plug. An O-ring comes with the drain plug, there is no need to torque the drain screw and it fits securely between the locks in the oil pan.

For engines with metal oil pan, the drain bolt washer is renewed as the old washer gets crushed after torque of 30 Nm is applied on the durian bolt. A visual inspection of the engine is also performed before the actual oil change, this is done to identify any external engine oil leak.

An engine oil extractor is used on some of the old engines with an engine oil dipstick. Old engine oil is vacuumed out of the oil dipstick and then fresh engine oil can be filled from the oil filler cap.

Oil filter replacement

The engine oil filter is also replaced at the time of service A 7, the engine oil filter is made up of a paper filter element. It is locked into the oil filter cap. The genuine engine oil filter of Mercedes Benz is specially designed to last for 10,000 miles without compromising the engine oil pressure and flow to the moving parts in the engine.

It also comes with the O-rings for the oil filter cap, the oil O-rings get elongated due to the heat from the engine. The oil filter is renewed at last after the engine oil is replaced as it allows for hot gases to escape from the engines when the new oil is poured into the engine.

Fluid level checks and corrections

The coolant level is checked during service A 7, and the coolant concentration is checked with the help of a refractometer. Other fluid checks include windshield washer fluid and the secondary coolant circuit if the vehicle has a liquid-cooled intercooler.

The engine oil level is also checked after it is renewed. The new engine oil filter sometimes can absorb up to 500 ml of new engine oil. If the oil level goes down after the engine has reached the operating temperature, it is also corrected before the vehicle is returned to the customer.

Tire inflation check and correction

All the tyres are inspected for cuts on the side walls, and the tread depth is checked with the help of a depth gauge. If the tyre is more than 3 years old or it has reached the minimum thread depth of 2-3 mm then it is recommended for replacement.

Tyre pressure is corrected and the tyre pressure monitor is restarted before the final inspection is performed.

Brake component inspection

It includes accessing the condition of the brake discs and the brake pads. The brake pad thickness is checked with the help of a depth gauge, brake disc thickness is measured with a vernier calliper.

If both the brake disc and brake pads have reached the minimum brake wear limit then an additional job is added to the vehicle job card and if the customer approves the estimate; the brake pads and the brake discs are renewed.

Why is periodic maintenance necessary for Mercedes Benz cars?

Periodic maintenance is necessary for Mercedes Benz because it ensures the vehicle stays in good condition and increases its life. Periodic maintenance can also help to identify major problems like coolant leaks or engine oil leaks at an early stage.

Early identification of problems helps to prevent breakdowns and avoid expensive repairs in future. The Vehicle is also scanned for any fault codes stored in the fault memory of the control unit.

Customers cannot see all the faults in the vehicle memory, the malfunction message comes only when the fault is permanently present. If the fault occurred one time; its conditions like vehicle speed, operating temperature and other relevant data are stored in the fault frame freeze data.

This data is also read out during periodic maintenance and if there is a potential fault in the vehicle, an additional estimate is generated for the rectification of the fault.

Mercedes Benz periodic maintenance is expensive and the company does not give any free service coupons. However, Mercedes Benz conducted annual service camps where customers can benefit from discounted rates and also discounts on spare parts.

How to reset a service indicator in a Mercedes Benz car?

Mercedes Benz uses Assyst plus service indicator to calculate the service interval of the vehicle. If the service is overdue or due, the drivers can check the service menu in the instrument cluster.

In order to reset the service indicator, a diagnosis tool must be connected to the vehicle. A technician can access the Assyst plus service calculator in the instrument cluster. After selecting the appropriate service, the technician then confirms the replenishment of the engine oil.

After the confirmation of the engine oils, the system is then reset so that it can measure the time and distance until the next service interval. If the time and distance until the next service interval are incorrect then the technician can roll back changes and reinitialize the Assyst plus calculator.

The service indicator can also be reset through the instrument cluster of the vehicle. There is a special workshop menu which can be accessed after pressing the ok and back buttons on the steering wheel. 

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This article explained the service A7 in Mercedes Benz and the tasks performed during the service. The additional estimate generated during the service is shared with the customers. The service advisor can guide the customers regarding the priority of the additional jobs and get approval from the customers to complete the additional jobs.