What is the annual maintenance cost of Mercedes Benz?

The article will answer the following questions: What is the annual service cost of the Mercedes Benz? Which additional jobs can increase the annual maintenance cost of the Mercedes Benz? How to reduce the annual maintenance cost of Mercedes Benz?

What is the annual maintenance cost of Mercedes Benz?

The annual maintenance cost of Mercedes Benz is between 500-700 USD. On average, a Mercedes Benz customer spends 900 USD annually for the Maintenance of the Mercedes Benz. The following table shows the cost for Service A and Service B:-

Type of serviceSchedule Cost 
Service A (minor)10,000 miles/ 1 Year300-600 USD
Service B (Major)20,000 miles/ 2 years500-1000 USD

There are no free service coupons provided by Mercedes Benz unlike some Japanese car companies like Honda, Suzuki etc. Customers must pay for the spare parts and the corresponding labour for the annual service.

Mercedes Benz’s labour rates are determined by a standard system called ASRA. The specified time is given in the ASRA system and labour is charged on a per hour basis. The labour rates also depend on the market and the carpool available in the area.

The average maintenance cost for an old car with more than 4 years is between 1000 USD to 1200 USD. Mercedes Benz does not provide a warranty on all genuine parts, parts such as air filters, wiper blades, and brake pads/discs are considered consumable parts and customers must pay for them.

Which additional jobs can increase the annual maintenance cost of the vehicle?

When the vehicle reports to the workshop for its annual service, the Technician performs more than 82 checks on the vehicle according to a model-specific checklist. The checks include visual inspections of the vehicle interior and underbody and Technicians can identify the additional parts that need replacement.

The purpose of performing the checks is to prevent any future breakdowns and keep the vehicle running without needing to visit the workshop until the next service schedule.

Therefore, an additional estimate is generated along with a standard service estimate. Customers can consult with certified service advisors and approve to perform the additional jobs. Following are some of the additional jobs which can be performed during the annual maintenance.

Replacing Suspension components

Suspension components are subjected to constant stress and they are more exposed to the elements. Despite the superior quality of Mercedes Benz parts, certain components like shock absorbers, and ball joints can leak due to bad road conditions. 

If the vehicle is under warranty, any manufacturing defects are covered and the affected parts are replaced free of cost but if the vehicle is outside of warranty, the cost of suspension components can add up to the overall service cost.

Engine oil leaks

Mercedes Benz engines are huge and there is a complex lubrication circuit to various components like the Turbocharger, oil coolers etc and many oil seals that can leak engine oil. Engine oil leaks are identified before performing an oil change. The quality of engine oil drained is also checked, if it is less than the specified quantity further checks are performed to ensure there is no excessive engine oil consumption. 

Engine oil leaks can be expensive to rectify, oil leak from crankshaft rear oil seal due to fault oil separator can need complete removal of engine and gearbox from the vehicle and total repair cost can be up to 600 $.

Brake pads and brake discs

Brake pads and brake discs are not covered under warranty as they are classified as wear components. Usually, Mercedes Benz brake pads and discs can last for 30000 km but if the vehicle is used in the city and under a constant braking zone, then the brake pads are replaced during the service.

There is a brake wear sensor that activates the brake service light in the instrument cluster to warn the driver. The wear limit of brake pads is 2-3 mm and the thickness of the brake disc is measured by a vernier calliper, if the thickness is below the specified limit the brake discs are also replaced.

The cost of front and rear brake pads can be 500 $ and the brake disc is up to 1000 $. If the vehicle has a Ceramic brake disc and pads then the cost of replacement can be from 3000 USD to 10,000 UDS.

Main Battery

The main battery is checked by the Midtronics battery tester, under a standard warranty the main battery is replaced if there are any malfunctions. However, it is not covered in the fourth year or any extended warranty. The cost of the main battery is approximately 300$.

Mercedes Benz uses AGM (absorbent gel matt)batteries and customers can also install lithium-ion batteries which can last longer than the AGM batteries. Using non-genuine or flooded batteries is not recommended in Mercedes Benz cars.

How to reduce the annual maintenance cost of Mercedes Benz cars?

Following are some of the ways to reduce annual maintenance costs:

  • Purchase a prepaid annual service package like the Mercedes Benz star ease package. Customers can choose between compact and compact plus packages.
  • Sign up for an advanced assurance program that provides an extended warranty after the standard warranty is over. Advanced assurance can also include 24×7 roadside assistance in case the vehicle breaks down.
  • Perform periodic maintenance regularly as avoiding service can lead to unaccepted repair bills.

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Mercedes Benz is expensive to maintain but thanks to good build quality, maintenance costs remain stable even if the mileage keeps on increasing. Mercedes Benz even organises service camps regularly and gives discounts on spare parts and labour for the benefit of the customers.

FAQs: What is the annual maintenance cost for Mercedes Benz cars?

Is Mercedes-Benz expensive to maintain?

Yes, Mercedes Benz spare parts and labour cost is the highest among the luxury passenger car brands. Without any extended warranty and service packages, the maintenance cost can be very expensive.

How much does it cost to service a Mercedes-Benz?

It can cost from 500 USD to 1000 USD to service a Mercedes Benz depending on the model and mileage of the vehicle. Mercedes Benz service A is a minor service which is followed by a major service B. the service intervals are once per year or 10,000 miles (15000 km) whichever comes first. 

How to reset the Mercedes Benz service indicator?

Mercedes Benz service computer is also known as Assyst Plus, it is more advanced than normal service computers. The reset of service takes place after confirming replenishment in the Assyst plus by connecting a Xentry diagnosis tool or entering the workshop model in the instrument cluster.

Can Mercedes Benz be serviced anywhere?

Although it is possible to service a Mercedes Benz in any workshop, it should be avoided as Mercedes Benz cars are more complex than BMW or Audi. There can be multiple engine oil drain plugs, oil filters located at the bottom of the oil pan and underbody metal shields that require special knowledge of the vehicle. The standard or extended warranty can also be refused if the vehicle is not serviced at an authorised dealership. 

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