What is the engine oil capacity of the Mercedes Benz C230?

This blog will answer the following questions: what is the engine oil capacity of the Mercedes Benz C230? Which engine is used in the Mercedes Benz C230? What is the engine oil type for the C230? Are there any alternate options for engine oil for the Mercedes Benz C 230? Why does the engine oil level go down in the Mercedes Benz C230?

What is the engine oil capacity for the Mercedes Benz C230?

The engine oil capacity for the Mercedes Benz C230 is 6.5 to 7  litres. Engine oil and engine oil filter are also replaced during the service of the vehicle. The paid maintenance or service is scheduled at every 15000 km or once every year. 

Mercedes Benz designs the service interval according to the market. If the vehicle is operated in a hot country with a dusty environment then the service interval can be reduced to 10,000 km. The Mercedes Benz C 230 has wet-sump lubrication, the oil pan is divided into two halves. The oil drawing bolt is present on the lower section of the oil pan.

There is an oil level sensor in the engine oil pan, if the oil level goes below the level sensor; drivers are warned by a malfunctioning light in the instrument cluster. The oil level can also be checked by using the engine oil dipstick.

The engine must be at operating temperature before checking the engine oil. Checking the engine oil at the operating temperature ensures the reading on the oil dipstick is correct. A mechanical oil pump connected to the crankshaft is used for circulating the engine oil in the lubrication circuit of the engine.

Once all the engine oil is circulated and the temperature is reached, insert the oil dipstick to find out the true engine oil level.

There are the minimum and maximum marks on the engine oil dipstick and the oil level must be between the minimum and maximum level. The difference between the minimum and maximum level mark on the dipstick is 1 litre. The engine oil level is corrected after replacement as the new oil filter can absorb 500 ml of engine oil.

Which engine is used in the Mercedes Benz C230?

The Mercedes Benz C 230 uses a 2.3-litre inline four-cylinder petrol engine. The M111 engine in the C 230 is also supercharged by a compressor connected to the crankshaft and the charged air is cooled in the intercooler. The power output of the engine is 189 brake horsepower at 5800 rpm and a torque of 260 Nm at an early 3500 rpm. The C 230 only has a curb weight of 1390 kg which means it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.1 seconds. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and the top speed is 240 Km/hr. 

 The fuel consumption of the C 230 is also good. It takes 8.9 litres for 100 km of combined driving and with a fuel tank capacity of 63 litres, the range of the C 230 is around 700 kilometres.

What is the engine oil type for the Mercedes Benz C230?

The Mercedes Benz C230 uses fully synthetic engine oil. The engine oil grade is 0 W 40 or 5 W 40. At all the authorised dealerships Mercedes Benz uses its own engine oil. It is specially designed for all the Mercedes Benz engines and there is also a high-performance version of the regular engine designed for AMG and AMG line models.

The W in the engine oil grade stands for winter and the number before the W is the measure of the viscosity in cold temperature. The number after the W is the measure of viscosity in the hot temperature. The viscosity of engine oil is the measure of the resistance offered by the fluid to the flow or movement. The engine oil must remain viscous in cold temperatures so that it can circulate to all the moving parts also it should not evaporate in high operating temperatures.

If the engine oil grade is not used as recommended by Mercedes Benz then there can be damage to critical moving parts in the engine.

Is there any alternate engine oil for the Mercedes Benz C 230?

The alternate suitable engine oil for the Mercedes Benz C 230 is mentioned in the MB sheet number. MB sheet number contains all the recommended oil manufacturers and oil grades that can be used instead of Mercedes Benz engine oil. The following table contains some of the suitable alternatives for the Mercedes Benz C230.

Product Name Company 
Alpine RS/ RSI 0W40 & 5W40Mitan Mineralöl GmbH, Ankum/GERMANY
Castrol Edge 0W-40 A3/B4Castrol Limited, SWINDON/UNITED KINGDOM
Gulf Formula GXGulf Oil International, London/ENGLAND
Mobil 1 Formula 0W-40ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, SPRING, Texas/USA
Mobil 1 FS 5W-40ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, SPRING, Texas/USA
Shell Helix UltraShell International Petroleum Company, LONDON/UNITED KINGDOM

What are the reasons for the low engine oil level in the Mercedes Benz C230?

The reasons for the low engine oil level in the Mercedes Benz C230 are as follows:

  • External engine oil leakage

The M111 inline 4 cylinder engine is very well built but there can be engine oil leakage from the cylinder head cover and lower section of the engine oil pan. The cylinder head cover is bolted on the cylinder head, and the seal between them gets weaker due to the high operating temperature and creates a leak. Engine oil can also leak from the oil pan if the vehicle is not in use, all the engine oil gets collected in the oil pan and due to excessive pressure; the oil can leak. 

Engine oil pan and cylinder head are not like other components like differential or transfer cases where sweating of oil can take place. Therefore, a visual inspection is carried out to identify engine oil leakage. 

  • Internal engine oil consumption

It can occur due to a damaged valve stem seal or worn-out piston scraper ring. The engine oil leaks into the combustion process and burns with the air-fuel mixture. Internal combustion can also create soot particles and oil deposits on the spark plugs. 

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The cost for the engine oil change of Mercedes Benz C230 is 200-300USD, Mercedes Benz engine oil changes are expensive as fully synthetic oil is used and the quantity of engine oil required is more than 5 litres. Engine oil is extracted from the oil dipstick so there is no need to remove the underbody shield and replace the drain plug.