What is the horsepower of the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG?

In this article, we find out how much power the Mercedes Benz C 43 AMG produces and answer the following questions: which engine is used in the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG? What is the fuel economy? What are driver assistance systems present on the vehicle? 

What is the horsepower of the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG?

The Mercedes C 43 AMG produces 385 hp and 520 Nm of torque. The Mercedes Benz C43 is one of the variants of the Mercedes Benz C class. Mercedes Benz recently launched AMG line models which are tuned by the Mercedes Benz AMG but there is no handbuilt engine in the AMG line series cars.

As a part of the AMG line models, the C43 gets AMG high-performance exhaust as standard. There is a small rear spoiler on the door coupe model. The soft-top convertible also gets a two-tone paint scheme and choice of the interior through the designo package.

The service interval of the C43 AMG is the same as that of the standard C class. The wheelbase is slightly smaller on the coupe and convertible model but interior space is comfortable for 2 occupants in the front seats, rear seats are not suitable for carrying occupants over a long journey as the headroom is restricted and seats are not adjustable.

Both the C43 two-door coupe and soft-top convertible models have a 4matic all-wheel-drive system. The power output is distributed 50:50 between the front and the rear axles; it is not possible to drive the C43 in the rear-wheel-drive mode, unlike the E63 AMG. Driver assistance systems like Distronic and Distronic Plus and Larger vented Brake discs are available as optional extras.

The suspension setup is also on the stiffer side to aid sporty handling; the coupe is better when it comes to handling compared to the soft-top convertible model. The interior of the Mercedes Benz C43 gets the sporty treatment, the instrument cluster gets modified dials and there are two new modes- sports and sport plus in the dynamic select menu.

The instrument cluster also gets an additional AMG menu which gives the following additional information to the driver.

  • Warm-up: engine and transmission oil temperature plus charge pressure as Boost display
  • Setup: current status of systems such as the drive system, suspension, exhaust system, ESP®, transmission
  • G-Force: the display of current g-forces in a coordinate system and the ability to save maximum values
  • Race Timer: manual stopwatch for lap times and colour display of fastest and slowest laps, plus average speed and distance
  • Engine Data: engine torque / rated output in a bar chart plus charge pressure as Boost display

Which engine is used in the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG?

The Mercedes C43 AMG has a 3.0-litre M276 petrol V6 engine. It is biturbo means there are two turbochargers for the individual cylinder bank, the two turbochargers are waste-get type turbochargers with a turbine wheel on the exhaust side and compressor wheel on the intake side. 

There are non-friction bearings in turbos but the engine oil lubrication circuit is connected as the rpm of the turbochargers can reach 200000 revolutions per minute. Turbochargers are also liquid-cooled; the main coolant circuit is connected to the turbos via input and output coolant lines.

The boost pressure is controlled by electro-pneumatic transducers that can control the wastegate linkage connected to a vacuum cell. The boost pressure transducers are controlled by the signal from the engine control unit.

The compressed air is cooled by a liquid-cooled intercooler; it is common for both the backs, unlike the separate intercoolers in the M177 and M176 engines used in the 63 models.

The performance maps in the engine control unit are tuned by the Mercedes Benz AMG division and the engine cover is designed with a red metallic stripe in the middle. There is no engine builder logo as this is a Mercedes Benz engine only tuned for high performance.

A special sound generator control unit is installed in the vehicle which can mimic exhaust noise and resonate through the car interior speakers. 

The M276 engine is mated to AMG speedshift 9Gtronic transmission, in the speedshift transmission multiple downshifts are possible with quicker shifting time to give a sporty driving experience. 

The transfer case is attached to the transmission and it sends power to the front and the rear differentials. Apart from distributing the power between the front and rear axle, the transfer case also synchronises the wheel rotation and the wheel speed can vary between the axles. 

There is no limited-slip differential but there is The electronic traction control system is an integrated function of the electronic stability program control unit. It monitors wheel speeds and Electronic traction control applies brakes to individual wheels which are spinning and sends power to the other wheel with grip, should the vehicle end up with one wheel off the ground.

What are the fuel economy and carbon consumption of the C43?

The Fuel economy of the C43 AMG on the highways is around 26 mpg while driving in the cities you can expect a fuel economy of 20-22 mpg, CO2 emission is 208g/km.

As the C43 AMG has a high-performance engine with an all-time all-wheel-drive system the fuel economy is considerably lower than rear-wheel-drive variants of the C class.

The C43 also has aerodynamically optimised AMG light-alloy wheels with specially designed aero rings and spoke geometry. This helps to increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the car to reduce fuel consumption and also cool the brake system.

Which driver assistance systems are available as standard on C43?

Following are the driver assistance systems that are available as standard:

  • Active braking assists

If the driver doesn’t slow down and the vehicle is too close in the front. Active braking assist warns the driver by an audible beep and proceeds to a[pply brakes if the driver doesn’t slow the vehicle. Early, a medium and late ranges for active brake assist can be set through the command system.

  • Active blind spot assist– 

Active blind spot assist uses a warning light in the outside rearview mirror to warn the driver if there is a vehicle in the blind spot. A short-range radar sensor located on both sides of the vehicle scans for vehicles or pedestrians in the blindspot of the vehicle. Blindspot assists also work when the vehicle is stationary, occupants are warned if an object is present in the blind spot by a warning tone and flashing indicator lamps before opening the doors.

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The Mercedes Benz C43 AMG costs somewhere between 40000 USD to 60000 USD and produces 382 hp. With a curb weight of only 4000lb, the power to weight ratio of the C43 is superior to any other car in the same segment. It is not as aggressive as the more powerful C63 AMG and serves the purpose of introducing customers to the High-performance world of Mercedes Benz AMG cars.

FAQs: What is the horsepower of C43 AMG?

Is a C43 AMG worth it?

Yes, the C43 AMG comes in AMG trim and looks more sporty than the standard C class. The AMG alloys wheels are designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency and simultaneously cool the brake system. C 43 AMG also gets a 4Matic drive system.

What’s the difference between C43 and C63?

The C43 is an AMG line model while the C 63 is an AMG model. The C63 has a hand-built V8 engine, C43 only gets a V6 turbocharged engine. C 63 cost is also more than C43.

Is the C43 AMG fast?

Yes, C 43 is faster than the standard C class. The V6 petrol engine has two turbochargers and the C 43 has an all-wheel-drive system.

How fast does the Mercedes C43 AMG go?

The C43 will do 0-60 in under 5 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h.