What to do with a totaled Mercedes Benz car?

This blog will answer the following questions: what to do with a totaled Mercedes Benz car? When is a Mercedes Benz car declared as a total loss? What happens after your Mercedes Benz is declared a total loss?

what to do with a totaled Mercedes Benz car? 

If a Mercedes Benz car is totaled then the following are some of the things to do it:

  • Receive settlement money
  • Repair the vehicle
  • Selling the totaled Mercedes Benz

The above-mentioned to-do things are explained in detail below:

  • Receive settlement money

If the vehicle has valid insurance in order to receive settlement money. A surveyor from the insurance company will perform vehicle insurance before declaring it as a total loss. Therefore, valid vehicle insurance with collision coverage is essential.

A vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to be in a collision in order to declare it as a total loss. Damage to the vehicle due to natural calamities like floods can also cause extensive damage to the vehicle. 

If the vehicle is driven through flooded water, the engine can suck the water into the intake manifold. The air filter is not designed to prevent a huge quantity of water from entering the charge air intake system.

The water that gets sucked in can cause hydrostatic damage to the engine. Mercedes Benz engines do not have a repair stage of the engine block. The cylinder walls are coated with an iron-carbon alloy material called Nanoslide. Therefore, the complete engine block or in most cases the engine needs replacement. 

The insurance companies also sell engine coverage separately. If the powertrain is damaged due to flood and the customer does not have engine cover then no settlement money is given to the customer. The vehicle can only be repaired if the customer agrees to pay the cost of the repairs.

Additionally, Mercedes Benz does not provide any warranty support in the case of water damage to the vehicle. SUVs like GLE and GLS are designed with a specific limit for water wading and water baffles cannot prevent the flood water from entering the intake system if the water level is above the bonnet.

  • Repair the vehicle

If a customer does not have full insurance coverage and the vehicle is involved in a car crash, there is always the possibility that the other party can compensate for the damage. Mercedes Benz dealerships are fully equipped with tools to repair major damage even if the vehicle is overturned.

Customers can always pay for the repair cost and get the car fixed from the authorized dealership. Only the genuine parts are used for the repair works and Mercedes Benz also has a 2 years parts warranty for the spare parts.

Mercedes Ben authorized dealers also have a special color matching machine so the overall paint job is like a factory finish. The paint job is also uniform and has multiple layers for maximum protection. 

  • Selling the totaled Mercedes Benz

If the vehicle has no collision coverage and the cost of repair is not reasonable then the only thing left to do is sell the car to any junk car buyer. Junk car buyers can salvage the parts or the car or someone can even purchase the totaled car and use its parts for a project car.

When is a Mercedes Benz car declared as a total loss?

A Mercedes Benz car is declared as a total loss when the cost required to repair the car is more than its actual value. The actual value of the car is determined according to its age and mileage. 

Depending on the insurance company, an evaluator will check the estimate provided by the dealership for the repairs and give a final verdict if the car is damaged beyond the point of repair.

In some markets, the cost of salvageable parts is also one of the factors taken into consideration for declaring the car as a total loss. Salvageable parts can include control units, mechanical components, and interior equipment. 

The total lost limit is also declared by certain states in the USA and the vehicle must be declared a total loss if the limit is exceeded. For example in the state of Oklahoma, the total loss limit is set at 60 percent of the vehicle’s actual value while in Texas it is at 100 percent. 

So the insurance company considers the total cost of repair and the cost of the salvageable part, before deeming the car as totaled. Mercedes Benz dealerships check the chassis alignment of the car and the extent of damage to the crumple zones. 

All the parts required for the repairs are available as genuine spare parts. However, the cost of individual parts is too expensive. Mercedes Benz also uses high labor rates as special equipment like car-o-liners are used for correction of the chassis alignment. Therefore, if a Mercedes Benz car is in a severe accident it is usually declared as a total loss.

What to do after your Mercedes Benz is declared a total loss?

If a Mercedes Benz car is involved in a severe accident and it is damaged before repair then follow the steps mentioned below to start the insurance claim process.

  • Tow the vehicle to the authorized Mercedes Benz workshop where certified technicians can check the extent of the damage to the vehicle and generate an estimate of the repair. Usually, this inspection is performed with a surveyor from the insurance company.
  • Collect all the vehicle documents like vehicle registration certificate, insurance, driver’s license, etc. all these documents are required to initiate the insurance claim process.
  • The insurance company will give the actual value of the car, and customers can get compensated for up to 90 percent of the selling price of the car. However, it can be less if the age and the mileage of the vehicle are more. In some cases, insurance companies even allow the customers to dispute the final settlement cost.
  • Once the customer has accepted the settlement amount, remove any personal items from the vehicle.
  • The insurance company will take the vehicle and its documents from the dealership and customers can receive the settlement amount.

Mercedes Benz authorized dealerships to offer various schemes for purchasing a new Mercedes Benz car. The customer only receives the settlement amount if the car is fully owned by the customer.

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This blog explained important things to do with a totaled car. Mercedes Benz cars are very durable but in order to increase the safety of the passengers, various crumple zones are designed in the vehicle to absorb the energy of the accidental impact. Therefore the cost of repairs is very high if the vehicle is involved in a collision.