Where can I get my hood latch fixed?

This article will provide information regarding “Where can I get my hood latch fixed”. In addition, we will explain how to get a hood scoop design installed on your car’s bonnet.

Where can I get my hood latch fixed?

The hood latch might get damaged due to multiple reasons. Once the hood latch gets damaged, there are chances that the Hood mightn’t lock when it is closed. So, in that case, you will require a new latch installation in the car. Getting a latch fixed on the car can be done either by you or a professional mechanic. If you are comfortable performing the installation work yourself, you can follow the following procedure below. This procedure applies to cars with a single latch present at the center of the front grille.

Procedure to install a new latch

  • For installing the new latch, make sure that the vehicle is turned off and the engine is cooled down. Because working with a hot engine can get you into trouble while working.
  • For replacing the hood latch, you will require some basic tools such as a screwdriver, plier and torque wrench.
  • Many cars have a protective plastic housing on the top of the latch assembly. This protective housing protects the latch and other components around it.
  • Firstly, you need to remove this plastic protection, with the help of a screwdriver, unscrew the metal and plastic screws used to fix the protection panel. Moreover, there will be some plastic locks on the protection panel. Unlock those locks as well and remove the plastic panel from the vehicle.
  • Once the plastic panel is removed, special plastic protection will be around the latch. Unscrew this additional plastic protection as well. Once the protection is removed, the latch will be present behind it.
  • Now the latch is fixed onto the vehicle with the help of 3 bolts. With the help of a torque wrench with a 10mm socket, remove the bolts from the latch. Once the bolts are removed from the latch, the latch will come out.
  • Now on the loose latch, there will be a latch cable that will actuate the latch. Remove the Bowden latch cable from the latch, and now the old latch is completely removed from the car.
  • Bring the new latch and put the Bowden cable into the latch. Be careful while installing the Bowden cable on the new latch. Moreover, the Boden end of the wire needs to be fixed onto the metal piece in the latch. Once the Bowden is fixed, test whether it’s tight or not.
  • Now take the latch and, with the help of bolts and torque wrench, bolt it on the vehicle. Do not tighten the bolt completely because there are spaces present on the latch fixture to adjust the positioning of the hood latch. To test the latch positioning, bring the bonnet down and touch the latch on the bonnet with the locking mechanism bolted on the car.
  • If the latch is properly positioned on the vehicle, tighten it completely, close the Hood and test the new latch installed by opening the Hood again with the help of the hood release lever present in the car’s cabin. 
  • If everything works good, the latch is properly installed.

How to install a hood scoop on the car bonnet?

  • The first step in installing a hood scoop on the bonnet involves the removal of existing paint from the bonnet surface. To remove the paint from the surface, you can use a 6-inch dual action sander with 220-grit discs. Then increase the grade to 320 grits later. This way, the paint will be levelled while making the primer stick easily.
  • Once the paint is removed, you might see some chips. SO to get rid of those chips, you can use filler for levelling it.
  • Place the Hood back onto the vehicle and screw the carburettor’s mounting post. Now carefully lower the bonnet down until a small mark is made on the bottom of the Hood. The mark represents the centre of the circular hood cut.
  • Now place the air cleaner lid on the mark and scribe the lid’s outline on the bonnet. 
  • Use a 3-inch cut-off wheel to slowly work your way around the circle, cutting a shallow channel first. Once the shallow channel is cut, begin the final cutting process.
  • Now bring a hood pin kit, and according to the size of the pin, cut a hole on the vehicle frame near the left-hand side fender. Now attach the pin kit to the fender using nuts and washers. 
  • The hood pin passes through the bonnet for locking the bonnet. So cut a piece of metal from the vehicle’s hood and drill an accurate size hole on the Hood. The hole must be sufficiently large to pass the pin through it. Once the hole is cut, test whether the pin is passing through it or not and then place a rubber gasket around it.
  • Now one the hole cut on the bonnet, place the scoop you have and mark the locations of studs on the car bonnet. Once the location is marked, drill the holes on the bonnet. Moreover, from the inside, make the holes larger with the help of a hole saw.
  • Finish the circular hole cut on the bonnet and grind the weld around the air cleaner flat. Fill the low areas with a coat and level the opening with the help of sandpaper.
  • Now paint the underside of the Hood and the scoop according to the colour of the engine bay and palace the bonnet back on the vehicle. The scoop is now installed on the car’s bonnet.


In this article, we have explained, “Where can I get my hood latch fixed”. Moreover, we have also explained how to change the car hood latch with bare minimum tools. Apart from the hood latch, we have explained the process of fitting the hood scoop on the top of the bonnet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Where can I get my hood latch fixed.

Do Hood latches wear out?

Yes, just like any other mechanical component, the hood latches will also wear out with time. The cause of the hood latch wearing out can be rusting or bent due to an accident.

How much does it cost to fix the hood latch?

The average cost of getting a hood latch repaired is around $223. However, the cost can vary between $94 and $351.

How long does the Hood latch last?

The hood latches last for about 50,000 miles before they need to be replaced.

Why is my Hood not opening?

The hood opening problem can be due to several reasons. However, the most common reasons behind the faulty Hood are rusting of locking components of the Hood, dents in the Hood or broken latch cable.


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