Which are the Mercedes Benz Maybach models sold by Brabus?

This blog will answer the following questions: which Mercedes Benz Maybach models are sold by Brabus? What are some of the modifications done by Brabus to Mercedes Benz Maybach models?

Which are the Mercedes Benz Maybach models sold by Brabus?

Following are the Mercedes Maybach models sold by Brabus:

  • Brabus 800/ 900 in Mercedes Maybach GLS 600
  • Brabus 900 in Mercedes Maybach S 650L

We will now take a closer look at the specifications of each model:

  • Brabus 800/ 900 in Mercedes Maybach GLS 600

Mercedes Benz GLS 600 Maybach is the most luxurious sports utility vehicle on sale today and Brabus has given it a makeover effectively making it the ultimate SUV in the world. 

The standard GLS 600 model has exclusive leather interiors with two huge recliner seats in the second row and a large refrigeration unit with space in the luggage area. Brabus on the other hand offers the full customising option for the interior if the customers do not want the two-tone interior concept designed completely in-house by Brabus.

On the exterior gone are the chrome elements found on the GLS 600, Brabus tweaked the exterior looks with carbon fibre elements like the front splitter and rear diffuser and some of the carbon fibre treatment is carried over the side view mirrors. The standard 22-inch Maybach alloy wheels on the GLS 600 are replaced by 24-inch monoblock forged wheels. 

The chrome grill on the front bumper is blacked out on the Brabus 900 GLS 600 Maybach. There is a Brabus 800 GLS 600 model which makes slightly less power than the Brabus 900 while offering all the modifications in the exterior and interior. The following table compared the standard GLS 600 with the Brabus 800/ 900 model. 

ModelGLS 600 MaybachBrabus 800 GLSBrabus 900
Engine 4.0 L V8 biturbo with EQ boost4.0 L V8 biturbo4.5 L V8 biturbo
Power 550 horsepower800 horsepower900 horsepower
Top speed 220 km per hour300 km per hour320 km per hour
0- 100 km/ hr 4.8 seconds4.5 seconds4.2 seconds
Price *160,500 USD$464132 USD654765 USD

* prices converted from Euros

  • Brabus 900 in Mercedes Maybach S 650L

Brabus makes the 900  from the facelift version of 6 generation S 650 L Maybach. Mercedes Benz will launch an S 680 Mayback this year and Brabus will also launch its updated model soon after.

The S 650 L Maybach has a longer wheelbase and a bi-turbocharged V 12 engine. Brabus has made upgrades to the vehicle exterior while maintaining the luxurious and elegant look of the S classMaybach. 

The front radiator grille is completely blacked out and the Maybach logo can be replaced with a low-profile Brabus logo. The grille is also slightly more muscular along with the carbon fibre front splitter. 

The carbon fibre is present on the insulated engine cover and Brabus puts its own logo over the AMG One Man One engine logo. The air intake opening in the front bumper is bigger and more aggressive than the standard S 650 L model, this is done not just for a cosmetic look but its function is to provide more air to the additional radiators and brake ducts located behind the bumper.

Brabus will customise the complete interior along with panels and seat upholstery if the customers do not want the dual-colour Brabus interior. On the exterior, the rear look is completed by an air diffuser discreetly integrated into the rear bumper apron and independent 4 exhaust tailpipes with custom Brabus exhaust tips.

The Brabus 900 S 650 has 21-inch monoblock Platinum edition wheels and high-performance tyres are supplied by renowned companies like continental, Pirelli and Yokohama. The following table compares the standard Mercedes Maybach S650 and Brabus 900 S 650

ModelMercedes Maybach S 650Brabus 900 S 650
Engine 6.0 litres V12 biturbo6.3 L V12 Biturbo
Power 621 horsepower900 horsepower
Topspeed 250 km per hour350 km per hour
0-100 4.7 seconds3.7 seconds
Price $173,995.$ 640,000 

What are some of the modifications done by Brabus to Mercedes Benz Maybach models?

Brabus either buys the Maybach models from Mercedes Benz or the customers send their personal car to be converted to either Brabus 900 or 800, following are some of the modifications performed on the standard Mercedes Maybach models.

  • Engine & exhaust system

The charger air system is completely modified in the Brabus 900/ 800 model. Stock turbochargers found on the M177 and M279 engines are replaced with bigger turbochargers. Bigger turbochargers generate compressed more air and generate more boost pressure. The air intake is modified to compensate for new turbocharges. The left and right air filter boxes now have performance filters that maximise the airflow.

The diameter of the intercooler hose is bigger to accommodate the increase in airflow and the intercooler is liquid-cooled. There is a secondary cooling system for the intercooler and oil coolers in the vehicle.

If the engine displacement is increased then it will have a special crankshaft and reinforced connecting rods with pistons. The stroke is slightly shorter so the engine can reach high speeds more easily.  For the M279 engine, all 12 pistons are forged and the bore is increased to 83 mm.

Brabus turbocharges have larger compressors and turbine wheels therefore the standard exhaust manifold needs modifications. The bigger turbine of the turbocharger often leads to huge turbo lag as the turbo requires more exhaust gases to spool and start compressing the air. 

Hence, Brabus uses a free-flow exhaust system and custom exhaust manifolds which direct the flow of the exhaust gases directly in the turbine blades. The catalytic system also does not increase the exhaust back pressure.

Brabus uses electronic exhaust flaps in the downpipes. The flaps when engaged completely reduce the decibel levels of the exhaust sound. As it is a free-flow exhaust system, this feature is extremely useful for passing through schools and residential areas. 

  • Brakes and suspension

Brabus use its own control unit with the airmatic system of the Maybach models, it consists of different ride height calibrations values and a special height lowering mode as the vehicle’s top speed is increased. The brake package is also made up of 12 piston fixed brake callipers and a bigger brake disc. Customers can also choose to install a carbon-ceramic brake package which is resistant to brake fade and extreme heat.

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Mercedes Benz Maybach brand is known for making luxurious versions of the ongoing Mercedes Benz models. As Mercedes AMG is no longer an engine tuner, Brabus is one of the oldest names in the automotive industry that tunes expensive cars in order to achieve maximum performance and luxury.