Which is better: Land Rover or Mercedes Benz?

This blog will compare Land Rover and Mercedes Benz across various parameters and answer the following questions: which is better: land rover or Mercedes Benz? Which company makes better off-road sports utility vehicles? What are the popular SUV models of Mercedes Benz and Land Rover? Which is more value for money?

Which is better: Land Rover or Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz is currently the global leader when it comes to sales of luxury passenger cars and sports Utility vehicles so it is better than Land Rover. However, Landrovers makes sports utility vehicles with great off-road capabilities and some of the models can even outperform SUVs made by Mercedes Benz. The following table compares both companies across key parameters:

Parameters Land RoverMercedes Benz
Production output 439,749 Units2,164,187 units
Number of models 725
Parent companyJaguar Land RoverMercedes Benz AG
Starting price51,000 USD33,000 USD

Land Rover is currently under a multinational car manufacturing company called JLR (Jaguar and Land Rover). Jaguar and Land Rover are fully owned by TATA Motors, Land Rover is focused on making off-road capable SUVs that are both luxurious and reliable.

The headquarters of LAnd Rover is located in Coventry, the UK and the production facilities are located in countries like China, India Slovakia, the united kingdom and brazil. Originally, the Land Rover name was created by a military company called Rover. However, model like the Range Rover is made up of premium and luxurious sports utility vehicles.

Mercedes Benz is a more prestigious brand compared to Land Rover, the headquarter and the main factory are located in Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes Benz has production facilities all over the world. The production output is massive when compared to Land rover.

Mercedes Benz is also into the production of passenger cars, high-performance sports cars, Sports utility vehicles and commercial vehicles. Land rovers only make luxurious SUVs that compete against the luxurious SUVs like GLE, GLS and G wagon.

Mercedes Benz AG also recently launched the EQ brand which solely focuses on the production and design of fully electric cars. EQC is a popular fully electric SUV on sale in global markets today. Land Rover has showcased hybrid and electric technology in the past but the production models are not ready.

Which company makes better off-road sports utility vehicles?

Mercedes Benz has a 4Matic while Land Rover uses the 4WD system in the SUV models. Both the systems are full-time all-wheel drive and do not require special intervention from the driver. The power is slotted between the front and the rear axle through a transfer case.

On the Latest Mercedes Benz models, the transfer case is capable of sending all the power to the individual wheel with more traction. This is achieved by a combination of electric actuators in the transfer case and a traction control system.

Overall, the 4 Matic system is very reliable and Mercedes Benz SUVs are very capable on OFF roads.

There are also special assistance systems like hill assist, downhill speed regulation etc. On the high-end model, there is a combination of hydraulic and pneumatic suspension systems that can bounce the vehicle if it is stuck in off-road terrain.

The Land Rover’s 4WD system is derived from military vehicles, they are reliable and the models also have good ground clearance. The latest Land Rover has a low range and high range transfer case. 

The water wading depth is up to 35.4 inches and almost all the Land Rover models have impressive approach and departure angles. The suspension system on the Land rover can be pneumatic or Mechanical and the chassis is made from a unibody aluminium design to offer better flexibility on Offroad terrain. 

The Off-road capabilities of Land Rover SUVs are better than Mercedes Benz but overall Mercedes Benz makes better SUVs. They offer a good balance between On and off-road performance. The features and advanced driver assistance systems available in the standard model are also better than standard models in Land Rover.

What are the popular SUV models of Mercedes Benz and Land Rover?

Mercedes Benz has more varieties of sports utility vehicles in the product lineup. Their standard SUV also has a high-performance version The popular SUV models in Mercedes Benz are listed below:

  • GLA 
  • GLB 
  • GLC 
  • GLE
  • GLS
  • Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV 
  • G Wagon 

The GLA and GLB are complacent sports utility vehicles and depending on the model there are front wheel and 4 Matic versions in all SUV product ranges. The Mercedes Benz has very reliable petrol as well as diesel engines powering the SUVs, most of them are inline 4 and inline 6 engines. Only the high-performance models get the V6 and the V8 engines 

The popular SUVs in the Land Rover lineup are as follows:

  • 2022 Range Rover/ Sport
  • Range Rover Velar
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Range Rover Discovery/ Sport
  • Range Rover Defender

Land Rover has SVR models that come with a supercharged V8 engine. The rest of the models get a 3.0-litre 6-cylinder engine with eight-speed automatic transmission. A slightly more powerful V 8 engine with 500 horsepower is also available in the sports models.

The SVR models are more targeted toward the Mercedes Benz AMG models. Although they are SUVs, due to the high-performance ride height is lowered and the off-road capabilities are also compromised in pursuit of acceleration and handling.

Which is more value for money: Mercedes Benz or Land Rover?

Mercedes Benz offers more value for money, the base models are well equipped compared to Land Rover models. There is also more choice in the SUVs models offered by Mercedes Benz. On average, Land Rover models are more expensive than Mercedes Benz models.

The 2022 range Rover sports starts at 70,000 USD which is almost 20,000 more than the standard Mercedes Benz GLE. The GLE also has a better engine than the Range Rover and it offers many advanced driver assistance systems like active blindspot assists, rearview camera etc as standard.

Although the engine in the Mercedes Benz GLE is an inline 4 cylinder, it has an integrated starter generator and mild hybrid technology. It is one of the latest Mercedes Benz engines and comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The Range Rover sports, on the other hand, gets a bigger V6 engine but the sports model costs more than the Mercedes Benz GLE. The price difference gets even bigger as we go towards the top end, the GLE 580 costs 75,000 USD while the equivalent Range Rover SVR is prized at 132,000 USD.

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This Blog compared Mercedes Benz and Land Rover, Land Rover cars are well made and the after-service network is also good compared to other luxury SUV brands. Despite the good built quality and better off-road capabilities, Land Rover is no match for Mercedes Benz.