Which is the best Mercedes Benz AMG car?


In this brief article, we’re going to find out which is the best Mercedes AMG? And we discussed what are the engine options in Mercedes Benz AMG vehicles? 

Which is the best Mercedes Benz AMG car?

The AMG GT black series car is currently the best Mercedes Benz AMG available on the market. The Mercedes Benz AMG started as an engine tuner but after 2000 AMG its main focus shifted from tuning the engines to developing and manufacturing sports cars.

After the successful reception of the Mercedes SLS AMG, they launched a new car completely developed in-house in 2014 called the Mercedes AMG GT. Since 2014 Mercedes AMG GT was initially available in only low variants the AMG GT and GTS, 2016 AMG launched the GTR which was the high-performance version of the ongoing GT. 

The Mercedes AMG gt is also available in the convertible roadster variant, the engine and gearbox are the same across the line-up however the state of tune varies depending on the model variant. The AMG GTC roadster has a slightly wider body and a bit on the heavier side as additional reinforcements are built into the floor of the vehicle to make the chassis stiffer.

The black series in AMG is known for modifying already existing AMG models and extracting even more performance out of the engines. Starting back in 2006, a selected few engine builders in the AMG Affalterbach factory were authorised to manufacture the black series engines.

The engine badge used for representing the ONE MAN ONE ENGINE concept was also coloured in black. Over the years Mercedes AMG introduced AMG black models in CLK, SL, SLS, E class with a limited production run to maintain the exclusivity. 

The customers of AMG black models were also briefed about the increased power of the engine and if not handled correctly there will be the possibility of an accident. The Black series showcased the most consistent technology transfer from motorsports cars to the production vehicle.

The AMG GT black series is approved to use on public roads but underneath the hood is the most powerful V8 engine ever produced by Mercedes Benz AMG. The 7-speed race DCT gearbox is located on the rear axle for 50:50 weight distribution. There are specially designed two large exhausts on the bonnet and the massive radiator inlet slightly tilted like in race cars for better cooling the engine.

The AMG gt black series has a twin blade rear wing specially designed and tested in the wind tunnel. The angle on the rear wing can be electronically adjusted by 20 degrees. When the vehicle is at high speed the angle is shallow and offers maximum stability and downforce, under braking the flap angle changes and increased braking force is generated thanks to the aerodynamic drag of the flap.

The material of the rear wing is carbon fibre and it is bolted down on the rear carbon fibre tailgate. The AMG GT black series has adaptive damping suspension and coil-over springs. The damping rate can be changed depending on the driving mode selected. In sports and sports plus mode, the suspension setup is very stiff. The front splitter is supported by Mechanically adjusted struts. The struts can change the angle of the splitter for race use and road use.

What is the engine used in the AMG GT black series?

The AMG GT black series has the most powerful V8 engine M178 LS2. The power output is a massive 720 horsepower and 800NM of torque. The throttle response is very fast because of the flat crankshaft in the engine. The flat crankshaft has all the crankpins in the flat plane which allows for faster turning when compared to 90 degree or cross-plane crankshafts.

The two Exhaust gas turbochargers utilise anti-friction bearing for the turbine wheel and both the turbos are twin scroll to extract maximum airflow from the exhaust ports. The boost produced by the bi turbochargers is 26 psi which is significantly greater than the boost Produced by standard AMG GT. 

The engine M178 LS2 Spec has a higher redline or limit at 7200 rpm and modified firing order. The top speed of the AMG GT black series is 325km/hr or 202mph with 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds

Engine block or commonly known as crankcase is the foundation of any engine. The M178 engine block is made up of special aluminium alloy. The overall weight of the engine block is significantly low thanks to the open deck design which is more commonly used in Mercedes Benz petrol engines. The compression of the M178 engine is between 10 -15 bars and fuel is directly injected at a pressure of 200 bars.

The cylinder head is constructed using a special alloy of aluminium and silicon metal. The cylinder head houses intake and exhaust valves, rocker arms with rollers and hydraulic lifting elements. Camshafts are partially mounted in the cylinder head and cylinder head cover. The camshafts are adjusted by mechanical and electronic actuators for faster charging of the cylinders and help in obtaining a flat torque curve.

Mercedes Benz uses NANOSLIDE coating on the cylinder walls. This is an extremely thin coating applied to the inner surface of the cylinder to reduce friction between the piston. Twin-wire arc spraying (TWAS) is used to spray an extremely thin coat of iron-carbon alloy on the cylinder walls.  The friction between the piston and piston rings is reduced by almost 50 per cent.

The M178 LS2 is mated to DCT 7 speed transmission. The gearbox is specially designed for handling additional power output. As the DCT speed shift transmission is situated on the rear axle, a carbon fibre torque tube is used to transport input power to the gearbox from the engine. Torque tubes ensure that there are no mechanical losses and the gearbox is supplied with maximum power produced by the engine. 

Mercedes Benz AMG uses inline 4 cylinder and V 8 cylinder engines in AMG 45 and 63 Model series. The inline four-cylinder M139 is the most powerful 4 cylinder engine in the world. AMG line models 35, 43, and 53 utilise inline 4, inline 6 and V6 petrol engines with integrated starter-alternator. The electric machine in the integrated starter-alternator can provide an additional power boost of 40 houses depending on the capacity of the high voltage battery. Naturally spread engines are no longer used in the ongoing production of cars.

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The AMG GT black series is the best AMG as it is a  complete package with the best engine and aerodynamic components on the body. The body parts like the engine hood, roof and tailgate are constructed using carbon fibre to minimise weight and keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. The AMG GT black series currently holds the lap record of 6:43.616  at the Nürburgring Nordschleife which makes it the fastest production car in the world.