Which is the highest Class in Mercedes Benz?

In this blog, we will find out which is the highest class in Mercedes Benz and answer the following question: what are the different models in the highest class?

Which is the highest Class in Mercedes Benz?

The highest class in the Mercedes Benz product lineup is the S Class. The S class is designed without any regard for the money and efforts spent during the research and development phase of the model. It was the first Class that was advertised as engineered, unlike any other car, the fifth generation of the S Class helped Mercedes Benz to achieve the status of best luxury car maker even during the economic crisis in 2008. The S Class always features the latest automotive technology, once the technology has been introduced it is then filtered down the product line of Mercedes Benz.

Many competitors like Volvo, BMW and Porsche closely follow the launch of the new generation of the S Class as the vehicle sets new benchmarks when it comes to vehicle safety standards and performance.

The S Class is produced mainly in Germany and assembled in some factories in countries like India and southwest Asia. China is the biggest market for the Mercedes Benz S Class, Mercedes Benz also makes a long-wheelbase version of the standard S Class called the Mercedes Benz Maybach.

The seventh and the latest S Class was launched recently in 2020, Mercedes Benz completely redesigned the exterior styling; the wheelbase in the standard trim is now almost 100mm longer than the model it replaces. 

Exterior styling looks more prominent and the seventh generation of the S Class is probably the best-looking S Class. The front grille is wider with horizontal lines, the front bumper apron contains larger air scoops and the high-performance dynamic LED headlamps give the new S Class an aggressive as well as subtle look. Customers can choose whether to install the standing star logo or go for a more discrete badge. 

Mercedes-Benz had carefully picked the designo exclusive packages which customers can pick by visiting the authorised dealerships. The delivery time can get longer if the level of customization is high. 

The new S Class is also taller, and headroom is increased by 16mm. Technically the height of the S Class has always been kept lower as tall bodies suffer from excessive body roll and overall high centre of gravity. The designers selected the modular rear architecture (MRA) for the rear axle carrier. This allowed them to keep the centre of gravity low and at the same time give more headroom to the vehicle cabin.

Additionally, the Airmatic suspension with air body control plus package comes as a standard piece of equipment. It can increase or decrease the overall height of the vehicle by 20mm. The air suspension is also programmed to lower the vehicle height if the speed increases over 80 km per hour. This height adjustment is performed automatically by the vehicle to increase the vehicle’s stability at higher speeds.

The shock absorbers are also adaptive, independent solenoid valves can soften or harden the dampers depending on the weight transfer of the vehicle. For example, when the S Class accelerates the rear shock absorbers become stiffer eliminating any weight transfer and while braking the front dampers become stiffer. Minimising weight transfer allows for a more stable and comfortable ride. 

The dynamic select option also contains eco, comfort, sports and sport plus options. Drivers can select different driving programs in front of the dynamic select menu. The Mercedes Benz S Class has a new telematics generation 6.0. The MBUX Mercedes Benz user interface is standard, there is a large display in the centre console and the driver can access all the vehicle features from a single display.

Mercedes Benz also integrated a fingerprint sensor in the upper control panel, so customers can set different user profiles from the Command menu and lock it with a fingerprint. The profiles can also be set from the Mercedes ME application and it includes options like driving seat position, ambient light colours, choice of the radio station and dynamic drive select program etc. 

The command operating system makes changes saved in the user profile as soon as the customer verifies the fingerprint after entering the car. The new S Class model series W 223 has a 4matic all-wheel-drive system except for the S 350 d which comes only in the rear-wheel-drive. There are also 4-wheel steering systems in the models built in Germany, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheel effectively reducing the turn radius. At higher speeds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheel, this increases stability while changing the lanes on highways.

There is a 48 V mild hybrid system consisting of an integrated starter-alternator, it is capable of starting the engine and also providing an additional boost of up to 25 horsepower. The ancillary components like the coolant water pump and air conditioning compressor. 

As the air conditioning compressor is supplied by the 48 V high voltage battery, customers can remotely start the vehicle and set the desired cabin temperature even before entering the car. The pre-entry climate control is one of the features of the Mercedes ME Connect, other features include locking/ unlocking the vehicle, SOS call in the event of an accident and booking service appointments along with remote diagnosis in selected markets.

What are the different models in the highest Class of Mercedes Benz?

The S Class is the flagship model in Mercedes Benz and is offered in both petrol as well as engine options. Following are the latest models on sale at authorised Mercedes Benz dealerships.

  • S 450 4MATIC
  • Mercedes Maybach S 480 4MATIC
  • S500/580 4MATIC
  • Mercedes Maybach S580/S600 
  • S350 d
  • S400d 4matic
  • S580 e

All the models come with the latest nine-speed 9G-Tronic automatic transmission. The gear changes are smooth and the integrated electrohydraulic valve can perform multiple upshifts or downshift depending on the driving situation. A transfer case is integrated into the back of the transmission in the case of a 4Matic drivetrain and it splits the power between the front and the rear axle. The latest transfer case in the Mercedes Benz S Class can vary the power ratio to 100 per cent based on the situation and the traction available on the wheels.

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The latest generation of the S Class is the best luxury sedan on sale today and with a price tag of £99,490, it is certainly worth it. Advanced driver assistance systems like Blindspot assists are now integrated with the interior lighting system and it is also one of the safest cars on the road.