Which is the most expensive Mercedes Benz Production car?

In this article, we answer the following questions: what is the most expensive Mercedes Benz? Which engine is used in the most expensive Mercedes? How fast does it go?

Which is the most expensive Mercedes Benz Production car?

The most expensive Mercedes Benz production car is the Mercedes Benz AMG ONE. Most people believe the Mercedes Benz S class to be the most expensive car since it is the flagship model in Mercedes Benz models but even the price tag of approximately 200,000 USD for the S 680 Maybach looks insignificant compared to the price of the Mercedes AMG one or project one.

The Mercedes Benz AMG One costs almost 3 million USD and only 275 models are built. Even if anyone wishes to buy the most expensive Mercedes right now, they cannot buy it as all the models are already sold out. The Mercedes AMG one will go into production this year and the deliveries will commence next year.

Mercedes Benz cars are more oriented toward comfort and luxury and many customers wanted more exciting cars to drive.

AMG designs a high-performance version of the model. It consists of handbuilt engines, and the handling is more aggressive compared to the Mercedes Benz models. AMG also offers full customization to the customers. There are AMG exclusive designo packages that customers can select at the time of placing the order.

AMG has its separate factory in Affalterbach, Germany and hires its engineers to design and manufacture high-performance engines. AMG also sells engines to Pagani and Auston Martin. Although Mercedes Benz started as a professional tuner of Mercedes Benz cars, the AMG company started by two Mercedes Benz engineers was acquired by Mercedes Benz in 2000.

Since then when a new Mercedes Benz model is launched, Mercedes AMG launches a high-performance version of the standard model. Currently, Mercedes AMG is no longer tuning cars. Mercedes AMG is now a full-fledged car manufacturer and they are successful in creating a unique image different from the Mercedes Benz models.

In 2011, Mercedes AMG launched its first car the SLS AMG which was completely designed in house and was an instant hit in international markets. The two-door two-seater was powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3-litre V8 engine that produced more than 600 horsepower and 630 Nm of torque.

After the success of the AMG GT, Mercedes Benz also launched the AMG GT in a two-door coupe as well as a roadster version but the best AMG GT is the Black series. The black series in AMG is known for modifying already existing AMG models and extracting even more performance out of the engines. Starting back in 2006, a selected few engine builders in the AMG Affalterbach factory were authorised to manufacture the black series engines.

The engine badge used for representing the ONE MAN ONE ENGINE concept was also coloured in black. Over the years Mercedes AMG introduced AMG black models in CLK, SL, SLS, and E classes with a limited production run to maintain the exclusivity.

Which engine is used in the most expensive Mercedes Benz?

The Mercedes Benz AMG one model series R 70 is the only production car in the world powered by a Formula  1 derived engine. It is a plug-in hybrid two-door sports car, the engine is a turbocharged 1.6 litres V 6 petrol engine same as a formula 1 car and there are 4 electric motors. Two electric motors are located on the front left and right wheels, one is on the crankshaft and the last electric motor is on the turbochargers.

The electric motors on the crankshaft are also called MGU-K and the one on the turbocharger is known as MGU-H. The MGU-H is probably the most complex part of the entire car.

Thanks to the implementation of the electric motors and the turbochargers  The thermodynamic efficiency of the Mercedes AMG one engine is almost 50 per cent which is impressive considering most modern engines operate at a thermodynamic efficiency of 30 per cent and the remaining energy is wasted.

The MGU-H stands for Motor generator unit-heat. It is probably the most complex part of the formula 1 car since the start of the turbo-hybrid era. The conventional turbocharger has a turbine side that runs from the flow of the exhaust gases and a compressor side on the air inlet. 

The compressor wheel and turbine wheel are connected and the air is compressed as the flow of the exhaust gas increases. However, as the engine is not operated at maximum rpm all the time, there is a turbo lag since it takes time to get the Turbo revving at more than 200000 RPMs.

MGU-H exists to recover the energy coming from the exhaust gases and store it in the battery back. It is deployed when the engine is at lower RPMs and acts as an anti-lag device. The driver gets instantaneous power, as the compressor is rotated by the recovery motor until the flow of the exhaust gases is high enough. 

The motor is located between the compressor and turbine wheel, due to the high operating temperature of the turbo, MGU-H uses complex construction and materials, and the detailed specifications are one of the closely guarded secrets in motorsports.

The MHU-K stands for the motor-generator unit- kinetic. It is similar to a conventional hybrid drive. The electric machine is located between the engine and the gearbox and recovers lost energy when the driver is braking.

The recuperated energy is stored in the lithium battery back and it can produce an additional power output of 300 bhp. The driver can develop the hybrid driver at the press of a button on the steering wheel and several modes are available for recuperation.

The biggest challenge in the production of the AMG one is of course the idling speed of the engine. The formula 1 engine is designed to idle at more than 4000 rpm and Mercedes wanted to bring it down to 1200 rpm. The NVH level of the engine was also an issue as there are noise regulations for the production of cars in most countries.

How fast does the Mercedes Benz AMG ONE go?

The Mercedes Benz AMG ONE with the formula 1 power unit produces a combined power output of more than 1000 horsepower. The internal combustion engine on its own makes 750 horsepower. The AMG ONE has a top speed of 217 mpg and 0-120 mph is achieved in under 6 seconds.

The engine is mated to 8 speed automated manual gearbox and it is a single clutch transmission unlike the dual-clutch found in AMG GT.

The lithium-ion battery pack is 800 V instead of 400v which will significantly reduce the charging times and the size of the cable thus further reducing the weight of the vehicle.

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The Mercedes Benz AMG ONE will beat the current lap record across Nurburgring which is held by the AMG GT black series. Mercedes Benz received more than 400 orders for the AMG one but the company will not increase the initial limit of 275. This will not only make the AMG rare but it will increase its value over the years.