Which is the most reliable Mercedes Benz Car that was launched in 2020?

This blog will answer the following questions: Which is the most reliable 2020 Mercedes Benz car? Why is it the most reliable 2020 Mercedes Benz model? 

Which is the most reliable 2020 Mercedes Benz Car?

The most reliable 2020 Mercedes Benz car is the seventh generation S Class. Mercedes Benz launched the new S Class model series W223 in 2020 and it replaces the W222 model. The new model is longer and wider than the old one, the wheelbase is now at 3106 mm and the width is 1954 mm. 

The exterior of the car is cleverly designed to hide its increased size. The front bumper now has larger air scoops and the grille has fewer horizontal lines. The front end looks more narrow and the dynamic LED headlamps also add to the aggressive look. Side skirts running along the length of the car have a long chrome strip that goes all the way to the rear fender. 

It now only gives the S Class a more luxurious look but from the side, the car looks clean and elegant. The door handles are completely flushed. There are built-in actuators that push the door handles out when the vehicle is unlocked. Additionally, capacitive sensors are present on the door handles for the keyless go functions and opening the door.

The interior of the new S Class is a completely new design, the steering wheel now has a three-spoke design and it is smaller compared to its predecessor. The instrument cluster sits separately in front of the steering column, and air-conditioning nozzles are located in the centre of the dashboard.

The new S class uses a 12.8-inch touch screen display to control the command media system. All the features in the vehicle can be controlled from one single screen. The Mercedes Benz user interface program is fully integrated into the command menu and customers can access different profiles by verifying fingerprints with the help of a fingerprint sensor built into the lower control panel.

The ambient light system control unit is now on the high-speed CAN network. Hence the ambient lights have not only more colours but can also be used to alert the passengers while opening the door.

Following are the different models available in the seventh generation of the S Class.

  • S450/480 4matic
  • S500/580 4matic
  • S680 Mercedes Mayback /Guard
  • S350d
  • S400d 4matic
  • S580e.

Why is the S Class W223 the most reliable car that was  launched in 2020?

The S Class is the most reliable car that was launched in 2020 because of the following reasons.

  • Latest drivetrain options

The seventh generation of the S class is available in both petrol and diesel engines. Petrol engines used in the S Class are inline 6 cylinder and V8 engines. M256 is the inline 6-cylinder engine in the S 450- 500 model. The inline 6-cylinder petrol engine is a newly developed 3.0-litre petrol engine. Mercedes Benz did not want to use the turbocharged M276 as it was based on a decade-old design and would not have met the emissions regulation for the next 10 years. 

The M256 has an aluminium engine block and cylinder head, it follows the same hot side and cold side principle used in the latest generation of Mercedes Benz diesel engines. All the cold air is sucked into the engines from the left side and the exhaust manifold with the exhaust gas after-treatment is located on the right side of the engine block. This design concept is only possible with a straight cylinder engine design and it hugely improves the reliability and efficiency of the engine. 

The M256 comes with an integrated starter-alternator, it is an electric motor installed in the torque converter bell housing. The electric motor is connected to a 48 V high voltage battery system that powers the air conditioning compressor, electric coolant water pump and an electric air compressor. As all the ancillary components are driven by the high voltage battery, the M256 is the first truly beltless engine. By eliminating the poly V-belt found on a conventional internal combustion engine, the reliability is improved as the poly V- belt wears out and can even cause a breakdown if it breaks.

The electric air compressors are used in combination with a wastegate turbocharger for the charge air system. As there is only a single turbocharger the exhaust system is efficiently designed to maximise the flow of exhaust gases. At low engine speeds, the air compressor generated the required boost pressure and since it is electric there is no lab in the power delivery of the engine. At high engine speeds, the flow of exhaust gases is good enough to spool the bigger wastegate turbocharger without increasing the exhaust gas back pressure. The electric machine can also provide additional power of 21 brake horsepower when required.

The diesel engine used in the S Class is the OM 656. OM 656 is the latest generation of Mercedes Benz diesel engines. It has set several new benchmarks in the noise and vibration levels of passenger car diesel engines. The engine block and the cylinder head are made up of aluminium which is a first for a diesel engine. Despite a lighter aluminium engine block the compression pressure is still maintained at 29 bars.

The OM 656 has a variable geometry turbocharger and wastegate turbochargers. The operation of the turbochargers depends on the flow of exhaust gases and engine speeds. In partial throttle and low engine load both the turbocharger operates to develop the required amount of boost pressure. The compressed air is cooled in a liquid-cooled intercooler.

New Onboard Communication protocols

Mercedes Benz completely reworked its onboard electrical system in the latest S class. There are more than 100 control units and different types of communication protocols are used to transfer the data. The data transfer speeds have also increased compared to the previous generation due to the use of a high-speed controller area network and Flexray communication protocol. These systems have also allowed the development and use of advanced driver assistance systems like collision prevention assist, active blindspot assists, active brake assist etc. 

These advanced driver assistance systems are very reliable and increase the safety of the latest S class. There is also an additional airbag in the passenger seat belts to minimise the after-effects of an accidental collision.

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The Mercedes Benz S Class is the highest model on sale today and the car not only brings new innovations to the automotive industry but the latest technology and innovation will filter down to the other Mercedes Benz models. Mercedes Benz has used combinations of modern manufacturing techniques and the latest engines to make it the most reliable Mercedes Benz model today.