Which liquids can leak from the front passenger side?

This article will explain the “Car leaking fluid front passenger side” problem. The fluid leaks in the car can be due to several reasons. Thus, we decided to mention the 5 different types of leaks that can happen in your car. This knowledge about different leaks will help you identify the fluid coming out from your car in case of a leak.

Which liquids can leak from the front passenger side?

The car fluids leaking from the front passenger sides are:-

  • Water
  • Engine oil leak
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Leaks from the transmission fluids.
  • Differential fluid leaks

There are different types of fluid in a car responsible for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Thus a fluid leaking from your vehicle can be of different types. The five different types of fluid which can leak from your car are as follows.


If water leaks from your car, you don’t need to take any tension because water leaks happen from a vehicle due to hazy, hot, and humid weather conditions. Because in hot and humid weather, the Air Conditioning system in the car removes the moisture from the air present inside the car. This moisture which is drained out from the car’s compartment is then moved out of the vehicle with the help of a rubber hose. 

Moreover, on an extremely humid day, the quantity of water poured out from the air conditioning system will be even more until the humidity is completely gone. The hose for water removal is present on the front side of the vehicle.

Engine oil leak

The engine oil leak can be extremely dangerous because if the engine oil gets completely drained out, the amount of friction in the engine will increase drastically and thus, the engine will get seized. The colour of the engine oil varies. It might be light amber to dark brown. The colour generally depends on the maintenance of the car. When an engine leak happens, it is quite evident that it will happen below the engine. 

However, the exact location of the leak depends upon the engine’s position. Generally, there are two engine positions, one is in the front of the vehicle, and the next is in the vehicle’s rear. Once you figure out the engine leak, you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic to get the engine’s surface fixed.

Coolant Leaks

Earlier, water was used as a coolant in vehicles. But now, the colour of the coolant varies. The coolant is available today in green, blue, red, transparent, etc. The colour of the coolant depends on the vehicle manufacturer. A coolant tank can be present at any place in the entire car. Mostly in front-wheel drive vehicles, the coolant tank is present just behind the front grille next to the radiator.

A coolant leak can happen for different reasons, such as a leak in the coolant tank leaks in the coolant pipes. Thus finding a coolant leak is a tedious task. Therefore, if you want to detect a coolant leak, you need to smell it. A coolant has a smell similar to candy, and thus, if you get that smell, there are chances that the coolant is leaking from your vehicle.

Leaks from the transmission fluids.

A transmission uses lubricant to provide smooth operation of the gearbox. Transmission fluid can be red or pink. One of the first signs of the transmission fluid leaking is the slipping of gears. However, if the leaking of transmission fluid keeps ongoing, then the car won’t be able to move after a certain time.

The most common place for a transmission fluid leak on a front-wheel-drive vehicle is on the axle seals of the car. Meanwhile, the transmission fluid leak near the output shaft seal in the rear. Thus if you observe a leak, you need to pull the dipstick and observe the oil level.

Differential fluid leaks

Different names call the differential fluid or gear fluid. The differential fluid is extremely thick. Moreover, if you get the differential fluid on your fingers, the smell won’t disappear for days. Depending on vehicle maintenance, the differential fluid is dark brown or dark amber. If the differential fluid is leaking, you will find it dripping below the vehicle. Moreover, the other way to identify the fluid dripping is by observing a cluster of dust near the wheels, which might have turned black.


In this article, we have successfully addressed “Car leaking fluid front passenger side”. To address the problem of leaking fluid, we have explained the different types of oil that leak from the vehicle. Moreover, we have also explained the different locations where the oil is leaking in your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Car leaking fluid front passenger side.

What could be leaking from the front passenger side of the car?

A coolant leak can happen almost anywhere because coolant has different pipings throughout the engine. Moreover, some coolant hoses also go in the vehicle’s interior; thus, there are chances of coolant leaks anywhere.

What colour is the brake fluid when it leaks?

The colour of the brake fluid when it leaks is light yellow. However, if the brake fluid is old, it might have turned dark yellow.

What does an antifreeze leak look like?

The antifreeze leak from the vehicle looks like a light-coloured residue or stain around the radiator cap and on hoses throughout the compartment of the vehicle. 

Is it safe to drive a car that is leaking brake fluid?

Fluids operate brake systems in modern vehicles. Thus, if the brake fluid is leaking, the brake system will slowly become inefficient, and the brake will slowly become non-functional. Thus it is not advised to drive with leaking brake fluid.


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