Which Mercedes Benz has bulletproof windows?

In this article, we answer the following questions: Which Mercedes Benz has bulletproof windows? Which engine is used in the bulletproof Mercedes Benz? Which is the latest model with bulletproof windows? What are the special features of the bulletproof Mercedes Benz? 

Which Mercedes Benz has bulletproof windows?

The following Mercedes Benz models have bulletproof windows: 

  • Mercedes Benz S 600 guard/ Pullman guard
  • Mercedes Benz S420 CDI guard
  • Mercedes Benz E guard
  • Mercedes Benz G500 Guard

Key specifications of all the above-mentioned models are discussed below:

  • Mercedes Benz S 600 guard/ Pullman guard

The S class 600 guard is powered by 5.5 litres V12 engine producing 517 horsepower and 830 Nm of torque. It is rated at B6/B7 which is the highest level of protection. The protection layer is integrated into the steel body at the time of production and consists of a thick steel panel under the aluminium exterior body shell. 

  • Mercedes Benz S420 CDI guard

The S 420 is a diesel engine variant of the S guard. It is powered by a 4.0 litres V8 engine producing 320 horsepower and 730 Nm of torque. It is more reasonable than the S 600/ 600 Pullman while offering the same level of highest protection B6/B7.

  • Mercedes Benz E guard

The E guard is based on the Mercedes Benz E class, it is available in different engine variants like 350, 250 and 500. The 500 was the most preferred as it was powered by a 5.4 litres V8 engine producing 388 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. The level of protection is lower than the S600 &S600 Pullman. It is certified at a B4 high protection level.

  • Mercedes Benz G500 Guard

The Mercedes Benz G500 Guard is a special protection version of the standard G Wagen. It is powered by the same V8 5.4-litre engine in the E500 and produces 388 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. The G 500 guard protection level is the same as the S 600. It is rated at the B6/B7 level which is the highest level of protection. 

What is the Mercedes Benz GUARD range?

Mercedes Benz has been manufacturing the GUARD range of models that has the highest level of armour protection in production cars since 1999. All guard range models have a multi-layer bulletproof glass with an additional polycarbonate layer on the inside.

The glass looks like any ordinary glass from the outside but it’s true thickness can only be seen after opening the doors. The thickness of the windows and windshield is more than 10 cm. Mercedes Benz guard vehicles also offer protection against close-range explosives. 

The ballistic protection in the guard model series is certified in Germany by the ballistic authorities in Mellrichstadt, Munich and Ulm. based on the level of protection the bulletproof glass is certified in the range of B1 to B7. while the entire vehicle is certified according to the level of resistance offered by the glass and cab body.

Although Mercedes Benz started selling the Guard range models in 1999, they are not the first models specialising in protecting the vehicle occupants. In 1928 Mercedes Benz made the Grand Mercedes which had sliding steel plates behind the windows and a periscope to see where the vehicle is going when the steel plates are deployed. The car was gifted to the emperor of Japan in 1930.

Today, Mercedes Benz guard vehicles are used by high-profile customers like high-ranking officers, politicians, heads of state and celebrities, it offers the same level of comfort and luxury as standard Mercedes Benz models but with additional integrated protection systems.

The iSS or integrated protection systems can include life support systems for the occupants, an independent supply of oxygen in case there is toxic gas around the vehicle and a dedicated fire suppression system.

Which is the latest Mercedes Benz guard model?

Mercedes Ben recently unveiled the S 680 guard model based on the S class model series V/W223. The S class is undoubtedly the Best in the Mercedes Benz line up and the W210 S class 600 was the first guard model in 1999. 

Currently, the S class is in its 7 generations, Model series W223 will be unveiled in September 2020 with production starting in Stuttgart, Germany and later in Pune, India. The majority of the production of the class takes place in Germany to ensure high levels of built quality. The factory in India also uses knockdown kits to assemble the latest generation of S class.

The S 680 Guard is rated at B7 highest level of protection and a Vehicle resistance (VR) level of 10. The VPAM VR 10 level consists of a 7.63×54 mm R hard steel core that can withstand incendiary rounds fired from the assault rifle at a distance of 10 metres.

The latest mercedes benz v12 engine is M279, it is only available in the Mercedes Benz Maybach S680 4MATIC and S680 Guard. The M279 is the successor of the M275 V12 engine which was used from 2000 to 2010. The M279 was developed with the main goal to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and find a way to increase engine performance. 

The M279 AMG is heavily modified by the Mercedes AMG division so that it can meet current emission regulations and still produce the same amount of power. The M279 currently produces 603 bhp and up to 900 NM of torque.

What are the special features of Bulletproof Mercedes Benz guard models?

The Mercedes Benz guard models are almost twice as heavy as a standard Mercedes Benz model. The performance and handling of the Guard model must be the same if not better than the standard model.

Following are some of the special features in Mercedes Benz guard models:

  • Reinforced suspension 

The Mercedes Benz Guard models use AIRMATIC suspension with reinforced air below and stiffer anti-roll bars to compensate for the extra weight, the suspension has active body control systems and can vary the damping rates based on the driving situations. This maintains the same level of comfort and handling characteristics as that of Standard models.

  • Electronic stability and acceleration skid control.

The ESP and ASC programs in the S guard models are tweaked to the additional weight of the Guard models. The ESP also has a traction control system with a more aggressive traction control cut than the standard model. The ESP and electronic traction control system can also be switched off if the vehicle is required to make evasive manoeuvres like the J turn.

  • Run-flat tyres

The Mercedes Benz Guards vehicle comes with Runflat tyres as standard but the RFT tyres are slightly different from the run-flat tyres found on the standard model. The S class 680 guard uses the Michelline PAX run-flat tyres that can travel a distance of 30 km at regular speed even if there is a leak in the tyre.

  • Fire suppression systems

The fire suppression system is built into the vehicle, there are more than 12 jets in critical areas like the interior and engine compartment. The fuel tank is also made up of special material and it can even self-seal if pierced by a bullet. Other supplemental restraint systems like the pyro fuse also help in avoiding fire.

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Mercedes Benz Guard models are a special protection version with bulletproof glass. The glass can also be lowered unlike other bulletproof cars available in the market. From the outside, the vehicle looks inconspicuous and identical to the standard Mercedes Benz models. Mercedes Benz also offers a 2-day training course to the drivers of Mercedes Benz Guard vehicles.