Which Mercedes Benz models can be used as delivery trucks?

This article will answer the following questions: which Mercedes Benz models can be used as delivery trucks? Do you need a special licence for driving a Mercedes Benz delivery truck? Should you choose the Mercedes Benz model as a delivery truck?

Which Mercedes Benz models can be used as delivery trucks?

The Mercedes Benz models that can be used as delivery trucks are listed below:

  • E class All-terrain
  • Sprinter cargo van
  • Actros
  • E Actros
  • Sustained delivery van 

Let’s take a look at each model individually

  • E class All-terrain

The E class All-terrain is an estate model based on the Mercedes Benz E class platform. It has Airmatic suspension which can maintain ride height even when the vehicle is fully loaded. The ride height in the rear can be lowered by independent switches in the luggage compartment so that loading and unloading can be easier. 

Since the E class, all-terrain is a passenger car, no special licence is needed to use it as a delivery truck.  the E class All-terrain which has more than 500 litres of cargo space. It is perfectly suitable for a small-sized delivery business within the city, the OM656 makes more than 200 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque, and the E class All-terrain is also 4 Matic.

  • Sprinter cargo van

The Mercedes Benz sprinter van replaced the ongoing Mercedes Benz TN van and from 2019 Mercedes Benz sprinter is in its third generation. The Mercedes Benz sprinter has a wide range of technology and comfort features similar to Mercedes Benz passenger vans.

The Sprinter cargo van model starts with a wheelbase of 144 inches and an extended wheelbase of 170 inches with a high roof is also available. It can be used to deliver goods to clients.

Driving a sprinter is almost like driving a regular car thanks to its independent suspensions and rack and pinion steering design. The complete turning radius is 47 ft for the standard wheelbase and 54 ft for the extended radius model.

The Mercedes Benz sprinter has 5 engine versions: 314 CDI, 319 CDI, 416 CDI, 419 CDI AND 519 CDI. The 319 CDI 419 and 519 CDI versions are powered by a V 6 cylinder OM642 engine. 

The Om642 diesel engine is a 3.0-litre capacity engine producing 190 horsepower. 314 CDI and 416 CDI are powered by an OM 651 inline 4 cylinder diesel engine producing 143 horsepower. 

The latest sprinter cargo van models also get an automatic speed delivery door on the passenger side. It is a sliding door that unlocks and opens automatically when the driver enters the cargo area from the front driving seat. An infrared light sensor can detect the position of the driver and open the automatic sliding door.

The driver doesn’t need to put down the package to open or close the door. After a 10-second delay, the sliding door closes automatically. An additional automatic locking feature can also be fitted to the cargo van but it is an optional extra.

  • Actros

The Mercedes Benz Actros is more suitable for a large delivery business it is also the most advanced truck manufactured by Mercedes Benz and customers use it specifically for long hauls.

The Actros model range is powered by OM501/502, the 501 is the V 6 while the 502 is the V 8 engine. Engine displacement is mostly the same around 12 litres and the power output range is from 350 to 650 horsepower. 

Actros has four types of cabs, they are S, M, L, and LH the L and LH are high roof cabs and large sleeper beds as they are mostly used for long hauls. M also has a sleeper but the roof is the same as the S Cab. There is no sleeper in S-cab and it is not suitable for long hauls. 

As Actros is a commercial truck, it requires a special licence to drive and use as a delivery truck. 

  • E Actros

The E Actros is the first fully electric commercial truck produced by Mercedes Benz, it is available in two versions with 3 or 4 battery packs. The capacity of each pack is 112kWh. The E Actros has a gross vehicle weight of 19 to 26 tons and the payload without the body is 10 tons. The load-carrying capacity of 10 tons and its range of up to 400 km make it a great choice for distribution services within cities.

  • Sustained delivery van 

The sustainer delivery van is a fully electric van designed to deliver goods. The sustainer is very friendly to the environment, air particulate filters in the front bumpers filter the air around the surrounding

The sustainer also used carbon-ceramic brakes as the brake dust from the conventional steel brake is very harmful to the environment. Other features include solar panels on the roof and the use of sustainable materials in the construction of the vehicle.

Currently, the sustainer is in the pre-production phase but considering the commitment of Mercedes Benz towards a sustainable vehicle, it will be put into mass production in the next couple of years.

Should you choose the Mercedes Benz model as a delivery truck?

Yes, Mercedes Benz has good vans and trucks that can meet any requirements for delivering goods. However, the most important feature in the Mercedes Benz trucks and vans is the connectivity.

Mercedes-Benz Vans has equipped with the latest MBUX and Mercedes Me connect. The commercial truck uses a connectivity feature known as Fleetboard. It allows customers to record their driving times and telemetry. Remote diagnosis services are also possible thanks to Fleetboard and Mercedes Me Connect.

Mercedes Benz also has a bodybuilder online portal, customers can easily select their suitable truck model and put in special requests for the body and cab built. Customers can even consult body conversion experts to get the best possible solution. 

Custom-tailored truck builds do not void the warranty of the truck and customers can claim it in any authorised dealership across the world. The digital dash in the Fleetboard-equipped commercial vehicle also allows customers to download or archive their telemetry data in the previous running cycles.

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Mercedes Benz as a delivery truck is very versatile and can be used at any stage in delivery. From long hauls to the last mile, Mercedes Benz delivery trucks can deliver goods to their recipients. Mercedes Benz is also developing a vision van which will be the first fully digital delivery network consisting of automatic delivery trucks and drones. The robots will load the van and the drones will carry the goods to the recipients.