Which types of Bicycles does Mercedes Benz make?

This article will answer the following questions: Should you buy a Mercedes Benz mountain bike? Which types of bicycles does Mercedes Benz Make? How to take a Mercedes Benz bicycle on a weekend trip?

Which types of Bicycles does Mercedes Benz make?

Mercedes Benz makes bicycles in collaboration with German bicycle manufacturer Focus bikes. Following are the types of bicycles available for sale at authorised dealerships

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Fitness Bike
  • Trekking bike

Following is a closer look at each of the bikes:

  • Road bike

Road bikes are used for racing,  lightweight frames along with good brakes are a must on a road bike. The Mercedes Benz road bike has Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes and the frame is made from carbon fibre, the weight of the frame is just 7.9 kg. Apart from the frame fork, stem and handlebars are also made from carbon fibre.

The road bike is equipped with 22 Shimano gears and the wheel size is 28 inches with continental Ultrasport SL tyres.

  • Mountain bike

The mountain bike frame has different sizes so it can be suitable for different heights. The 38/ 42 frame size is for 158-168 cm rider height, tall riders can get a 46/50 cm bicycle frame as it is suitable for rider height up to  193 cm. The wheel rim sizes are 27.5 or 29 inches.

The overall weight of the mountain bike is only 11.4 kgs. The mountain bike uses continental race king SL 2.2 tires and has 22 gears manufactured by Shimano. There is a disc brake on the front and rear wheel which is very powerful and reliable as mountain bikes need more braking power while coming down a mountain trail. 

  • Fitness Bike

The Mercedes Benz Fitness bike is more suited for everyday use and casual riders. The bicycle frame weighs 13.5 kg and the SR Suntour NEX HLO suspension fork with 63mm travel is used in the front fork. The fitness bike also gets Tektro HD-M285 disc brakes and 27 Shimano Alivio/Acera gear sets. The fitness bike is also the most affordable cycle in the Mercedes Benz bicycle range.

  • Trekking Bike

Trekking bike is designed for normal off-roading, it is not suitable for trail riding in the mountains. The frame is made from aluminium and weighs 15.6 kg and has dual-purpose tires like the Schwalbe Citizen. It is suitable for road and everyday use, and the carrier in the rear makes it a bit more practical than other models.

What is the Mercedes Benz N bicycle like?

Mercedes Benz Formula 1 and Formula E racing teams also launched the n+bicycle line. The formula 1 team bike is designed by the Mercedes – AMG Petronas Formula 1 while the E team ebike is designed by EQ formula E teams. 

Mercedes Benz offers free international shipping with 2 years of warranty. The two road bike modes available in the n+ bicycle line are  V11 and V12 limited edition. The tyres are specially designed by formula 1 tyre partner Pirelli.

The frame is entirely made from carbon fibre and all the cables are closely packed inside the frame. The road bike uses a very high-quality electronic gear set from SRAM, it is powered by two separate removable batteries. The seat is wrapped in Alcantara leather and all bikes are handmade in Germany.

The V 11 has 3 models, Force 22, Force AXS and SRAM red eTap the eTap is the most expensive and priced at 12000 USD.

The formula E Ebike is priced at 3500 USD and it has two models, Formula E Team eBike and Silver Arrows ebike. Both the models have electric hub motors, the Silver Arrow eBike has a range of 100 km while the E team eBike will do 60km on a single charge.

Battery packs are manufactured by Samsung and Panasonic and the capacity is around 250 wh and the weight of the overall bike is 20 kg. The Silver Arrows E-bike is slightly more expensive than the E-team eBike. It is priced at 4,500 USD.

Should you buy a Mercedes Benz mountain bike?

Yes, you should buy a Mercedes Benz mountain bike because it looks very premium as all the cables and brake lines are installed within the lightweight frame made with carbon fibre. 

It is made in collaboration with Focus Bikes. Focus bikes are also a German bicycle manufacturer located in Stuttgart. Focus also specialised in lightweight bicycle frames and used advanced manufacturing techniques to make frames out of lightweight but durable materials like carbon fibre.

The Mercedes Benz mountain bike is a good choice for anyone looking for something unique and premium bike. It is not suitable for hardcore riders as there are many cost-effective alternatives available in the markets. The availability of spare is also a challenge for the international markets.

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The Mercedes Benz bicycle product range is very unique and uses special materials like carbon fibre to manufacture bicycle frames. The company also offers accessories like bicycle helmets and rear-mounted bicycle racks that can be used with all Mercedes Benz passenger cars. The cost of the bicycles is high but Mercedes Benz also offers no-interest 24 months instalment plans. 


FAQs: Should you buy a Mercedes Benz mountain bike?

Does Mercedes Benz sell mountain bikes?

Yes, Mercedes Benz sells mountain bikes along with rear bike carriers for different models. The mountain bike can be purchased from an authorised Mercedes Benz dealership. For many international markets, Mercedes Benz will also ship the bike directly to the customers.

How much is the Mercedes Benz mountain bike?

The Mercedes Mountain bike is a premium mountain bike and it can cost more than 2000USD. Some of the models like folding mountain bikes are easy to carry and will fit into the vehicle without needing an additional rear-mounted bike rack.

Does Mercedes have a bicycle?

Yes, Mercedes Benz offers a huge range of bicycles, customers can choose from different varieties like road bikes, fitness bikes, and trekking bikes. All bicycles are sold as genuine accessories and can be purchased from authorised dealerships.

Are there Mercedes motorcycles?

No, Mercedes Benz does not make motorcycles although Gottlieb Daimler, one of the founding members of Mercedes Benz AG is known as the father of Motorcycle. Mercedes Benz AMG unveiled an Aprilla F3 AMG tuned motorcycle but never mass-produced it. 

Does Lamborghini make motorcycles?

Lamborghini is an Italian sports car manufacturer and does not make motorcycles. Italian motorcycles are famous around the world and Ducati launched a new Diavel motorcycle in collaboration with Lamborghini. Both Ducati and Lamborghini are controlled by Volkswagen which is a large German automotive group.