Why do we need a fuel door replacement on the 2018 VW Tiguan?

The “2018 VW Tiguan Fuel Door Replacement” procedure will be discussed in this article. The fuel door on the Tiguan is different from the fuel door on budget cars. The Door on the Tiguan is a complete assembly that can be removed from the vehicle and replaced by a new one.

The fuel door on the VW Tiguan is fitted separately on the vehicle during its assembly in the factory. According to the fuel inlet, the fuel door is attached to a rubber sheet cut out. The rubber sheet is called a grommet. The fuel door and hinge are attached to this grommet. Thus to change the existing fuel door with the new door, you need to remove this grommet assembly.

The need to change the fuel door on a VW Tiguan arises when there is a problem with the fuel door mechanism. As a result, the fuel door on a Tiguan can suffer multiple damages, which can be caused due to different reasons. The various damages which can generate the need to change the fuel door are as follows.

Why do we need a fuel door replacement on the 2018 VW Tiguan?

  • Dent on the fuel door
  • The breaking on plastic locks
  • Faulty hinge

Dent on the fuel door

Sometimes, the fuel door on the vehicle gets a dent due to an accident. The accident on the fuel door can cause the fuel door to bend, thus reducing the visual appeal of the vehicle. Moreover, the bending of the fuel door also makes the door ineffective in locking. Thus it makes the fuel cap vulnerable to breaking.

The breaking on plastic locks

The fuel door on the VW Tiguan consists of plastic locks. These locks are responsible for the locking of the fuel door assembly. Since these locks are made of plastic, there are high chances that they break due to some reason. Hence in such a case, the fuel door needs to be replaced.

Faulty hinge

The Fuel door in VW Tiguan is a separate assembly that consists of a hinge and the fuel door. Hence, there are chances that the fuel door hinge might get rusted or bent. Thus in such a case, you need to replace the fuel door because, in the VW Tiguan, hinge replacement isn’t a viable option.

Procedure for replacing the fuel door on VW Tiguan

  • To replace the fuel door on the VW Tiguan, you will only need a flathead screwdriver. 
  • Use the flat head screwdriver to pry open the fuel door. For opening the fuel door with the help of a screwdriver, put the flat end of the screwdriver in the gap present between the body and the fuel door and then press the screwdriver. 
  • While pressing the screwdriver, move the head of the screwdriver inwards so that the gap between the fuel door and the car body is increased.
  • Once the fuel door is open, there will be a screw present next to the fuel door actuator. Open this screw with the help of a screwdriver.
  • After opening the screw, the thin rubber grommet sheet behind the fuel tank inlet will get a bit loose. However, you need to detach the rubber grommet sheet near the fuel tank inlet. 
  • Once you detach the thin rubber grommet near the inlet of the fuel tank, you need to pull the rubber grommet sheet out. The rubber sheet and flap are connected. Hence once you pull the rubber sheet out, the fuel door assembly will also be out.
  • Get the new fuel door assembly and align the cut-out on the grommet with the fuel tank inlet.
  • Now place the grommet on the inlet of the vehicle and press the grommet around the inlet so that it is perfectly attached.
  • Now put the screws back on the grommet. The position of the screw is near the fuel door actuator. 
  • Once the screws are tightened, the new fuel door actuator is successfully installed in the VW Tiguan.


This article has elaborated the procedure for “2018 VW Tiguan Fuel Door Replacement”. The need for the fuel door replacement arises when the fuel door on the VW Tiguan is damaged due to a dent on the surface or breaking up of the locks, mostly. The procedure to replace the fuel tank door is quite easy as it is a separate assembly. Thus, a person with minimum knowledge can solve the problem of a faulty fuel door by replacing it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): 2018 VW Tiguan Fuel Door Replacement

What is a filler neck grommet?

The filler neck grommet is a rubber seal placed around the fuel tank inlet. These seals prevent the excess fuel during filing from falling on the car’s surface.

What is a fuel filler neck?

The fuel filler neck is the primary point for the entry of fuel into the vehicle. IT is through this neck that the fuel is filled into the vehicle.

How long does it take to change the fuel filler neck?

To change the fuel filler neck on a vehicle takes about 45 minutes to one hour. The cost of the fuel filler neck varies depending on the car model and make.

How much does a fuel hose cost?

If you wish to get the fuel hose on your vehicle replaced, it might cost between $120 to $500. The fuel hose replacement is more probable in old vehicles.


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