Why is my car window stuck?

This article will explain the “my car window is stuck” problem. To address the problem of a stuck car window, we will explain the various reasons behind a stuck car window. Moreover, we will also explain the different ways in which you can fix the car window.

The windows in modern cars are extremely convenient. In modern car windows, there is no hand roller mechanism. Thus a person who wishes to open the window just needs to press a button, and the window gets open. The magic happens due to a simple electronic circuit in the power window mechanism. The electronic circuit is operated with the help of an electric motor which then moves the window. 

Since the electric circuit is responsible for the operation of the car window, there are chances that faults might occur in the system. There can be different reasons behind the inoperable glass windows in the car. Some of the reasons behind a non-functional power window are mentioned below.

Why is my car window stuck?

The reasons behind the stuck car window are:-

  • The electrical fuses are blown, which prevents the electrical control from working.
  • The child safety lock is engaged in the vehicle.
  • The window switch is functioning correctly, but the window motor has malfunctioned. 
  • The switch for the power window is bad due to voltage problems or poor construction.
  • The window isn’t operating due to a car dent which is caused due to an accident. Thus the dent prevented the window from rolling up. 
  • Ice formation or snow have clogged in the window slot, preventing its movement.

These are some of the causes behind the non-functional power window of the car. However, these can be fixed easily if you know the basic tools.

Different fixing methods for car windows.

Door Slam Method

Slamming the door can be the easiest way for fixing the window of the vehicle because the car window in your car is placed in the door panel. Thus, the window is somehow misaligned from the track on which it moves. Slamming the door will not damage the power window’s motor, but it will certainly engage the glass of the window with the track on which it moves. To use this method, you can follow this simple procedure.

  • Turn on the car.
  • Push and hold the window switch down in the desired direction (up or down).
  • While pressing or holding the switch, sit inside the vehicle and slam the door. Repeat these steps a few times and see whether this method makes the window work.

Glass palming method

If the door slamming method fails, you can utilize the glass window method’s palming. The palming method can help you move the window up if there is some debris stuck in the way of window operation. Because if there is debris in the way of the window movement, then the electric motor won’t move the window up, and thus the window will be stuck in one position. However, with the help of palms, you will apply an extra force which will certainly remove debris in the way of the power window. For example, you can perform this technique in the following way.

  • Turn on the vehicle, open the car door wide and stand at the end of the door in a way that allows you to grip the window from both sides.
  • Sandwich the vehicle’s window between the palms and ask your assistant to press the window button up or down.
  • Once the button is pressed, try to pull the window upwards. Beware that your fingers don’t get stuck between the glass and the door so that you protect yourself from injuries.

Striking Method

Similar to the door slam method, the unique method can also help you realign the window of the vehicle. To perform this method, you need to wind open your palm and strike the centre of the car door from the outside. Remember, don’t use tools for slamming the door because it will damage the paint and body of the vehicle.

Moreover, when utilizing the unique method, use it only a few times. For example, don’t continue striking the door if the window doesn’t come into the desired location. Furthermore, don’t strike the door too hard as it may damage the door paint and structure.

Remove the door panel.

People who have good mechanical knowledge can look at the car window mechanism by opening the car door. First, you need to remove the screws on the car door and then gently pull the cover to view the car door. Once the cover is removed, you will be able to see the mechanism of the car window and might be able to identify the problem behind the faulty car window.


In this article, we have successfully addressed the “my car window is stuck” problem. To address the problem of a stuck car window, we have first explained the different causes behind the faulty car window. In addition, we have also explained the various methods you can utilize to fix the car window fault.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): my car window is stuck

What causes the car window to stick?

The car window gets stuck due to the dirt, snow, or ice accumulation in the car window and door passage. You need to clean the window and door to get the car window working again.

Why is my car window not rolling up?

There are different reasons behind a car window not rolling up. However, some of the main reasons behind the car window not rolling up are the blown fuses and fault in the electrical controls.

How much does it charge to fix the car windows?

The repair cost for fixing the car window is around $20 or less if you only deal with a fuse issue. However, if the electrical or mechanical component is damaged, then the price of the repair goes up significantly.

What is the best lubricant for the windows?

The best lubricant for the window of your vehicle is WD-40. However, if you don’t have WD-40, you can also use silicone-


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