Why My BMW Engine Won’t Start?

This blog post will answer the question, “My BMW Engine Won’t Start?” It will discuss the reasons that cause the engine not to start and what can be done if it happens.  

Why my BMW Engine Won’t Start?

For a variety of reasons, your BMW won’t start. Generally, a fuel system problem, an ignition system problem, or a mechanical engine fault can be narrowed down. It will be much easier to diagnose the defective component in the system once you have identified the system that has the problem.

If your BMW won’t start, here are some of the most typical symptoms you can encounter.

  • The engine will not start if you press the START button.
  • The BMW will not start. All of the lights have gone out / have been turned off.
  • Nothing happens when you insert the key.
  • BMW The engine will not start and produces a clicking noise.
  • The automobile will not start after the battery has been replaced.
  • BMW will not begin with an exclamation mark.
  • When it’s cold outside, BMW won’t start.
  • BMW refuses to start with the EML light on.
  • No start, BMW lights flashing
  • BMW refuses to start and displays the key symbol on the dashboard.

If your BMW has a push-button start mode, you won’t be able to get even the tiniest response from it by pressing the button. You may not fully comprehend how it works or what to do if your BMW refuses to start.

What are the Common Causes?

For a variety of reasons, your BMW won’t start. The most frequent causes that prevent your BMW from starting normally include a dead key fob battery, a dead 12-volt battery, corrosion on terminals, a bad alternator, a clogged filtration system, a damaged starter, an overheated fuse, an empty gas tank, an ignition coil error, or any electrical fault. 

The following causes are described below in detail.

Damaged Starter Motor

If your starting motor malfunctions or is destroyed, your engine won’t start. Try immediately jumping the starter if you think it might be the cause of the car’s ignition issue.

 However, if the engine still won’t start, you may need to replace the starting motor or purchase a new module, relay, or solenoid.

The starting motor is attached to the BMW’s battery. BMW starting motor failure frequently results from a dead battery. In this case, you might decide to get a new battery.

Dead Battery

Your automobile battery may be empty or exhausted if the key turns but your engine won’t start. A dead battery is the most typical cause of your BMW not starting. 

The engine won’t start and no electrical device will work if the battery isn’t fully charged.

To see if the issue is with the battery, you can jumpstart your car. If the car starts, either the battery is running low or the alternator is broken.

Dead Key Fob Battery

If the key is not detected inside your BMW, your keyless engine won’t turn on. The key itself may have a dead battery if the key fob is inside the car but the engine won’t start.

 A key fob with a dead battery is worthless since the car’s system won’t detect it inside the vehicle.

Push Button Start System

The push-button start system is popular among drivers, and the technology is wonderful. However, problems can arise just like with any other electrical device. 

The push-button start system itself could be broken if your BMW won’t start and your key fob’s battery hasn’t run out.

Here are some of the reasons for a defective push-button system, and why your BMW won’t start:

  • A faulty push button or a problem with the wire harness for the push button.
  • Faulty brake or clutch pedal position switch. This could also be caused by a faulty switch wiring.  
  • Park/Neutral safety switch that is broken.
  • Steering interlock release module that is defective.

Corrosion on Battery’s Terminals

Your car battery’s contacts become corroded, resulting in contact loss and reduced current flow, which makes it difficult for your engine to start.

You must look at the battery contacts to determine if your BMW’s starting issues are caused by filthy connections. You can inspect the two battery terminals for corrosion by lifting the rubber covers from the battery terminals.

 You only need to clean the batteries if you see white deposits or silvery-green deposits but no more cracks or damage.

Faulty Stator Circuit

There can be a little issue with the connections to the car’s battery or with the starter circuit. First, inspect the solenoid. If it’s functioning, it will click as the contacts close.

If it isn’t operating, there can be a problem with the wiring, the solenoid, the ignition switch, or its connections.

You can also see these problems practically that your BMW won’t Start.

What  Can Be Done If the BMW Engine Won’t Start?

There are some solutions to the above mentioned problems that could be done when you face such problems.

Jump Start BMW

If your BMW’s breakdown is due to a dead battery, you may easily jump start it using jumper cables, a healthy battery from another car, or, if one is available, a battery booster.

Red cable should first be connected to the positive terminal of your dead BMW battery before being connected to the positive terminal of the donor battery.

Connect the black wire to the donor battery’s negative terminal next, then to the exposed metal in your BMW’s engine bay. Start your BMW first, then the donor car. Then remove the cables in reverse order.

Clean Battery Corrosion

You must first remove the pole wires from your BMW batteries in order to clean it. This doesn’t require any particular skills; all it takes is a little concentration because the order is crucial.

The black cable from the negative pole should be removed first. You can use pliers to open a really tight pole clamp. Metal pliers should not be used, but if you do, you must take extra care not to contact any other bodily areas.

The red positive pole cable can then be unplugged. You can begin cleaning a corroded battery once it has been taken out of the circuit. Reconnect the terminals after cleaning.

Placing Dead Key Fob near Start/Stop Button

Try positioning your key fob as close to the start/stop button as you can before starting the car if your model of BMW just has a key fob with a start/stop button and no place to put a key.

If it still doesn’t work, check the instruction booklet for your car to find out exactly where to put the key fob since model-specific positioning may differ.

Starter Motor’s Temporary Solution

If the starter is the problem, the engine can start if you crank the key while banging the starter motor with a stick or other hard object. When the starter’s internal components are jammed together or the gears are only slightly out of alignment, this solution works.

It is advised to take it to the repair shop because it is probable that it is almost at the end of its lifespan.

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This Blog post addressed the question, “My BMW engine won’t start?” We understood that if you have a BMW or any other car you can experience engine’s starting problems. We have discussed its causes in detail. After mentioning the causes, we have also discussed   different solutions which include jump start, cleaning corrosion from battery, placing fob key near to push button, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can Yoga Help with Depression?

What are the conventional electrical problems preventing BMW from starting?

There are three main electrical problems that usually occurs:

If the start button is fine and still the car won’t start, then what to check to find the problem?

If the engine cranks when the start button is pressed, the push-button start system is probably not at fault. Then check for:

  • Fuel tank
  • Ignition control module
  • Broken timing belt


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