Why won’t my bmw door open

This article will address the “why won’t my BMW door open” problem. While explaining this problem, we will elaborate on four common issues behind the faulty BMW door. 

BMW has significantly contributed to the advancements in the automotive industry. Moreover, when people buy a BMW, they feel that they have chosen the best technologically potent car in the automotive market, so many drivers and owners get upset when they face an issue with their BMWs. One of the common problems many BMW owners have faced is a fault door locking mechanism. BMW offers one of the best technologies, yet the car may face some issues, and as a buyer, we should be comfortable about it because BMW is also a machine.

Therefore, instead of getting furious and angry, calmly address the issue and find out the source behind the problem caused by the BMW door. Because finding the problem in the BMW door will help you create a path for solving the door issue. If your BMW has a faulty door, it can be due to the following reasons.

Why is my BMW door not opening?

The most common reasons for the faulty BMW door are as follows:-

  • Faulty or malfunctioning key fob
  • Blown Fuses
  • Wire failure
  • The door actuator is faulty.

Faulty or malfunctioning key fob

Due to the advancements in technology, the generic key of the car has been replaced by a hi-tech key fob. For example, today, many cars come with a button for igniting the engine. In such cases, the manufacturers have converted the car key into a device consisting of three buttons. The three buttons provide you with the features to lock the vehicle, unlock the vehicle and open the boot lid of the vehicle. 

However, as the technologies get advanced, failures also increase. Therefore, the malfunctioning of the key fob is one of the common problems faced by the drivers and owners of BMW. The key fob can become faulty due to water entering the buttons and damaging the electrical circuit. Once the circuit inside the key gets damaged, even after pressing the button on the key, the door won’t open.

Blown Fuses

The vehicle consists of several electrical circuits. When electricity is involved in a system, there are hazards such as fires. To avoid such situations, fuses are installed in the system. A fuse acts as a safety device that prevents the short circuit in an electrical circuit. Because if a short circuit happens in a system, there are chances that the electrical wires catch fire. 

Thus, when a wire gets damaged, the small metal plate in the fuse breaks, and the circuit becomes non-functional. Therefore, if the fault occurs in the door lock circuit, the BMW door won’t open even when the button on the key fob is pressed. Therefore, you need to get the blown fuse replaced with a new fuse in such a situation.

Wire failure

Earlier, a mechanical lock was installed on the vehicle for unlocking the car door. This lock was released with the help of a key. However, when the car is inserted in this lock and rotated, the door locking mechanism gets actuated and unlocks the door. Meanwhile, the same key was rotated in the opposite direction to unlock the door. Hence the problem with the door can only arise when there was a fault in the mechanical system of the door lock.

However, now modern cars consist of a remote lock which is operated with the help of buttons. These locks work on the transmitter-receiver mechanism where the button on the key is the transmitter, and the lock is the receiver. Therefore the door locks are now an electrical component. Like any other electrical system, the door lock system consists of wires that can suffer from damages, and if the wiring becomes faulty, then the door locking mechanism will get faulty.

The door actuator is faulty.

The other common reason for the BMW lock not opening is the faulty door actuator. The door lock actuators are electronically-powered equipment responsible for the physical engagement of door locks when the lock button is pressed. A faulty door lock actuator will show the symptoms such as odd noises coming from the door lock when the button is pressed on the key fob or an odd behavior coming from the door locks where the door locks and unlocks spontaneously.

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This article successfully addressed the “why won’t my BMW door open” problem. Moreover, while explaining the issue, we have elaborated on the different causes behind a faulty BMW door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): why won’t my BMW door open

How do you open a car door that won’t open from outside?

One way to open a car door that doesn’t open from the outside is by lubricating the door latch. First, you must begin checking by searching for blockage in the keyway.

Can you open a BMW with a Phone?

The BMW digital key is now available on Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21. With the digital key, the BMW customers can easily unlock and lock theri BMW by holding their smartphone next to the handle.

Why is my BMW not locking?

One of the most common reasons behind the BMW not locking is the failure of the key fob. The key fob consists of buttons that can get damaged if the key is left in an open area for a long duration.

Does BMW lock Automatically when parked?

The BMW comfort access system does not automatically lock doors, So the raised lines act as a contact point to touch when you lock the doors. Moreover, the BMW comfort access has a second sensor used by the smart opener, which unlocks the vehicle.


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