Why won’t my car door close all the way?

This article will explain the “why won’t my car door close all the way” problem. The door not closing is a problem that can be critical, especially when travelling over long distances. To address the issue of the door not closing, we will explain the different causes which can lead to a faulty door on your car.

It is extremely dangerous to drive a car with a faulty door because the door doesn’t close all the way, then there are chances that the door might open suddenly when you are driving, which can be extremely dangerous for you and the other vehicles on the road. The door not closing in a car can be due to several reasons, and the most common ones are mentioned below.

Reasons behind the car door not closing all the way.

  • Latch issues
  • Door Handles
  • Door anchor
  • Door Hinges
  • Electronics

These are some of the issues the door can have. Below they are explained in detail.

Latch Issues

A door latch that is stuck, rusted or damaged in an accident can be one of the primary reasons behind the door not closing properly. If the door latch is rusted, you can easily solve the problem by first cleaning it and then applying WD40 lubricating oil. Once you apply the lubricating oil on the latch, you should wait for a few minutes. After waiting for a few minutes, work the door handle a few times to evenly spread the lubricating oil.

The other reason behind the door not opening is that the latch closed accidentally. Now to know whether the door latch is in the correct position, look at the latch of the damaged door and compare it with the door’s latch, which is perfect. If there is a difference in the position, then the latch has displaced from its original position.

Door Handles

Door handles are present on the inside and the outside of the vehicle. When you pull the door handle from the inside or operate the door handle from the outside, a small metal rod or a cable is extended, which disengages the door latch from the anchor. In addition, a not closing door will leave the linkage in the open position. Thus, the door won’t close on pushing.

Door Anchor

A door anchor which is out of adjustment prevents a door from closing. To determine whether the anchor is damaged or out of place, close the door working fine and examine its anchor. Now compare the position of the anchor on the perfect door with the anchor on the faulty door. If the door is not closing due to a faulty anchor, it will be bent on the malfunctioning door.

To fix the anchor, you need to use a plier and apply force on the anchor to return to its original position. Once the anchor is in the correct position, try closing the door again. If the door closes, the anchor has been brought to the perfect position.

Door Hinges

If the door handle and anchor are good and still the door isn’t closing, then the problem lies in the door hinges. However, if you are facing the issue where there is an uneven space between the door and the fender on closing the door, then the door hinges are mostly faulty. Mostly the door hinge gets bent which prevents the door from closing. The bent in the door hinge can arise due to an accident.


The doors in modern cars are not only a mechanical component. Instead, several electrical components facilitate the working of the door. For example, the lock on the door with the remote locking system is electronic. Hence, if the door lock gets a short circuit, then it might always stay in the open position. Thus when you try to close the door, the door won’t close. In such a case, you need to take the vehicle to the mechanic because a knowledgeable person will be better to solve the issue with the car door. After all, in case the electronics are faulty, a person needs to study the circuit completely for diagnosing the problem.


This article has explained the “why won’t my car door close all the way” problem. To address this issue, we have explained the different problems that can arise if your vehicle door is not closing. Moreover, we have also explained briefly how to solve those problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): why won’t my car door close all the way

How to fix a door that won’t close until slammed?

Check the bolts which secure the door hinges and bolts securing the hinges on the body. Make sure that the bolts are nice and tight. Moreover, check the screws securing the latch mechanism inside the door and make sure it’s tight.

What could be the reason behind a door not closing correctly?

The factors such as weather and humidity can restrict a door from closing properly. Moreover, humidity and weather can cause the door to stick to the frame. 

How do you shim a door open?

Pry open the door about half-inch. Now insert a shim between the door and car door frame to hold the door open. A shim made of wood or metal will be best to hold the door open.

How much does it cost to adjust the door?

A door adjustment can cost you between $150 to $500. The adjustment depends on the part you are getting adjusted. If it’s something major, then it will cost you more. 


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