Why your BMW x3 trunk keeps opening

This article will address the “Bmw x3 trunk keeps opening” problem. The trunk in the BMW X3 is operated with the help of an electrical circuit. Thus there are chances that the system gets faulty, and thus the trunk starts to misbehave. Therefore, we decided that it was good to address the issue by providing a solution.

Reasons behind why your BMW x3 trunk keeps opening.

  • The key fob for opening the trunk is pressed accidentally.
  • The latch hook is misplaced from the position, due to which the latch is not able to hold the catch properly.

The trunk on the BMW X3 is electronically operated. Thus, when you press the button on the key fob to open the trunk, only the trunk will open. Furthermore, the trunk on the BMW X3 uses a simple latch and hook mechanism. Thus, the problem can arise when the BMW X3 trunk keeps opening.

A trunk that keeps opening on itself can be dangerous when the car is parked in a garage with a lower roof. Because if the trunk opens on itself, then the trunk lid can strike the roof and get dents on it. Also, the car is likely to get jacked up because of the open trunk lid. 

A trunk lid opening automatically can be extremely dangerous in a situation where the car is travelling at high speed. Because if the trunk opens automatically, there are chances that the luggage present in the trunk gets out of the car during braking. Therefore, the luggage falling from the vehicle’s trunk can be extremely dangerous for the other vehicles moving on the road as they can meet an accident. Thus it becomes essential to solve the problem of the faulty trunk door on a vehicle. 

Troubleshooting the Trunk Door, which is opening due to accidentally pressing the key fob.

  • Mostly, the trunk on the BMW X3 might open due to the accidental press of the key fob button.
  • The accidental press of the key fob button happens when the fob is in the pocket, and the person takes support from something, which causes the fob button to press.
  • To solve this issue, you can use a pouch for keeping the BMW X3 key fob.
  • Select a pouch that is highly durable, waterproof and perfectly fits the BMW key in it.
  • Once you have found a pouch, place a small card of minimum thickness inside it. Keep the pouch in your pocket once the car is placed in the pouch but the key behind the car.
  • Putting a card in the pouch creates a hard surface, which prevents the button from accidentally getting pressed. Therefore the chances of the trunk opening automatically will be reduced.

Troubleshooting the trunk door opening automatically due to a faulty latch anchor.

  • The trunk on a BMW X3 uses a latch and striker mechanism. The striker is present on the tailgate while the latch is attached to the vehicle’s surface.
  • The striker present on the tailgate can get bent or misaligned due to physical damage caused on the tailgate, such as a dent.
  • The physical damage to the vehicle’s tailgate can cause the striker to bend, surely misalign it from getting properly locked in the latch. Thus due to this reason, there are chances that the trunk might open automatically.
  • Therefore to solve this problem, you will need some basic tools such as a screwdriver which can be used to apply force and bring the striker back to its original position.
  • Open the trunk of the vehicle and figure out the striker’s position. If the striker isn’t at a 90-degree angle, then the striker is misaligned from its location.
  • To bring the striker back to its original location, you need to pass the screwdriver from the slot present in it. Once the screwdriver is passed through the slot, apply a force on the screwdriver to move the striker towards becoming straight.
  • Once the striker gets back into its original position, remove the screwdriver and check whether the trunk closes properly. 
  • If the trunk closes properly, the striker is back in the correct position, and the trunk opening is automatically solved because the latch can now grab the striker properly.

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In this article, we have successfully addressed the issue of “Bmw x3 trunk keeps opening”. The trunk opening automatically can be extremely dangerous for people travelling on the road because the luggage can fall out of the vehicle. Moreover, a trunk opening automatically can dent the surface of the trunk lid. Thus we have successfully briefed you about the two techniques you can use to prevent the trunk from opening.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): Bmw x3 trunk keeps opening 

Do car trunks have release inside?

The American cars, which were designed after 2002, have a trunk release lever present on the inside of the vehicle. The inclusion of trunk release inside has proven extremely useful in opening the trunk.

How do I secure items in my trunk?

To keep the items in the trunk in one place, you need to add an adhesive strip or hook the luggage in the hook present on the storage side. 

Are trunk organizers worth it?

The trunk organizers in the vehicle are affordable and easy to install on the vehicle’s trunk. In addition, the organizers play a vital role in keeping the stuff secured in the trunk.

Where is the emergency latch in the car trunk?

The most common location of the emergency latch on the car trunk is the joint between the trunk lid and the car’s body. 


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