How to Repair Transmission Problems in a Yukon? (5 Common Issues)

In this brief guide, we are going to provide you with common problems with  Yukon transmission and what you can do to rectify these problems before they worsen.

Yukon has an automatic transmission and does not require any manual input to shift gears while driving as most of the cars have automatic transmission. Various sensors and mechatronic systems work in coordination to shift gears automatically. 

Automatic transmissions have a global reputation for quality, reliability and durability. However, there are many problem with automatic transmissions and we’ll tell you why and how you can solve them

What are the common problems with Yukon transmission?

Some of the most common problems with  Yukon transmission are:

  • Shifting delays
  • Jumping and grinding
  • Loud and unusual noises
  • Burning smell
  • Transmission fluid leakage

Why is Shifting delays a problem with Yukon transmissions?

While driving on road if you experience a delay while shifting from one speed to another speed then this could result in an unpleasant drive for you. So, this indicates that there is a problem with your Yukon transmission.

What are the signs of this problem with the  Yukon transmission?

Usually you would instantly notice this sign of the problem as you get a hesitation sensation or slow response from the car when you try to shift.

How to solve this Yukon transmission problem?

Resetting the software settings or checking the gear ratio sensors could be a solution. Also, visiting the nearest service center or your trusted mechanic would be the only way to solve this problem because this might be a serious transmission problem you are facing.

Why is Jumping and grinding a problem with  Yukon  transmissions?

Because jumping and grinding would mean the Yukon transmission is not functioning smoothly as automatic transmissions are designed for and also they are meant to be a smoother drive than manual. This could cause a very unpleasant driving and passenger experiences

What are the signs of this problem with the  Yukon transmission?

Jumping itself can be taken as a sign of this  Yukon automatic transmission problem because automatic transmissions are not meant to jump when loaded or accelerated.

How to solve this Yukon transmission problem?

Visiting your trusted mechanic or service center at the earliest is possibly the only way to fix this issue as the internal mechanical components or dampers might be worn out and it requires experience and expertise to repair this problem.

Why is Loud and unusual noises a problem with  Yukon transmissions?

These  Yukon transmissions are not manufactured to make such loud and unusual noises and if you are hearing such unpleasant noises while driving then you should check with your mechanic as this might get a serious damping issue.

What are the signs of this problem with the  Yukon transmission?

You will hear these noises while driving and will be very unpleasant to your ears which can be taken as a sign that the transmission is having some problem.

How to solve this Yukon transmission problem?

Normally this sound means that a component within the assembly needs to be replaced as it might be fractured. The entire assembly from which the sound is coming must be removed and rebuilt to fix this problem.

Why is Burning smell a problem with Yukon transmissions?

If you get a burning odor, your Yukon transmission fluid is probably overheating due to clutch debris, breakdown of metallic components and sludge. So this sign is a cause for concern.

What are the signs of this problem with the Yukon transmission?

The smell itself should be a good sign that there is something wrong with your Yukon transmission. However you will get a more detailed sign if you use a software diagnostic tool.

How to solve this Yukon transmission problem?

Check the transmission oil and its level. If it is too low then fill the required amount of oil in the transmission. If it is too dirty, then drain the entire oil from the transmission and fill it again. Also check for any debris and discarded materials.

Why is Transmission fluid leakage a problem with  Yukon transmissions?

Yukon transmissions are very advanced and leakage proof systems and if anything is leaking out of them then this could cause transmission overheating. It is definitely a sign of a problem which may cause serious trouble for you in the future.

What are the signs of this problem with the  Yukon transmission?

You would get an error such as P0842 or errors in the similar range which are associated with transmission fluid pressure. If these sensors get a low pressure this will indicate there is not enough fluid and a leakage somewhere in the transmission.

How to solve this  Yukon transmission problem?

Detecting where the leak is and closing it, is the most obvious solution to fix this sign before it causes mechanical damage to your car. Usually the gaskets or the seals in the transmission are worn out or broken to cause a fluid leak.

How to precisely diagnose these common problems in  Yukon transmission?

To properly diagnose these problems, you need a scan tool to read these codes from the Transmission Control Unit. Firstly, If a Yukon transmission is malfunctioning, it immediately informs the driver with an error message on the screen.

How to prevent getting these problems in the first place?

Regularly changing your gearbox oil and other lubricants may save you a lot of trouble and money in the future. Although many experts suggest different number miles for servicing, your car manual will give you a proper recommendation when you should change it.

FAQs: Yukon transmission problems

How long does a Yukon transmission last?

The stock transmission on the Yukon is built to last between 130,000 to 180,000 miles without needing replacement, so long as a proper servicing schedule is followed. Ensure fluid levels are topped up and fix any problems immediately to keep the transmission running smoothly.

What problems do GMC Yukons have?

The GMC Yukon has had many reported problems with the power door lock actuators. In these cases, the actuators become unbearably slow to work or even stop working entirely, leaving vehicle owners with no choice but to completely replace the part.


In this brief guide, we have provided you with common problems with Yukon transmission and what you can do to rectify these problems before they worsen.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.