Are Mercedes Benz parts expensive?

This article will answer the following questions: are Mercedes Benz parts expensive? What is the difference between genuine and non-genuine parts? How do identify genuine Mercedes Benz parts? Why should you use genuine Mercedes Benz parts?

Are Mercedes Benz parts expensive?

Mercedes Benz makes high-end luxury passenger cars so naturally the cost of the spare parts will be high. All the parts that go into a Mercedes Benz passenger car are carefully designed and put through many tests to ensure they will function for the service life of the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz not only provides all the genius parts through its authorised dealerships but also makes its genuine engine oils and filters. Tyres are the most critical parts when it comes to the comfort and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, Mercedes Benz tests and publishes a list of MB approved tyres. The Mb approved tyres are available in domestic as well as international markets.

During the service life of a vehicle, certain parts get worn out and they must be replaced so that the vehicle can function the same as it left the factory floor. Mercedes-Benz sells genuine wiper blades, brake pads and discs and different suspension components like suspension struts, engine mounts, and axle carrier bushing. These parts are a direct replacement of worn-out parts and their performance is the same as factory-fitted parts.

Mercedes Benz uses only the best parts in the manufacturing of passenger cars. The genuine parts are produced all over the world in specific production factories. For example, Mexico has the biggest factors that make the vehicle electrical wiring harness and ship it to Germany where it will be installed at a production line.

The same factory also makes replacement wiring harnesses and then ships them to the dealership that placed the order. There is no difference in the factory fitted parts and the spare parts therefore the cost of the spare parts in Mercedes Benz is high.

Mercedes Benz is also the only premium car manufacturer that sells refurbished parts. The refurbished parts are mostly faulty parts that are repaired and brought to the quality levels of new spare parts. Refurbished parts are great for vehicles that are more than 6 years old. The cost of maintenance also remains low thanks to the refurbished parts.

What is the difference between genuine and non-genuine Mercedes Benz parts?

There are plenty of non-genuine parts available for all the models of Mercedes Benz cars. The cost of the non-genuine parts is almost half the cost of the original parts. The main reason for the low cost is because the parts are directly acquired by the original parts manufacturers instead of Mercedes Benz dealerships. 

Original equipment manufacturers like Mahle, continental and Bosch make parts that are used in Mercedes Benz cars. The main difference between the non-genuine and genuine parts is the quality of the parts. Mercedes Benz has specified special quality checks and original equipment manufacturers adhere to them, only the parts that clear the quality checks are labelled with genuine Mercedes Benz part numbers and stickers.

It is perfectly fine to purchase a part directly from the OEM instead of the dealership but Mercedes Benz cannot guarantee its quality. For example, Bilstein manufactures airmatic suspension struts for Mercedes Benz models like the GLS and S class. The cost of the strut at an authorised dealership will be more than the cost of the part available on the local market. Mercedes Benz also gives up to 2 years of parts warranty if the customer has replaced the parts on a chargeable basis.

Counterfeit parts are also sold in the local markets but the performance difference is huge when compared to the genuine parts. If there are counterfeit brake pads/ discs installed then they will not stop the vehicle at the same distance as the original parts. 

The original brake pads and disc are designed to withstand high brake pressures and temperature, they can resist the brake fade, unlike the counterfeit parts. Therefore, customers usually do not purchase counterfeit parts and go for non-genuine parts available outside of the dealership network.

How do identify genuine Mercedes Benz parts?

Genuine Mercedes Benz parts can be identified in the following ways.

  • Packaging

The packaging of the genuine parts has special stickers and designs that distinguish them from the counterfeit parts. The sticker on the packages contains important information like country of origin and barcodes that can be scanned to get manufacturing details. Recently, Mercedes Benz is also using the QR codes stamped on the parts that contain all the information. 

  • Part number

Mercedes Benz has a 10 digit main part number and the company uses a combination of extra two digits and letters to identify the part. Genuine part numbers can be confirmed in the EPC electronic parts catalogue. Even the reconditioned parts have unique part numbers that can be verified at the authorised dealership.

  • SCN coding

SCN coding is a software calibration number that is assigned to the parts like the electronic control units during the initial startup procedure. If the part is non-genuine or belongs to an accidental or scrapped vehicle then it will not function in any other vehicle. The initial startup procedure also contains one-time personalisation of the part and a transport protection lock that can be only unlocked by the Mercedes Benz star diagnosis tool.

  • Types of Materials

Mercedes Benz cars have parts made up of specific material for example the batteries use absorbent gel matt instead of regular flooded batteries. The seat cushion is made from MB tex or Alcantara material which is very difficult to counterfeit. The parts are clearly labelled and a simple visual inspection can distinguish between the materials of counterfeits and genuine parts.

Why should you use genuine Mercedes Benz parts?

Counterfeit parts are increasing every day and installing these parts not only reduces the reliability of the vehicle but is also a safety hazard. Mercedes Benz makes some of the most advanced cars and using counterfeit parts like duplicate windshields and brake linings can lead to accidents and a loss of life.

Some counterfeit parts can look deceptively real but the only way to steer clear of such parts is by purchasing the genuine parts from authorised dealerships.

Mercedes Benz has many warehouse facilities strategically located to reduce the overall shipping duration of genuine parts to the international markets. Therefore, even if a part is not available at an authorised dealership or a service partner, a new part can reach the dealership within 3 days.

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Mercedes Benz cars are expensive and the cost of the parts that goes into them is even more expensive. If you add the individual cost of the parts in a vehicle it will exceed the ex-factory price of the completely assembled cars. This shows the commitment of Mercedes Benz towards offering only the best or Nothing.