Can the Mercedes driver assistance package be retrofitted?


This brief article will explain the driver assistance package in Mercedes Benz and answer the question: can the Mercedes driver assistance package be retrofitted? Which assist systems are part of the driver assistance package

Can the Mercedes Benz driver assistance package be retrofitted?

No, it is not possible to retrofit driver assistance packages to Mercedes Benz cars. Driver assistance package is offered as an optional extra and must be added at the time of ordering the car. The vehicle is then built to specification and driver assistance packages are installed at the factory as per the request of the customer.

Depending on the model services certain driver assistance systems like active park assist, active brake assists etc come as standard equipment in the vehicle. Driver assistance systems use radar sensors, cameras, proximity sensors and cameras. The electrical line connecting the control unit is part of the vehicle’s main electrical harness. The control unit has software calibration number coding performed at the factory. 

The SCN coding is carried out according to the equipment installed in the vehicle. It is not possible to retrofit the driver assistance package at dealerships as there is no retrofit instruction available for installation.

The only retro fitment permitted at the dealership is the Mercedes Benz dashcam and retrofitting 360-degree cameras on some models. 

Driver assistance package contains the following assistance systems:

  • Attention assist– attention assist records journey time and monitors steering angle. If the driver’s steering inputs are inconsistent, attention assist reminds the driver to take a break. 
  • Active distance assist – it is more commonly known as DISTRONIC. Small and long-range radar sensors are in the front and backside of the vehicle. DISTRONIC can increase or reduce speed to maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front. It also includes functions like active speed limit assist, route-based speed adjustment.
  • Active steering assist-it can control the steering of the vehicle and help to maintain a central position in the lane. Active lane keeping assist is included in active steering assist. Driver must be aware of the surroundings and be ready to take control of the vehicle.
  • Active braking assists– if the driver doesn’t slow down and the vehicle is too close in the front. Active braking assist warns the driver by an audible beep and proceeds to a[pply brakes if the driver doesn’t slow the vehicle. Early, a medium and late range for active brake assist can be set through the command system.
  • Evasive steering assist- evasive steering assist can detect objects in the path of the vehicle and take evasive actions to avoid the collision. It can control steering and change the path of vehicle travel. Multiple cameras located behind the windshield scan for objects in front of the vehicle. Longer range radar sensors are also used in evasive steering assist.
  • Active blind spot assist– active blind spot assist uses a warning light in the outside rearview mirror to warn the driver if there is a vehicle in the blind spot. A short-range radar sensor located on both sides of the vehicle scans for vehicles or pedestrians in the blindspot of the vehicle. Blindspot assists also work when the vehicle is stationary, occupants are warned if an object is present in the blind spot by a warning tone and flashing indicator lamps before opening the doors.
  • Pre safe plus– pre safe plus prepares the vehicle for collision by retracting the seatbelts and bringing the seat into the optimum position. Pre safe is like an additional reflex in the vehicle, if the driver suddenly lets go of the accelerator and applies heavy brakes then pre safe is activated. Pre safe plus can also lower the windows slightly to release the pressure created in the interior after deploying the airbags. A special interference noise is generated to protect the eardrum of the occupants from the loud noise of collision.

Which driver assistance systems can be retrofitted?

 The driving assistance and safety systems are divided into two categories; driving assistance and safety, parking and manoeuvring. Assistance systems that come under parking and manoeuvring can be retrofitted at the dealership by purchasing a retro fitment package containing the required control units and wiring harness.

Following are the parking and manoeuvring assistance systems

  • Parking package with reversing camera– the only single reversing camera can be retrofitted in the vehicle. Additional functions like trailer manoeuvring assist, parking assist are included in the parking package.
  • Parking package with the 360-degree camera– in a 360-degree camera vehicle has 2 cameras located in the front and rear bumper with an additional side camera in the outside rearview mirrors. PARKTRONIC, remote parking assists and other options which come with a parking package with only reversing camera are also included.

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As driver assistance packages require additional control units, sensors and wiring harnesses; retro fitment of driver assistance packages is not possible. The cost of installation and the components required for the system to function will be very high. Hence, while ordering the vehicle’s driver assistance package is selected and fitted at the time of production.

FAQs: can the Mercedes driver assistance package be retrofitted?

Can I retrofit blind spot assist to my car?

Blindspot assist needs radar sensors and warning lights in the outside rearview mirror. It is possible to retrofit BSA but the total cost of retro fitment is very high.

Is the driver assist package worth it?

Yes, the driver assistance package includes many useful assists like a blind spot, active brake assist, Distronic etc which can greatly reduce the load on the driver.

What is the difference between park Tronic and park assist?

Parktronic has proximity sensors on the front and rear bumpers which warns drivers of objects during parking the vehicle. Park assist scans for parking space and can park the vehicle automatically.

How do I know if my Mercedes has blind spot assist?

Blindspot assist can be easily identified by locating the warning light outside rearview mirrors. SA codes in the vehicle data are also present which indicate if BSA is installed or not.

Do you need lane assist?

If the vehicle is driven on highways regularly, Lane assist can control the steering and keep the vehicle centred in the lane. Lane assist can help reduce strain on the driver.