How many miles does a Mercedes Benz GLK 350 last?

This blog will answer the following questions: How many miles does a Mercedes Benz GLK 350 last? What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz GLK? What are the things to check before buying a Mercedes Benz GLK 350?

How many miles does a Mercedes Benz GLK 350 last?

A Mercedes Benz GLK 350 will last for more than 200,000 miles provided that service is carried out every 10,000 miles or once every year. Replacing the engine oil and oil filter at every service plays a major role in keeping the Mercedes Benz GLK 350 in good condition. The air filter is replaced after 40,000 miles and the spark plugs are replaced after 60,000 miles.

The Mercedes Benz GLK 350 can continue to perform like a new car after replacing the air filter and the spark plugs. There are also products like fuel additives that can keep the fuel system clean without any disassembly.

The Mercedes Benz GLK 350 is visually inspected at each service to identify engine oil and coolant leaks. If the Mercedes Benz GLK has high mileage, parts like the water pump or thermostat may need replacement depending on the condition.

Without any major repairs like an engine rebuild or replacing the piston rings and the journal bearings, the Mercedes Benz GLK 350 can last for many years. Only the 4matic drivetrain option is available in the Mercedes Benz GLK 350.

The 4matic drivetrain can also last for more than 200,000 miles although parts like the axle boots, differential oil seals, and wheel bearings may need to be replaced. These components wear out with the mileage as the driving force is transferred to the road through wheels.

What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz GLK 350?

The technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz GLK 350 are given in the table below:

Technical specificationsMercedes Benz GLK 350
Engine V6 M272 gasoline engine 
Transmission7-speed automatic
Maximum power 302 HP 
Fuel consumption27 MPG (combined)
Top speed148 Mph (240 Km/hr)
0-62 mph6.5-sec
Wheelbase 275.5 cm
Width 184.0 cm
Height 166.9 cm
Trunk capacity 450 L


The Mercedes Benz GLK 350 is powered by a 3498 cm3 M272 engine. It is a port injection gasoline engine that makes 302 HP and 370 Nm of torque. The engine block is an open deck design and it is constructed from aluminum.

The valvetrain consists of hydraulic valve lifters operated by double overhead camshafts. The camshafts are mounted partially between the cylinder head and the cylinder head cover. Both the cylinder head and the cylinder head cover is made from aluminum to keep the weight minimum.

The camshaft adjusters are actuated by electrical solenoids for the variable valve timing. The engine control unit can adjust the intake camshaft from 0 to 40 degrees and the exhaust camshaft from -40 to 40 degrees.

Maximum power is developed at 6500 RPM and the torque kicks in early at 3500 RPM. The M272 is naturally aspirated but the variable intake manifold with swirl air intake flaps improves the charging of the cylinders. 

The output stages for the spark plug are located on the ignition coils so the temperature of the engine control unit can be kept low. Only the fuel injectors are controlled by the engine control unit, there are 6 fuel injectors and 6 spark plugs for the V6 M272.


The M272 is paired with a 7Gtronic automatic transmission, it uses a more compact Ravigneaux planetary gearset. There are 7 forward speeds and 2 reverse gears, and the transmission control unit is located directly on top of the electrohydraulic valve body.

The transmission fluid inside the gearbox is used to cool the transmission control unit. Only the facelift version of the Mercedes Benz GLK350 has an electric auxiliary pump for the Eco start/stop function. The main oil pump is a crescent type and the impeller of the torque converter directly drives it.  

The transfer case for the 4matic all-wheel-drive system is connected to the back of the automatic transmission. Two propeller shafts connect the front and the rear open differential to the transfer case.

The power split ratio is fixed at 60:40 percent and there are no differential locks in the drivetrain.

The transmission fluid of the 7G-Tronic transmission is replaced every 3 years or 30,000 miles. 

The oil inside the torque converter is also drained and the transmission oil filter is replaced. Replacing the transmission oil ensures reliability and also keeps the electrohydraulic body in good working condition.


The Mercedes Benz GLK 350 is 453.6 cm shorter than the W204 C class. The width and the height, on the other hand, are more than the standard C class, the GLK 350 offers a good amount of interior space and the second-row seat is adequate for 3 passengers.

Due to its rugged styling, the coefficient of drag is more than the C Class sedan. The tires on the GLK are 235/45 R20 in the front and 255/40 R 20 in the rear. There is no change in the suspension setup, the Mercedes Benz GLK uses standard McPherson struts and coil springs same as the C class.

As the dimensions are bigger than the C class, the GLK is heavier and the handling is also not good. There is a significant amount of body roll and the GLK has a tendency to dive under hard braking. The high-speed stability is good and as the GLK is based on the C class platform, it is a good car for driving on congested city roads.

What are the things to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz GLK 350?

Before buying a used Mercedes Benz GLK 350, the following things must be checked:

  • Check for abnormal noise coming from the engine compartment, there are many reports of the timing chain wearing out quickly and causing vehicle breakdowns.
  • There should not be any warning messages or lights in the instrument cluster.
  • Perform an underbody inspection as there can be oil leakage from the transmission or the power steering system.
  • Check the service record of the vehicle, the oil change interval for the Mercedes Benz GLK is very short at 3 years and 30,000 miles. There can be poor shift quality and jerks while driving.
  • Check for any accidental repairs in the service history or body paint mismatch that can indicate unauthorized repairs.


This blog answered the most commonly asked questions related to the Mercedes Benz GLK 350 and also explained its technical specifications. Mercedes Benz discontinued the GLK in 2015 as compact SUV models based on the new generation cars like the GLA and GLB are more popular. However, even in the used condition the GLK 350 is a good compact SUV and it can be bought for less than 30,000 USD.