Mercedes Benz C Class Vs Mercedes Benz E class

This article will compare the Mercedes Benz C class and the E class. We also answer the question which one should you buy? And which class is more reliable?. Lastly, we find out which engine options are available in the C & E class?

Mercedes Benz C Class Vs Mercedes Benz E class

The table below compares key parameters of Mercedes Benz C and Mercedes Benz E Class

Model/ SpecificationsMercedes Benz E ClassMercedes Benz C Class
Starting price65,000 USD43,000 USD
Number of passengers55
Width72.91 in71.7 in
Height 57.8 in56.6 in
wheelbase115.71 in112.8 in
Engine optionsInline 4, 6 and V8 cylinderInline 4 Cylinder

Detailed overview of C Class

The Mercedes Benz C Class model series W205/W206 is a standard-sized sedan from Mercedes Benz. It is also available in the AMG line and AMG 63 model series. The C class coupe comes with a 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system. The C class comes in different body styles like 2-door sports coupe and soft-top convertible model.

C class is the entry-level model in the sedan segment of Mercedes Benz, it can easily accommodate 5 passengers and more than 400 litres of boot space.  The first generation was launched in 1993 with the model series W202.

 It was well-received in domestic as well as international markets, the first generation of the C class was also the entry-level model in the Mercedes Benz lineup until the new generation of cars like the A-class was launched in 1997.

Currently, the C class is in its fifth generation with the model series W206 which will be replacing the W205 C class. The C class is manufactured in all Mercedes Benz factories; the only exceptions are the AMG 63 and AMG 63s models. 

Detailed overview of Mercedes Benz E Class

The E class model series w/v213 is the most popular and highest-selling Mercedes Benz model in premium sedans. A longer wheelbase version is also sold in markets like India and China.

The Mercedes Benz E class range is available with different body styles like estate, convertible and AMG sports models. It is between C class and S class, longer wheelbase models are available in some markets which makes it the most sought-after model in the Mercedes Benz line-up

The E class has been the best-selling Mercedes Benz model with more than 13 million cars sold by the end of 2015. A New E-class generation with a facelift was also introduced to keep the lineup updated and fresh. E class is also a popular choice for taxis and special purpose vehicles due to its durable built quality and vast network of authorised dealerships.

The first generation of the E class started with the model series W124 in 1993 and currently, the E class is in its fifth generation which was introduced in 2016. The latest generation of E class has new Mercedes Benz onboard electrical systems which use the latest networking protocols like flex ray. It is the second most technologically advanced model after the S class.

Engines in Mercedes Benz E class and C class

The Mercedes Benz E class and C class come with inline 4, V6 and V8 engine configurations. Engines in petrol variants are M274, M264, M276 and AMG M177. The petrol engine produces power between 115kW till 225kW and AMG produces up to 375kW. 

M274 is replaced by the M264 engine, M264 is also available with a 48V belt-driven starter and alternator on C class model series 205. The latest C class w206 has an integrated starter-alternator located between the engine and gearbox. 

Both E class and C class are available in the plug-in hybrid models. The combined output of the engine and motor can be from 280 to 310 bhp.

Diesel variants of C and E class use OM 654 & OM656 with an AdBlue injection system for exhaust after-treatment producing a maximum power output of 140kW and 400NM torque.  

OM 656 is only available in the E 350 D model currently. Diesel engines are equipped with low and high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation to reduce NOX emissions. AdBlue injection with selective catalytic reduction can be also found in the latest models. These exhaust gases after treatments are present to fulfil emission regulations.

The only exception is the E 350 model variant, which comes with a more powerful inline 6-cylinder diesel engine OM656. The E 350 also has an adaptive suspension system and AIRMATIC suspension.

Should you buy the E class or the C class?

The  C class starts at 40000 USD and the E class at 70000 USD, if the budget is limited but you still want to experience luxury and comfort the C class is the best choice.

C class offers a decent amount of technology like advanced driver assistance systems and passive and active safety systems as standard. The maintenance cost of the C class will be cheaper than the E class.

The E class has a wheelbase of more than 3000mm, it offers more legroom, especially in the longer wheelbase model. The rear seat backrest can also tilt back and forth to allow for maximum comfort. 

The E 350 D even features AIRMATIC suspension, Airmatic is air suspension where there are no springs, cushioning effect is generated due to the air inside large bellows located at the top of shock absorbers or between the suspension control arm

The Airmnatic allows you to change the ride height depending on the number of occupants and luggage, it also has adaptive suspension and sports, comfort, and eco-driving mode. 

If budget is not an issue then the E class is a better choice as it features a decent amount of technology and it is considered the most reliable class in the Mercedes Benz lineup.

Both the AMG high-performance models are very evenly matched. It all comes down to the looks and available space inside the car.

Which class is more reliable?

The Mercedes Benz E class is considered more reliable, the Mercedes Benz E class can easily last more than 10 years, and the highest recorded mileage in the E class is one million kilometres. 

Periodic maintenance and taking care while operating the vehicle help to increase the longevity of the vehicle. Mercedes Benz always uses good quality materials which do not wear even in repeated use. The standard warranty period is three years and has unlimited mileage. 

E class has several features and advanced computer systems onboard but they are not as much as the S class. Hence, there are fewer reliability issues in the E class. The overall weight is also lighter therefore the design and complexity of suspension components are less. 

The c class on the other hand had its share of electrical faults and reliability issues but they are no longer existent in the latest generations. Previous generations of the C class reported problems with the ESP control units, and wheel speed sensors. The M 271 and M274 petrol engines had mechanical faults in the camshaft actuators and crankshaft speed sensors.

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The E class is definitely the best in the Mercedes Benz. It offers the high technology and comfort of the S class at a lower cost. However, for anyone looking to buy their first Mercedes Benz car then the C class is a great way to experience the Mercedes Benz’s superior built quality and high performance.

FAQs: Mercedes Benz C Class Vs Mercedes Benz E class

Which is better, a C or E-Class Mercedes?

The Mercedes Benz E class is better than the C class. The E class is larger than the entry-level C class and the E class is also more reliable than the C class.

Is the E-Class higher than the C-Class?

Yes, the E class is higher than the C class. It sits between the C class which is the entry-level model and the S class which is the flagship model of Mercedes Benz.

Is the Mercedes E-Class more expensive than the C-Class?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz E class is more expensive than the  C class as it is a higher model than the C class and offers more technology than the C class.