Which is the most expensive Mercedes Benz launched in 2020?

This blog will answer the following questions: which is the most expensive Mercedes Benz launched in 2020? What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz S class? What are the different models in the S class? 

Which is the most expensive Mercedes Benz launched in 2020?

The most expensive Mercedes Benz launched in 2020 is the S class model series. It is the seventh generation of the S Class and features the latest technology and engine options available in Mercedes Benz. The base model can start at around 110,000 USD and the top of the line Mercedes- Maybach S 680 can cost more than 160,000 USD.

The base model is in the Luxury line, it comes with an augmented reality heads-up display, surround sound stereo system, heated seats, and advanced driver assistance systems. The luxury line can cost from 110,000 USD to 120,000 USD.

The AMG line features an AMG-inspired front and rear bumper design; the air scoops are bigger and more sporty. There are also AMG exclusive wheels and a night package that adds gloss black trim to the vehicle. 

The changes in the AMG line are only cosmetic, mechanical components are the same as the base model. The engine is also not hand-built, it is slightly tuned for higher boost pressure and gear shifts are more focused on acceleration instead of comfort.

The executive line is only available in some models and it features exclusive features like electric rear seats, a four-zone climate control system, a high-end Burmester surround sound system, and two dedicated media screens in the rear seats with touch controls. The executive line models start at 130,000 USD and the above-mentioned equipment comes as standard.

What are the technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz S Class?

The technical specifications of the Mercedes Benz S Class are given in the table below:

Technical specificationsMercedes Benz S Class
EngineInline 6, V8, and V 12 engines 
Transmission 9 G Tronic automatic transmission
Wheelbase 3106 – 3396 mm
Hybrid Mild and plugin hybrid
Platform MRA-II


The engine options in the S Class include inline 6 cylinders, V8 and V12 petrol engine. The inline 6-cylinder engine is the M256, the displacement is 3.0 L and it makes 362 bhp. M176 is the V8 engine used in the S Class, it is based on the M177 AMG engine.

The power output of the M176 engine is 496 bhp. It is slightly less than the M177 engine as the M176 is a detuned version of the hand-built M177. M279 is the only V12 engine in the Mercedes Benz product range. It is extensively modified by AMG to meet today’s emission regulations and still achieve a similar level of performance.

The M279 V12 engine is 6.0 L twin-turbocharged and makes 603 bhp and it is available in only the top-end model in the Mercedes Benz S class. There is no mild hybrid technology in the M279, only the inline 6 and V 8 engine gets an integrated motor between the flex plate and the torque converter.

The diesel model in the S class is powered by the OM656 inline 6-cylinder diesel engine. It is the latest diesel engine and Mercedes Benz has managed to use lightweight alloy in the construction of the engine block instead of the traditional cast Iron. The engine is very refined and makes 282-326 bhp based on the model.


The gearbox in the Mercedes Benz S class is the 9-speed automatic transmission. It is the only gearbox that can handle a torque output of more than 1000 Nm. The dedicated shift solenoids in the electrohydraulic valve body can change the gears very quickly and also skip gears to achieve maximum torque.

All of the models in the S Class are 4 Matic. There is a transfer case integrated into the back of the 9 g Tronic gearbox. The power split ratio is variable based on the amount of traction available at each wheel.

Only the Hybrid and S 320 D are available in the rear-wheel drive option. 4 Matic is a full-time all-wheel-drive system and it cannot be switched off. Therefore, if the customer wants a rear-wheel drive S Class it will have to be an S 320 d or S 580e model.


The S Class model series W223 is available in three wheelbases. The standard wheelbase is 3106mm and the extended wheelbase is 3216 mm. Only the Mercedes Mayback model series Z223 comes with the longest wheelbase of 3396mm.

Mercedes Benz offers a rear-axle steering system in the S Class, the rear wheels can turn independently. The direction depends on the speed and position of the front wheels. The turning radius can be reduced from 13.1 meters to 12.2 meters. If the rear wheels have the same tire size as the front wheel then the turning radius can be further reduced to 11.2 meters.


Mild and plug-in hybrid technologies are available in the Mercedes Benz S class model series W 223. There is only a single plugin hybrid model that uses a 29 kWh lithium-ion battery pack to power an electric motor.

The range of the hybrid model on only electric power is 100 km or 62 miles. It is not possible to drive the S class only on electric power in the mild hybrid model. The mild hybrid technology is in the form of a 48 V hybrid system, the integrated motor can provide additional power of 21 bhp to the internal combustion engine.


The new Mercedes Benz S class model series W223 is based on a brand new MRA-II or modular rear architecture – II platform. Mercedes Benz will use the MRA-II platform in all of its latest cars. It is a significant step forward compared to the first generation and requires no modifications even if the wheelbase is extended.

Currently, the only other class that uses the MRA-II platform is the Mercedes Benz C Class W206. The next generation of the most popular E-Class is in development, it will launch next year on the same platform.

What are the different models in the Mercedes Benz S class?

The different models in the Mercedes Benz S Class are given below:

  • S450 / S450 4Matic
  • S500 / S500 4Matic
  • S580 / S580 4Matic
  • S680 
  • S320 d / S320 d 4Matic
  • S400 d / S 400 d 4Matic 
  • S 580e

The S 580 and S 680 models come in Mercedes Maybach extended wheelbase and the S 680 is also available in a Guard model.


This blog explained the technical specifications of the most expensive Mercedes launched in 2020. The S class is the most luxurious class in Mercedes Benz and there are various customizing options that can easily push the price to more than 200,000 USD.