What are the reasons that the Pontiac vibe hood won’t latch?

This article will give you information on “Pontiac vibe hood won’t latch.” In this, we will first explain the working of the hood latch, and then we will give you a brief idea about the fix you can apply for getting the hood to lock again.

What are the reasons that the Pontiac vibe hood won’t latch?

  • Corrosion due to exposure to water.
  • Loss of strength of the hood latch cable.
  • Detachment of the hood latch cable from the release lever.

Working of Pontiac Hood Latch

The hood latch is an important safety device in your vehicle. The latch is responsible for keeping the hood locked to protect the vehicle components from foreign materials. It also decreases the chances of road accidents because if the latch is not present, the hood will open suddenly when the car is in motion. Thus if the hood opens, the driver’s visibility will reduce, and hence, the chances of an accident will increase.

When the hood is closed.

The latch of the hood consists of two locks: a primary lock and a secondary lock. When the hood is closed, the latch hook present on the lower side of the hood is engaged in the first lock. Once the hood latch hook enters the first lock, the hood is partially latched. The hood is locked, but it can still move with a little force in this condition. Thus, if the car is driven in this stage, the hood might also get open.

Thus to reduce the risk of an accident, the hood latch designers installed a secondary lock on the hood latch, which will be actuated when the person pushes the hood downwards. Once the hood is preseed downwards, with the assistance of a spring mechanism, the hood latch is locked in the secondary lock, and the hood is now properly locked.

When the hood is opened

For opening the hood of the car, a driver lifts the hood release lever present on the inside of the car below the steering wheel. The hood release lever is connected to the hood latch with the help of a latch cable. When the driver pulls the hood release lever, the latch cable actuates the spring latch mechanism, and the secondary lock of the latch is released. 

Once the secondary latch is released, the hood gets into the primary lock, and now for opening the hood, the driver needs to press the primary lock of the latch, and the hood will be released from the latch completely. Lift the hood and support it with the help of a hood prop rod.

The reason behind not latching of Pontiac Vibe hood

Since the hood latch assembly is exposed to the external environment, there are high chances that the latch assembly gets affected by debris, water, and corrosion. Thus malfunctioning of the hood latch is a common problem. There are 2 reasons behind the hood not latching.

  • Since the hood latch has high exposure to water, the mechanism will get corroded. In such a situation, the hood latch will become rough in its working. Hence there are chances that the lock of the hood might not close.
  • Due to exposure to water, the hood latch cable might get corroded, and in that situation, the cable might break, and hence when you try to close the hood, it won’t close.
  • Due to some reason, the hood latch cable can get detached from the latch mechanism. Thus, when you pull the latch release lever from the inside of the car, you won’t feel any tension in it. In such a situation, the won’t close because the cable acts as an actuator for the spring mechanism in the latch.

Fixing the Pontiac Vibe hood latch.

  • Turn the car ignition off and let the car cool down. Once the car has cooled down, lift the hood and support it with the prop rod. Now arrange a torque wrench and screwdriver for opening the hood latch of Pontiac.
  • Remove any protective covering around the latch, and then with the help of a torque wrench, loosen the bolts used to attach the latch to the car. Once the bolts are loose, remove the bolts, and the latch will be detached from the car.
  • Once the latch is removed, with the help of a screwdriver, remove the bolt used for getting the hood release cable in one position, then detach the cable carefully from the latch. 
  • Once the cable is removed from the latch, wash the latch so that any dirt or debris is removed, then wait for it to dry. 
  • After the latch has dried, apply WD40 lubricating oil with the help of spray. Apply lubricant properly on the latch so that even the slightest corrosion becomes ineffective.
  • Once the lubricant is applied, check the working of the latch. If the latch is working smoothly, then apply silicon-based grease on the latch so that the moisture cannot enter the latch for corroding it in the future.
  • Now attach the latching cable again on the latch and check whether the cable is installed properly or not.
  • Once the cable is installed on the latch, then bolt the latch back on the vehicle’s frame. Remember, the latch has adjustable slots, and the bolts should be tightened accordingly so that the latch achieves an optimum height.
  • After the latch is installed on the vehicle, close the hood and check whether it’s working properly or not.


In this article, we have addressed “Pontiac vibe hood won’t latch.” Moreover, while addressing the Pontiac latch problem, we have also explained the working of the Pontiac hood latch, the reasons behind its malfunction, and how a person can fix the hood latch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Pontiac vibe hood won’t latch

How do you fix a hood latch that won’t close?

The most common reason behind the latch not working properly is the hood latch corrosion. Corrosion causes the hood release handle to stick in the open position. For solving this issue, you need to apply WD40 lubricant thoroughly on it.

Why is my hood not closing?

A hood that mightn’t close all the way is one of the common issues. Such a scenario can arise when something is stuck in the hood latch, causing the hood to get locked.

How much does it cost to fix the hood cable?

Hood release cable replacement cost is $57 for parts. Meanwhile, the labour can charge you anything around $90 to $113.

What is White Lithium Grease Spray used for?

The white lithium grease spray is used for lubricating the vehicle’s components so that they are free to move. Moreover, you can also apply it to the metal part to protect it from corrosion and rust.


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