What does S212 mean in Mercedes Benz?

This blog will explain the meaning of S212 and answer the following questions: what are the technical specifications of S 212? What are the engine options in the S212? Which S 212 model is the best?

What does S212 mean in Mercedes Benz?

The S 212 means that the Mercedes Benz car is an estate version of the fourth generation of Mercedes Benz E Class. The fourth generation of the E class was launched in different body styles like saloons, coupe, convertible, and Estate. The roof on the estate model continues over the rear wheels and there is a big tailgate for the trunk. The S212 E class offers more luggage space than the W212 E class.

There is no difference between the wheelbase of the saloon and estate E Class but the S212 E class is slightly longer than the W212 E class. The S 212 was unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show, it is even available in the facelift model of the W212 E class.

Initially, the engine options were limited in the S 212 and it was also launched only domestically. However, as the E class is the most popular and reliable class in the Mercedes Benz product range; Mercedes Benz made all the engine options available in the S212.

The S 212 also came in sports trim, and the front grille features a different design than the luxury trim model. The alloy wheels on the sports trim were 17-inch AMG wheels and the suspension setup was focused on handling.

Mercedes Benz offers a three-row seat accessory in the S 212, it can be folded away on the trunk floor. The third-row seats are suitable for kids and it converts the 5-seater S212 estate into a 7-seater model.

The tailgate in the S212 is fully electric, if there is a keyless go package in the vehicle then the rear tailgate can be opened by tripping the proximity sensor in the rear bumper. There are additional storage compartments in the expended C pillars on both sides of the vehicles.

What are the technical specifications of the S 212?

The technical specifications of the S 212 are given in the table below:

Technical specificationsS212 E class
Production years2010-2016
EnginesInline 4 & V 6 petrol and diesel engines
Transmission 5G, 7G
Wheelbase 2874 mm
Width 1854 mm
Height 1474mm
Trunk capacity695 L

The S212 is taller than the W212 by 4 mm, it gives more headroom in the second-row seat as the roof does not go down towards the trunk. Mechanically there are no major changes in the chassis.

The suspension set up in the front is a MacPherson strut but on the rear, there is airmatic suspension. Two bellows are installed between the body and the control arm. A small electric air compressor with a valve body supplies the pneumatic pressure to the two below.

There are no mechanical springs on the rear axle, only shock absorbers are installed separately. The airmatic control unit maintains the ride height based on the luggage in the trunk. A level sensor is directly connected to the airmatic control unit, the bellows are expanded if the level in the back is too low.

 What are the engine options in the S212?

The engine options in the s212 are explained below, as E class is the most popular model in Mercedes Benz it is available in both petrol as well as diesel engines:

  • Inline 4 cylinder.

The inline 4-cylinder engine used in the S212 is 1.6-2.0 L. The earlier models were powered by the M271 which was replaced by the M274 engine. The smaller displacement engines M271 and 274 used the Camtronic technology for better performance and fuel economy.

The E 200 and 250 models used petrol engines and the power output was between 181-208 horsepower. The fuel consumption of the inline 4-cylinder models is around 36 MPG in mixed driving conditions.

The inline 4-cylinder diesel models E200 CDI, E220CDI, and E250CDI have the OM651. There is no change in the displacement of the engine, the difference in the power output is achieved by running different levels of boost pressures.

The E 200CDI and E220CDI have single-stage turbochargers while the E 250 CDI has a low-pressure as well as a high-pressure turbo. The power output of these models is between 134-204 horsepower and the fuel consumption in the combined driving conditions is between 40-45 MPG

  • V6 engines 

The V6 engine in the petrol models of the S 212 had the M272 engine which was later replaced by the naturally aspirated M276 petrol engine. The power output of the V6 petrol engine is from 302 to 328 bhp.

M276 was a huge step from the M272 engine as it introduced direct fuel injection and it has the ability to run on homogeneous and stratified modes. The combined fuel economy of the S 212 with V6 petrol engines is around 30 MPG.

The S212 models with the V6 diesel engines are E300 & 350 CDI. The OM642 is one of the most reliable engines, it uses a variable geometry turbocharger to generate the boost pressure. The power output of the S212 E class with the V6 diesel engine is between 228 to 260 horsepower and the fuel economy is around 40 MPG.

  • V8 engine

There are only two models with V8 petrol engines one is the E500 Estate with the M278 engine. The M156 engine is in the E 63 AMG S-Model. Both the engines have two turbochargers but the M156 is a 5.5 liter V8 while the M278 engine is 4.6 liter.

The power output of both models is 400-520 horsepower and the fuel economy in the combined driving conditions is around 22-25 MPG. The AMG engine is handbuilt and comes with a coating of special alloy on the cylinder walls.

The E 63 AMG S model is the most powerful S212 E class. The top speed is limited to 155 MPH and the 0-62 mph comes in 3.8 Sec. The only non-AMG model that comes close to the performance of the E 63 is the E 500. The top speed is the same but the 0-62 time is 5.4 sec.

There are both rear-wheel drive as well as all-wheel-drive drivetrains available in the S212 E class. Mercedes Benz also launched a hybrid model in S212 E class with a combined power output of 228 horsepower and 53 MPG fuel economy.


This blog explained the meaning of S212 and provided details on various models available in the S212 E class. The S 212 is no longer on sale as Mercedes Benz discontinued it in 2016. The W213 wagon replaced the S212 E class and there is also an all-terrain version with airmatic suspension on the W213 E class.