What is a service A 5 in Mercedes Benz?

This blog will answer the following questions: what is a service A5 on a Mercedes Benz? What are the checkpoints of service A5? What is replaced in a service A5? Can you skip service A5?

What is a service A5 in Mercedes Benz?

A service A5 is a minor service in Mercedes Benz. It is performed when the age or mileage of a Mercedes Benz car reaches 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever is earlier. The Assyst plus service indicator in a Mercedes Benz car will alert the driver when the service is due. The remaining time and distance are displayed in the instrument cluster.

The service computer in a Mercedes Benz is called Assyst Plus, it keeps all the data records of the service that has been performed on a car. The Assyst plus also generates a workshop code. It was retrieved by the technician and the workshop code indicated the service scope for the vehicle.

The Assyst Plus or Active Service System Plus starts to show the service reminder message 1 month before the service is due. ‘Next service in XXdays or next service in XX miles’ message will be shown on the display.

If the service is not performed or the service calculator is not reset, the message changes to ‘service exceeded by xx days’ or ‘service exceeded by xx miles’. The message comes only once after the engine is started and it can be dismissed by pressing the OK button on the steering wheel.

There are two types of service in Mercedes Benz, service A is minor and service B is major. The first service of the vehicle is always service A followed by service B. the number next to the letter represents the interval.

What are the checkpoints of service A 5?

The checkpoints of Service A5 in Mercedes Benz include the following inspection points:

Inspection of the engine compartment

The engine compartment of a Mercedes Benz car is thoroughly inspected before service A is carried out. If there are any engine oil leaks, it is documented and the estimate for the repair work is given to the customer.

The condition of the poly-V-belt is also checked, there should be no cracks on the belt otherwise it can break and cause a potential breakdown of the vehicle. The coolant leakage test is performed to identify any leaks in the coolant system.

Visual inspection is performed to check the condition of the engine mounts. If the engine mount is leaking, the vibration from the engine is transmitted to the vehicle. The engine can also come down and the oil pan can touch critical components like the front differential or the steering rack.

Inspection of the suspension components.

The vehicle is lifted on a hoist and the inspection of the suspension components is performed during the service. The suspension system on a Mercedes Benz is very complex. There can be a conventional coil-over-spring, hydraulic, or pneumatic shock absorber depending on the model.

The shock absorber is checked for leaks, if it is a minor leak then it is cleaned and a road test is performed to check if oil is coming out of the shock absorber. The condition of the bushes on the lower control arm, thrust arm, and link rods are checked. 

There is a top bearing where the suspension is connected to the body shell. It is inspected for cuts or damage when the vehicle is lifted halfway on the hoist. The damaged bust of the shock absorber can be replaced under a standard warranty if there is no accidental damage.

For the airmatic suspension, usually leak test is not performed unless there is a customer complaint or the vehicle ride height is too low. The alignment of all the components is checked as control arms, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars can get bent due to impact from a pothole.

Inspection of wheels/tires and brakes.

The alloy wheels and tires are closely inspected for any cracks. The tire tread depth is measured using a depth gauge. It is measured on the inner, center, and outer side of the tire, tire rotation can be suggested if there is excessive inner wear on the tires.

The brake pads and brake disc thickness is measured with the help of a depth gauge and a vernier caliper. If the brake pad thickness is at 2-3 mm, an estimate is provided to the customer for the replacement of the brake pads.

The brake fluid is replaced in service A, depending on the condition and the moisture content. It is checked using a brake fluid tester. Mercedes Benz manufactures and uses its own Brake fluid but any DOT 4 plus fluid can be used in the brake system. Compatible brake fluid information is provided on the reservoir cap.

Inspection of interior 

The interior of the vehicle is inspected during service A5, it includes checking the operation of the air conditioning system, power seats and windows, and all the steering wheel controls. The condition of the wipers is by operating the windshield washer nozzles.

If the vehicle is operated in a dust area then the AC filter is replaced during service A. the sunroof rails are cleaned and lubricated with mild grease and the speakers are checked for any abnormal noise.

In the trunk or the luggage compartment, Mercedes Benz provided the first aid kit along with the tire fit and a spare wheel. The expiry date of the first aid kit as well as tire fit is noted and it is replaced if the expiry date is passed.

The interior of the car is also checked for any signs of water entry due to a clogged drain. Rubber seals on the door as well as the tailgate are inspected for any cracks or cuts.

What is replaced in a service A5?

The following items are replaced in the service A5

  • Engine oil and engine oil filter 
  • Transmission oil (depending on the model)
  • Spark plugs (on models with gasoline engines)
  • Air Filter 
  • Dust Filter
  • Brake fluid

The brake pads and tires are replaced based on the minimum thickness and the conditions. 

Can you skip service A5?

No, you cannot skip a service A5 as the engine oil and the oil filter won’t be able to last for another 10,000 miles or 1 year. The condition of the oil and viscosity gets affected by the age and the overall mileage of the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz recommends performing service as soon as the message is displayed in the instrument cluster. However, the vehicle can be driven for 100-250 miles past the scheduled service interval.


This blog explained the scope of service A 5 in Mercedes Benz and when it must be performed. Mercedes Benz can even reject a standard warranty claim if the service A 5 is not performed. Mercedes Benz cars with poor service history lose their value in the used car market. Hence, service A 5 must be performed when it is due.