Which is the best Mercedes Benz to modify?

This article will answer the following questions: Which is the best Mercedes Benz to modify? What are the modifications possible on the Mercedes Benz? and which company modifies Mercedes Benz?

Which is the best Mercedes Benz to modify?

The best Mercedes Benz model to modify is the E class. The E class model series w/v213 is the most popular and highest selling Mercedes Benz model in premium sedans. A longer wheelbase version is also sold in markets like India and China.

The Mercedes Benz E class range is available with different body styles like estate, convertible and AMG sports models. It is between C class and S class, longer wheelbase models are available in some markets which makes it the most sought after model in the Mercedes Benz line-up.

The E class has been the best selling Mercedes Benz model with more than 13 million cars sold by the end of 2015. A New E class generation with a facelift was also introduced to keep the lineup updated and fresh. E class is also a popular choice for taxis and special purpose vehicles due to its durable built quality and vast network of authorised dealerships.

The first generation of the E class started with the model series W124 in 1993 and currently, the E class is in its fifth generation which was introduced in 2016. The latest generation of E class has new Mercedes Benz onboard electrical systems which use the latest networking protocols like flex ray. It is the second most technologically advanced model after the S class.

Since the first generation of the E class W124, it was popular among car enthusiasts because of the AMG. AMG modified the W124 by putting a 6.0 litre massive V 8 engine in a midsize family sedan with a choice of 4 speed automatic or a specially designed manual transmission. The power output was an impressive 380 bhp and the car was faster than some of the supercars sold during the 1980s.

Today, AMG is under the Mercedes Benz AG and manufactures the AMG E63/63s which is a high-performance version of the standard E Class. Mercedes Benz AMG makes its handbuilt engine in the factory located at Affalterbach. The E 63 AMG is powered by a 4.0 litres V 8 M177 engine that produces more than 600 horsepower and 700 NM of torque. 

Modification of Mercedes Benz is a very expensive and complex task, Mercedes Benz simplifies it by selling the AMG line model. The E 53 is powered by the same M256 3.0 litres petrol engine found in the standard  Mercedes Benz model but the exterior design is similar to the more powerful E63 Version. The power output in the 53 models is 430 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. There is also a 48 V high voltage electric system consisting of an integrated starter-generator motor and a high voltage battery with a dedicated cooling circuit.

The M256 is also the first truly beltless engine; ancillary components like the coolant water pump, air conditioning compressor and alternator are operated by the 48v high voltage system. An integrated starter-alternator also assists the engine and gives an additional 25 horsepower.

What are the modifications possible on the Mercedes Benz?

Following are the areas where a Mercedes Benz can be modified:

  • Exterior styling

The grill on the front bumper can be changed, there are multiple choices of grill design available as an authorised Mercedes Benz accessory. Customers can even change the front and rear bumper design which can give a sporty look to the engine car. Multibeam dynamic LED headlights are available as an optional extra, the multibeam LED headlight offers good visibility in the dark and makes the car look more premium thanks to its design and blue accents.

Alloy wheels can be modified to a larger or smaller size. The specified tyre size and dimensions are given in the owner’s manual. Mercedes Benz is the only manufacturer that makes alloy wheels with great style and looks. The AMG 19 inch alloy wheels are even designed to make the car more aerodynamic and cool the brake system.

A rear diffuser and spoiler can be installed even after purchasing the vehicle. Mercedes Benz also sells a performance edition in E class that comes with a carbon fibre spoiler in the back and AMG alloy wheels as standard.

  • Interior design

The interior modifications include different materials for the seat upholstery, seat covers with AMG branding, and aluminium pedals. The exit lamps projecting the Mercedes Benz logo can be retrofitted on the doors. Other modifications include an AMG steering wheel with brushed aluminium shifters, paddles and interior floor mats.

Engine modifications are not possible in a Mercedes Benz, there are no genuine accessories that can increase the performance of the car by modifying the engine. According to Mercedes Benz, modifying the engine with any aftermarket kits will damage the engine and reduce the reliability of the vehicle as such modifications are not tested by Mercedes Benz.

If a customer wants to increase the power output of a standard Mercedes Benz car then the only option is to buy the AMG Line or the AMG models.

Which company modifies the Mercedes Benz?

Brabus is the most renowned automobile tuner and manufacturer that modifies Mercedes Benz cars. Brabus was founded in 1977 and since then it has been the only independent automotive tuner and builder of high-end sports cars.

Brabus makes modification kits that can be installed anywhere in the world. Brabus operates in more than 100 countries in the world and the performance kits sold by Brabus modifications can even increase the power output of already powerful AMG 63 models.

Brabus has a long list of modifications available for the Mercedes Benz E class since it is the most popular car for modification. Brabus make cosmetic and performance kits for all the model variants of the E class that form the E180-E450. 

The styling and performance modifications for the AMG 63 models are more expensive and include big bore kits, custom crankshaft, forged pistons and upgraded clutch plates in the automatic transmission to withstand the increase in the power output.

Exterior changes include a more aggressive design of air scoops in the front bumper & diffuser on the rear bumper with Brabus exhaust tips. There is a carbon fibre grille insert with a Brabus logo.

Brabus also makes high-performance airmatic suspension and more than 9 types of alloy wheels all machined from a single piece of aluminium. Few alloy wheel designs are even coated in ceramic to make them look more unique.

The performance modifications of the Brabus can increase the power output of the E 63 to 800 horsepower (600 hp stock) and 1000 NM torque

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Modifying the Mercedes Benz E class can be very expensive but customers can benefit by choosing special order or AMG line models at the time of purchasing the car. For the existing customer Mercedes Benz sells genuine accessories that can improve the styling of the vehicle but Brabus is the only alternative for the enthusiasts looking for unique styling as well as performance gains.