Why is my whole engine shaking?

In this brief article we analyse the various reasons for engine shaking.We explore the effects and remedies to the problem of excessive vibration of the engine.

Why is my whole engine shaking?

There are numerous reasons for vibration of the engine.While your car manufacturer strives to make the engine as smooth and refined as possible,some amount of vibration is inevitable.However, in certain situations the shaking goes to undesirable levels.Some of the common reasons for engine shaking are:

1.The type of  engine- Diesel engines vibrate more than Petrol engines.
2. Worn out or Dirty Spark plug.
3.Damaged mounts.

 4.Timing Belt issues.
5. Compromised Intake system .
6. Loose or Disconnected Hoses.

 7. Problem with the internal parts of the engine.

It is pertinent to note that the type of the engine plays a crucial role in determining the kind of shaking that the engine displays. Diesel engines are by default prone to higher vibrations than petrol engines because of the different types of construction.

Reasons for Engine Shaking

There are various reasons why the engine vibrates uncontrollably and thereby causing wear and tear to the vehicle parts.

Worn Out or Dirty Spark Plugs

A spark plug is a device that causes ignition of fuel in the petrol engine.A faulty spark plug is a common cause for engine shaking.They spark improperly and result in misfires in a cylinder and abrupt vibrations.Spark plug issues can be easily addressed by replacing them.

Damaged Mounts

Motor mounts are the links between the engine and the rest of the car.They secure the engine in its place.Like any mechanical part,they are susceptible to wear and fatigue and can become loose or damaged.Damaged or Loose mounts fail to hold the engine and thus cause excessive shaking of the engine.To adjust or replace the mounts, take your car to an authorised mechanic.

Timing Belt Troubles

Loose or improper timing belts are another cause of excessive engine vibration.Belt drives are used to transmit rotary power from one shaft to another.Over time these drives tend to slacken and thus result in sub optimum performance.Loose belts or improperly adjusted belt drives can cause engine shaking.Belt drive issues can be fixed by replacing them.

 Compromised Intake system

A clogged fuel intake system can become a source of engine shaking.Over time, fuel delivery systems can accumulate dirt due to fuel impurities.These block the fuel pipes and lead to uneven fuel available in the cylinder.This causes misfires and vibrations.

Loose or Disconnected Hoses

An automotive engine has numerous pipes and hoses for maintaining flow of air and fuel.Disconnected hoses and loose pipes can be a major reason for the engine to vibrate abruptly.Adjusting them to a tight fit or replacing them can solve the vibration problem.

Damages to the internal components and parts of the engine.

The Internal Combustion Engine is an amalgam of numerous mechanical parts.The list includes the piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft etc.For proper functioning of the engine assembly, all these parts should be working in sync and be free of wear and damages.Any defect in these parts can have an adverse effect on the engine performance and can lead to vibrations.

Why should you not neglect engine shaking?

At the outset, it should be understood that most mechanical devices are prone to vibrations. It is the norm of working  and Internal Combustion Engines are no exception to this.But neglecting the excessive vibrations of the engine can lead to undesirable consequences.

  • It can lead to failure to mountings holding various components together.
  • Ride safety is compromised.
  • Discomfort to drive.
  • Affects health and causes stress in joints.
  • Excess fuel consumption and inefficiency
  • Affects the performance of auxiliary systems of the engine.

When to Consult an Expert

Vibration of the engine is a common occurrence and when  within tolerable levels, there is no need to worry. However consulting your mechanic becomes inevitable when the shaking is erratic.This transfers the vibration to the rest of the car  and causes discomfort and irritation to the driver and passengers.Make sure that you get the problem checked by an authorised mechanic.


Excessive engine shaking is indicative of a defect that has arisen due to wear and tear of parts such as the spark plug, hoses, mounts etc.Ignoring the engine vibration can lead to further damage of other parts which can be costly to repair or replace.Neglect of engine vibration can not only make your ride a bumpy one, but also compromises the safety of the vehicle.

Thus, it is advisable that engine shaking must be addressed immediately by taking your car to an authorised mechanic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Why is my whole engine shaking

Is engine shaking bad?

Some amount of engine shaking is present in all vehicles and is unavoidable.However excess engine shaking is bad.

What are the main causes of engine shaking?

There are many causes including bad spark plug, disconnected hoses, broken mounts, bad fuel delivery system etc.

Why happens if you neglect the Engine shaking problem?

While initially it won’t seem to cause any trouble, engine shaking can lead to expensive repairs if other parts get damaged. 

Does engine shaking affect the health of the driver/passenger?

Yes.Driving such a car can be stressful and can affect the joints and back of the person.

How to address the problem of engine shaking?

The best way to solve the engine vibration problem is to get your car checked by a qualified mechanic.