Why my car trunk keeps opening

This article will address the “my car trunk keeps opening” problem. While explaining the problem, we will give you knowledge about the common reasons behind the trunk not closing. Moreover, we will also explain how to fix the car trunk lid in such a scenario.

The opening of the car trunk can happen due to several reasons. The car trunk mechanism is similar to the car hood mechanism, and the trunk mechanism also uses a latch and striker for the operation. Below are the certain common problems in the car trunk mechanism

Why my car trunk keeps opening

  • Trunk Latch is Broken
  • The trunk cable is damaged.
  • Malfunction in the Lock Actuator
  • The locking mechanism is Broken.

Trunk Latch is Broken

The latch is the device that allows the trunk to close. The trunk latch working is similar to the working of the latch in the door or seatbelt. The trunk latch system consists of a connecting unit on the trunk lid and the car’s frame. When a person closes the lid, the two pieces latch together, thus sealing the trunk securely. While opening the trunk’s lid, the latch releases the trunk lid unhinge. However, due to continuous operation and varying handling, this latch can be damaged and can lose the ability to release. This situation can also arise if the car absorbs impact around the trunk. Furthermore, if the latch breaks, you won’t open the trunk.

The trunk cable is damaged.

Few vehicles don’t have a handle on their trunk, and they completely depend on the lever present inside the cabin for opening. In such a case, to release the latch, the driver lifts a lever near the driver’s seat. Lifting this lever actuates the latch with the help of a cable. However, when this cable is broken, there is no connection between the trunk latch and the trunk opening lever, and thus the person won’t be able to open the trunk.

Malfunction in the Lock Actuator

The lock actuator is the device that controls the lock on your trunk. In an electrically operated boot, a motor is responsible for the opening and closing of the boot. The motor is small and has gears, this motor shifts when the trunk is locked. Therefore, opening and closing the trunk lid will become impossible if the motor gets damaged. 

The locking mechanism is Broken.

The trunk in modern cars can be opened in two ways: pressing the button on the keys or lifting the lever present inside the car. When the button or lever is lifted, it signals to the actuator for locking the door and the trunk. However, if these buttons don’t lock doors, then mostly either the button in the key is faulty, or the battery has gone dead. Moreover, pressing the button on the key locks the door, but it doesn’t lock the hood, then the actuator in the trunk is faulty, and the trunk will keep opening.

Troubleshooting the trunk which doesn’t close

The latch striker is not in the correct place.

  • The trunk of the car consists of a latch and striker mechanism. Compared to the bonnet, the latch is present in the trunk lid while the striker is bolted on the vehicle’s frame. 
  • In some cars, the height of the latch can be adjusted and thus, due to continuous operation, the striker might move from its initial position. Therefore in such a case, the hood lid will keep on opening.
  • For fixing this problem, you will require a torque wrench. With the help of the torque wrench, you need to lose the bolts present on the striker and then increase its height.
  • Once the latch height is increased, try closing the hood lid. Still, if the hood lid doesn’t close, adjust the striker’s height again and try closing the lid again. If the lid closes, then you have solved the problem.

The latch is stuck in the locked position.

  • In some vehicles, the height of the striker cannot be adjusted. In those vehicles, if the trunk lid isn’t not closing, then the cause of the problem is the latch assembly.
  • In these cars, due to rusting, the trunk latch might stay in the locked position even when the trunk is open.
  • In such a scenario, arrange a screwdriver and push the lock on the latch inwards to unlock the latch.
  • To prevent the latch from getting stuck in the locked position again, lubricate the latch properly. After lubricating, the latch, pull the latch release lever present inside the car and check whether the latch lock is working perfectly.
  • Even after applying the lubricant, the latch is not working properly. Even the fault is in the latch cable. In such a case, you need to replace the latch cable, and the hood mechanism will start working perfectly again.
  • The procedure of replacement of latch cable is different for different vehicles. Hence you need to search for the procedure for changing the latch cable of your vehicle.


This article addressed the “my car trunk keeps opening” problem in this article. Moreover, while explaining the issue of trunk opening frequently, we have explained the common problems which a trunk latch mechanism might face. Moreover, we have also explained the troubleshooting methods for fixing the trunk latch mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): My car trunk keeps opening

Why is my Trunk lid not closing?

If the trunk lid isn’t closing, you need to examine the latch and the area where it connects the body. One of the common reasons behind the trunk not closing is the bents that are present around this area, and the body is bent, then the trunk won’t close.

What is a trunk actuator?

The trunk actuator is an electric motor that can be remotely triggered with the help of a fob device or with the help of a button present inside the vehicle. The trunk latch actuator releases the latch, and the trunk is opened.

Can you replace a trunk lock?

The need for replacing the trunk lock arises when you have lost the key for your trunk or the lock has been damaged. You need to buy the entire lock assembly and place it on the car in such a scenario.

How much is the cost of a trunk actuator?

The trunk actuator can cost you anything around $15 to $60 for the part. Meanwhile, the cost of labour varies.


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