What are the Million Dollar Cars in Mercedes Benz?

This blog will list out Mercedes Benz models that are priced at more than a million-dollar and provide key details on them. Lastly, this blog answers the important questions: Can you use a million-dollar Mercedes every day?

 What are the Million Dollar Cars in Mercedes Benz?

Following are the Mercedes-Benz models that you can buy for a massive price tag of more than a million dollars.

ModelsProduction year
Mercedes Maybach S 650 Pullman Guard2020 
Mercedes-Benz G 650 Maybach Landaulet2018 
Mercedes-Benz SL 3001957 

Detailed specifications and prices of all the above-mentioned models are explained below:

  • 2020 Mercedes Maybach S 650 Pullman Guard

The Mercedes Benz S Class is the top-of-the-line sedan on offer but the Pullman takes it further by offering an extended wheelbase. The wheelbase of the Mercedes Benz Maybach S650 Pullman Guard is 3,900 mm which is even longer than the standard Mercedes S Maybach model. 

Guard represents ballistic protection, Mercedes Benz manufactures bulletproof models with strengthened vehicle chassis and onboard life support systems under the Guard brand. The S650 Pullman Guard gets a VR9 level of ballistic protection.

The S650 Pullman Guard is chauffeur-driven, Mercedes Benz also offers to train the driver of Guard vehicles as they are considerably heavier than the standard models due to the ballistic protection. 

The exterior styling of the S 650 Pullman Guard is very distinct as it comes in all black colour with chrome accents on the front and the rear bumper. The interior of the vehicle also gets a two-tone finish with a combination of black and beige colour. 

Being a Maybach, the S 650 Pullman also gets special 10-spoke alloy wheels that will cover all-wheel bots. There are exclusive designo packages and Mercedes Benz provides Designo experts at all the authorised dealerships.

The experts help the customers in selecting the designo packages and make their S Class even more exclusive.

All the extra wheelbase and onboard equipment translate into extra weight but a Magic Body Control suspension system and a stereoscopic camera that can scan the road surface and make changes to the damping of suspensions keeps the overall ride quality very plush and luxurious. 

Under the hood is a specially upgraded twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine that makes 621 horsepower and 1000 NM of torque. 0-62 miles per hour takes less than 10 seconds. It is slightly slower than the S 650 Maybach model due to the additional weight of the ballistic armour and bulletproof glass.

The vehicle can cost more than 2 million dollars depending on the market and it is mostly used by high-ranking government officials. There is an S650 Pullman model without the Guard protection, it is also very popular among celebrities and costs 1.2 million dollars. 

  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz G 650 Maybach Landaulet

The Mercedes Benz S class is the ultimate definition of luxury in the Sedan segment, the open-top G-Class is the most luxurious Sports utility vehicle available on sale from the Mercedes-Maybach which is a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz focused on making luxurious models. 

The production of the Mercedes Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet was limited to only 99 units in order to maintain its exclusivity. Based on the Mercedes Benz G wagon platform, the G650 Maybach Landaulet is a very capable off-road car. 

It is a chauffeur-driven car and the extra legroom in the back allows for two recliner seats. There is a partition window between the driver and the rear compartment and it can also become opaque at the press of a button. The quality of the seat upholstery and interior is very good and there are a variety of designo packages to choose from. 

The Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet is powered by the same M279 V12 engine found in the Mercedes Maybach S 600 and 650 models. The power output is 621 horsepower with 1000 Nm of torque. Thanks to the 578 millimetres longer wheelbase, the passengers in the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet benefit from extensive freedom of movement. 

The recliner rear seats similar to the S-Class Maybach significantly enhance the seating comfort and spaciousness. The seats are also active multicontour seats with ENERGISING massage function. 

There are air pumps and inflatable air pockets built into the upholstery of the seats. Customers can adjust the seats to get high seating comfort and excellent lateral support especially when the vehicle is cornering.

Active contour seats also get a dedicated valve body which makes the filling and deflating time of air pockets very low. Massage functions are built into the rear entertainment control unit. 

The cupholders in the rear are very large and it is possible to heat or cool the drink. There is also a refrigerator between the two recliner seats.

Similar to the Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 and G 500 4×4, the ground clearance is 450 millimetres. All four wheels can be inflated or deflated at a press of a button in the interior of the vehicle.  

Deflating the wheels increases the contact patch of the tyres and can be very useful when driving in sand. An air compressor presents onboard with pressurised storage tanks that can fill air into all the wheels almost instantaneously. The cost of the G650 Landaulet is 1.2  million and all 99 units are already sold.

  • 1957 Mercedes-Benz SL 300

The 1957 Mercedes Benz SL 300 is not a classic car but it is considered a rare collectors car. SL badging stands for sports light and it was the first Mercedes Benz two-door coupe designed with pure performance and styling in mind. 

The 1957 Mercedes Benz Sl 300 is available in a two-door coupe and soft-top convertible model. It was the first car which showcased striking gullwing doors. Both the front left and the right doors open upwards instead of opening sideways. Specially designed door hinges are installed in the roof and the steering wheel can be folded to facilitate going in and coming out of the vehicle.

The SL 300 is powered by a reliable straight-six engine with a mechanical fuel injection system. The power output was 240 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque coupled to a 4-speed manual gearbox gave the SL 300 a top speed of 260 km per hour.

The engine was the same in the soft-top convertible model but the soft top is even rarer as very few units were imported into the global market. Mercedes Benz made only 600 units of the convertible SL in 1957 and today there are very few in good condition. 

The SL was also very good at handling the car. There is a dry-sump lubrication system for the engine oil which allows the designer to mount the engine closer to the ground and keep the centre of gravity lower. 

The convertible models also redesigned door sills to reinforce the chassis to compensate for the lack of a roof. At a classic car auction, the 1957 SL 300 can cost somewhere between 1.2 to 1.8 million dollars. 

The tubular frame chassis is made from chrome-molybdenum tubes and weighs under 100 kgs. The front suspension used a double-wishbone setup along with stabiliser bars connected to the steering knuckle by two link rods. The combination of a lightweight frame and advanced suspension geometry make the SL300 a very good handling car.

Can you use a million-dollar Mercedes every day?

Yes, you can use a million-dollar Mercedes every day. Despite their expensive price tags, all the models are luxurious versions of standard Mercedes Benz production cars. There are very few reliability issues. Mercedes Benz is still the only manufacturer that makes a bulletproof model with the same level of comfort as a standard model.

The collector’s car on the other hand is not used every day. There are very few spare parts available nowadays and the cost of repairs should a vehicle get into an accident is very expensive. There is also a lack of specialist workshops that have the required tools and skills to work on such classic cars.

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Mercedes Benz makes premium cars in sedan and SUV segments but there are also models focused on luxury and performance. Mercedes Maybach and Mercedes AMG are the sub-brands tasked with the design and development of such models. Mercedes  Benz also recently announced the launch of the Mythos brand which will solely focus on making models only for car enthusiasts and collectors.