Can I afford a Mercedes?

In this article, we find out various methods to pay for a Mercedes Benz car and answer the following questions: can I afford a Mercedes Benz? Is it expensive to maintain a Mercedes Benz car? Is leasing a Mercedes better than buying it?

Can I afford a Mercedes?

Yes, you can afford a Mercedes Benz car, Mercedes Benz makes some of the most luxurious and advanced cars and the cost of the cars is certainly not cheap. Purchasing a Mercedes Benz is probably the second largest investment made by a customer after buying a house. Therefore, to make it more affordable and accessible to many customers, Mercedes Benz has many finance options that can make buying a Mercedes Benz very affordable.

The company also introduces discounts during a year-end sale or on various festivals, these discounts are usually massive and benefit the customers. Mercedes Benz Mobility is a sister company that provides various finance options for buying either a brand new Mercedes or a used Mercedes Benz car from the authorised dealership.

In Mercedes Benz Mobility finance plans, customers can co-determine deposit value and total duration of the contract. Based on the overall duration and the down payment or deposit value, monthly EMIs are deducted from the customers’ accounts.

The Mercedes Benz Mobility is available in domestic as well as international markets, compared to local banks and financial services, Mobility offers lower interest rates and this can significantly reduce the financial burden on the customer. Complete payment at the time of buying the Mercedes Benz car is not required, Mercedes Benz Mobility will pay for you and help you maintain financial flexibility. 

The monthly EMIs and the annual rate of interest will remain the same for the entire duration of the contract. Mercedes Benz mobility not only provided finance for brand new cars but also covered finance for certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz cars. Certified pre-owned cars are a great way to experience the comfort and safety offered by Mercedes Benz cars at almost half the price of a brand new Mercedes Benz model. 

Mercedes Benz Mobility can offer custom financial plans tailored for private as well as commercial customers but the following are the basic financial plans 

  • Standard financing

Standard financing is the most simple and easiest financing option for potential Mercedes Benz customers. Customers only need to pay a deposit value at the time of booking the car. The deposit value can be as low as 5 % (depending on the Market) of the cost of the car and the rest can be converted into a loan. Monthly EMIs are deducted from the bank account after the customer decides on the tenure of the contract. In the standard financing, the Customer is the owner of the vehicle till the last instalment is completed.

  • Balloon payment financing

This is also similar to the standard financing option, Customers make a down payment and the rest of the amount is converted into a loan. The benefit of a balloon payment is smaller monthly EMIs compared to the standard financing option. The low monthly instalments are made possible because of a high final instalment value at the end of the contract. Customers can choose to make a larger final instalment and complete the contract or there are also follow up finance options available for the final instalment.

  • Three-way payment financing

The three-way financing is a great option, especially for the customers who are not sure whether to retain the vehicle at the end of the contract by completing the final instalment or restoring the vehicle to the dealership. Mercedes Benz offers great buyback offers even after 5 years since the date of purchase. In three-way financing, customers get the benefit of flexible EMIs and also get lower monthly instalments similar to balloon financing.

Flexible monthly instalments are very beneficial for the seasonal business customers as they can choose to pay higher monthly instalments for a few duration when the business is good and then pay lower instalments for the remaining of the contracts. 

Is it expensive to maintain a Mercedes Benz car?

The cost of ownership of a Mercedes Benz car does not end after paying the full amount at the time of purchase. Maintaining and performing periodic services is also a part of the overall expenditure. Mercedes Benz cars are very expensive to maintain as the cost of the spare parts and labour rates are high in the industry.

The annual maintenance cost of the Mercedes Benz car depends on the model as well as the age and the mileage of the vehicle. The annual maintenance cost of a brand new Mercedes Benz car in the first year can be between 500 USD to 700 USD. The cost increases in the second year as every second service in the Mercedes Benz is a major service.

On average, a Mercedes Benz customer spends 900 USD annually for the Maintenance of the Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz makes reliable and long-lasting cars but proper annual maintenance is very important to maintain its reliability.

Over 3 years, the average cost of maintenance can be from 3000 $ to 5000 $. If the vehicle is not maintained properly unexpected electrical faults can occur. Diagnosis of such faults is expensive and if the vehicle is no longer under warranty, it can easily get out of budget depending on the nature of the fault.  

Mercedes Benz offers prepaid service packages like Star ease service packages which greatly reduce service times and service costs. These packages can be purchased anytime and can cover the costs of servicing for up to 10 years. Star ease packages are of two types compact and compact plus. Compact plus covers up to 200000 km/ 10 years.

Is leasing a Mercedes Benz better than buying it?

Leasing a brand new Mercedes Benz is better than buying the car. Many customers are not certain whether they want to continue using the cars after a few years. And leasing is a great option because the monthly instalment is lower compared to buying the car.

Customers can select any tenure for the leasing contract and Mercedes Benz offers the choice to either buy the car or return the car to the dealership after the end of the contract. A typical lease term is between 24- 36 months and the vehicles available for leasing are mostly brand new cars. 

Customers also get huge tax savings as the sales tax is charged on the monthly instalment instead of the actual value of the vehicle. This way customers can experience the luxury and comfort of an S class which costs 100,000 USD without paying high monthly payments or sales tax.

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Mercedes Benz cars are very expensive but thanks to Mercedes Benz mobility fencing options the complete experience can be very affordable. Mercedes Benz also offers prepaid service packages and extended warranty plans so that the maintenance cost also stays low.