Is the Mercedes European delivery program discontinued?

This article will answer the following questions:  Is the European delivery program discontinued? what is the Mercedes Benz European delivery program? How do get into the European delivery program and what are the benefits? Is it possible to buy a Mercedes Benz from Germany?

 Is the Mercedes European delivery program discontinued?

Yes, Mercedes Benz discontinued the European delivery program and currently, they are not accepting any new orders. The program is discontinued in 2020 as the global pandemic due to Covid-19 imposed many restrictions on travel.

Even after 3 years, Covid is still a threat and Mercedes Benz does not want to restart the European delivery program until the pandemic is over.

The global lockdown also imposed many restrictions on the shipping of cars and raw materials which has slowed down production and increased the delivery period. 

However, true to their promise of delivering the best or nothing, Mercedes Benz has started a direct customer initiative and customers can order new Mercedes Benz cars from the comfort of their homes.

The Local dealership will even send a fully sanitised demo car if the customer wants to take a test delivery. After a customer completes the online purchase of the vehicle, Mercedes Benz will directly ship the car to the local dealership for delivery.

Customers even have the option to get delivery from the customer care centre at the Mercedes Benz factory if there is a manufacturing plant in their home country. Dealerships no longer need to maintain an inventory. 

Customers can select from a wide variety of options available on online websites and select the car even if it is not available in the inventory of the local dealership. The delivery period is also only a few weeks.

This sales model is already in effect in major international markets. It is no longer possible to negotiate the price of the vehicle as the entire transaction takes place online. 

After placing a special order, customers have the option to get delivery from the customer care centre at the Mercedes Benz factory or deliver the car to the nearest dealership.

What is the Mercedes Benz European delivery program?

Mercedes Benz European delivery program allowed customers in different countries to purchase a brand new Mercedes Benz car from Germany and have it shipped to them after a nice drive through Europe. 

The factory in Stuttgart, Germany is the mother factory, all the development, production and shipment of engines, transmissions and CKDs are shipped from this location. It is also the headquarters of Daimler AG, recently named Mercedes Benz group AG. 

The plant has six total facilities, Untertürkheim and Bad Cannstatt are responsible for the production of engines and the forge is also located there. The transmissions are manufactured in Sindelfingen. Mettingen has the foundry for axle production.

At the end of the tour, the vehicle can be dropped off at a given location and the car can be shipped to the respective country. Mercedes Benz will bear the cost of shipping the vehicle but some countries may require additional charges for the customs clearance.

After customs clearance, the customer can take their Mercedes home from the local dealerships.

The European tour can be extended for more than 15 days and customers can avail themselves 7 different tour packages for an additional cost which is billed in Vehicle order, but the vehicle must be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Germany – Hamburg, Berlin, Bremerhaven, Frankfurt, Munich, Sindelfingen
  • France – Nice, Paris
  • Switzerland – Geneva, Zurich
  • Spain – Madrid (extra fee)
  • UK – London (extra fee)
  • The Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Italy – Milan, Rome, Florence (extra fee)
  • Slovenia – Koper (extra fee)

How to sign up for the European delivery program and what are the benefits?

Customers can walk into their local dealerships and enrol for the European deliveryr program. This program allows customers to purchase or take delivery of their Mercedes from the customer centre in the Sindelfingen factory. Mercedes Benz will also arrange a 15 days European exploration tour with free vehicle insurance and a full tank of gas.

Apart from getting delivery directly from the biggest customer care centre in the Mercedes Benz factory in Sindelfingen, Stuttgart. Customers can also go on well-organised factory tours and have a nice meal in the  Daimler restaurant. Customers can also enjoy various historic Mercedes Benz models on display as they wait for their delivery.

Mercedes Benz European delivery program allows great benefits like 10 % savings on the Maximum retail price of the vehicle, additional discounts on airfare and hotel accommodations and free factory tours in Stuttgart.

Mercedes Benz offers discounts on flight tickets and accommodation for customers coming to Europe for the delivery of the vehicle. The total delivery time for the vehicle can also be less, especially for special order Mercedes Benz. The  Mercedes Benz special order is also known as the Designo Manufaktur program.

 It allows the customer to select different exterior paint for the vehicle from the designo catalogue. Customers can also customise the interior colour and select the material of seats. customers can get the delivery of the car to their home country within 7 to 10 weeks depending on the destination. 

The vehicle also goes through the vehicle preparation centre before final delivery to the customer. The vehicle preparation centre ensures the vehicle is to proper factory standards, if there are any faults they are rectified under the VPC warranty. All the vehicle functions and accessories are checked before handing over to the customer.

Is it possible to buy a Mercedes Benz from Germany?

Without the European delivery program, it’s not possible to buy a Mercedes Benz from Germany. Germany has more than 100 authorised dealers and if anyone wants to buy from Germany then they will need to personally travel to Germany and place an order for a brand new car.

The process is not over as the vehicle will then need to be shipped to the customer’s home country and Mercedes Benz will not be paying for shipping costs. The shipping cost will also be very expensive, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Instead of buying Mercedes Benz from Germany, customers can choose to buy a CBU or completely built unit from the local authorised dealership. A CBU is a completely built car from Germany with no localised parts, the delivery period will be slightly longer but it is the only option until the European delivery program starts accepting orders again.

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The European delivery program was excellent and gave customers a chance to visit Germany and go on a factory tour. Mercedes Benz is also the only manufacturer that offered discounts on flights and hotel reservations for the customers coming for the delivery. The European delivery program also allowed customers to experience the comfort and performance of their new Mercedes on unrestricted Autobahn highways.