Can you drive a Mercedes every day?

This article will answer the question: can you drive a Mercedes every day and we find out what makes Mercedes a good car for everyday use and should you drive it every day?

Can you drive a Mercedes every day?

Yes, you can drive a Mercedes every day. Mercedes manufactures some of the most advanced cars available in the market. A large dealership network, availability of parts and many buying options make owning a Mercedes a pleasurable and hassle-free experience.

Mercedes Benz also offers three years and an unlimited warranty as standard. Extended warranties can also be purchased from authorised dealerships. A special goodwill gesture is provided for the repairs if the vehicle is no longer in the warranty period. 

Service packages like star ease complacent plus can be bought which can cover the cost of servicing for up to 10 years. 

Mercedes Benz cars are available with a wide range of engines, driver assistance and safety systems that can meet any requirement of customers. Pre-entry climate control, a remote parking pilot can prepare the vehicle for the journey even before the customer enters the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz EQ brand is focused on developing fully electric cars, all EQ models can be charged with mode 2 chargers and a huge network of fast chargers is present to charge the cars in a few minutes. This enables using electric cars every day without any range anxiety. 

Mercedes Benz cars can also detect the presence of the driver with the help of driver input and driver door sensor. If the driver turns off the engine and is still sitting in the car, most interior equipment like windows, climate control blower, and radio can be operated until the driver has exited the vehicle.

Latest engines present in Mercedes Benz car

Mercedes Benz has inline 4 and 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. AMG and AMG line models also use V6 and V8 engines which produce more power compared to standard models.  Engines in petrol variants are M274, M264, M276 and AMG M177. 

The petrol engine produces power between 115kW till 225kW and AMG produces up to 375kW. M274 is replaced by the M264 engine, M264 is also available with a 48V belt-driven starter and alternator. M256 is an inline 6-cylinder petrol engine with an integrated starter generator. All the ancillary components are electric and there is no V belt on the crank pulley.

Diesel variants use OM 654 & OM656 with an AdBlue injection system for exhaust after-treatment producing a maximum power output of 140kW and 400NM torque.  Diesel engines are equipped with low and high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation to reduce NOX emissions. AdBlue injection with selective catalytic reduction can be also found in the latest models. These exhaust gas after-treatment are present to fulfil emission regulations.

Driver assistance systems on Mercedes Benz cars

  • Attention assist– attention assist records journey time and monitors steering angle. If the driver’s steering inputs are inconsistent, attention assist reminds the driver to take a break. 
  • Active distance assist – it is more commonly known as DISTRONIC. Small and long-range radar sensors are on the front and backside of the vehicle. DISTRONIC can increase or reduce speed to maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front. It also includes functions like active speed limit assist and route-based speed adjustment.
  • Active steering assist-it can control the steering of the vehicle and help to maintain a central position in the lane. Active lane-keeping assist is included in active steering assist. Driver must be aware of the surroundings and be ready to take control of the vehicle.
  • Active braking assists– if the driver doesn’t slow down and the vehicle is too close in the front. Active braking assist warns the driver by an audible beep and proceeds to a[pply brakes if the driver doesn’t slow the vehicle. Early, a medium and late ranges for active brake assist can be set through the command system.
  • Evasive steering assist- evasive steering assist can detect objects in the path of the vehicle and take evasive actions to avoid a collision. It can control steering and change the path of vehicle travel. Multiple cameras located behind the windshield scan for objects in front of the vehicle. Longe range radar sensors are also used in evasive steering assist.
  • Active blind spot assist– active blind spot assist uses a warning light in the outside rearview mirror to warn the driver if there is a vehicle in the blind spot. A short-range radar sensor located on both sides of the vehicle scans for vehicles or pedestrians in the blindspot of the vehicle. Blindspot assist also works when the vehicle is stationary; occupants are warned if an object is present in the blind spot by a warning tone and flashing indicator lamps before opening the doors.
  • Pre-safe plus– pre-safe plus prepares the vehicle for collision by retracting the seatbelts and bringing the seat into the optimum position. Pre-safe is like an additional reflex in the vehicle, if the driver suddenly lets go of the accelerator and applies heavy brakes then pre-safe is activated. Pre-safe plus can also lower the windows slightly to release the pressure created in the interior after deploying the airbags. A special interference noise is generated to protect the eardrum of the occupants from the loud noise of collision.

Active safety systems in Mercedes Benz cars

Active safety systems are rightly named so as they are active the moment a vehicle is in operation. Active safety systems mainly assist drivers while driving; they are like a reflex continuously monitoring the actions of the driver and in crash situations preparing the vehicle for impact by optimising positions of driving seats and slightly lowering windows. The following are active safety systems present in cars.

  • Electronic stability system (ESP)-electronic stability programme helps to maintain vehicle stability and it can cut power to the wheels to prevent oversteer and understeer of the vehicle. The signal from  Four wheel speed sensors which constantly measure wheel speeds and the vehicle acceleration sensor located on the body along with the throttle position sensor helps to ensure the vehicle always has optimum traction
  • Precharging and dry braking– This feature assists brake readiness especially in wet weather by briefly applying the brake pads and drying brake discs. If the driver suddenly releases the accelerator pedal the brake pressure is increased in the system, greatly shortening the stopping distance.

Thermotronic Air conditioning systems.

Mercedes Benz offers multiple zone air conditioning systems. More than 20 actuator motors installed on the air conditioning housing can control and direct the airflow so that passengers can set the desired temperature in whichever seat they are seated.

PTC heater boosters can also heat the vehicle interior in temperatures below 4 degrees without depending on the temperature of the coolant. The Sun sensor located on the dashboard is used for checking the direction of sunlight, and the climate control unit can increase or decrease the airflow to maintain the temperature in the cabin. 

The air quality sensor checks for harmful fumes in the intake of the air conditioning system and closes the air recirculation flap, Air ioniser can be fitted as an optional extra. 

MBUX allows for the creation of different profiles which can be accessed by customers. These profiles store customer preferences like seat position, ambient light setting etc. an easy entry-exit feature allows moving the driver’s seat back and steering wheel up, this makes room for customers to exit the vehicle.

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Mercedes Bez offers state-of-the-art driver assistance and safety features. The vast network of authorised dealerships, service packages and unlimited km warranty makes them a good choice as everyday vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has full electric models like EQA, EQC, and EQS, and the cost of using electric vehicles every day is very less compared to internal combustion engines. Plug-in hybrid models are also available in all model series which offer great versatility.

FAQS Can you drive a Mercedes every day?

Is Mercedes good for the long term?

Yes, Mercedes Benz cars are good for the long term provided they are used and maintained properly. They can run for more than 200000kms and easily last 10 years without requiring restoration or major repairs.

Do Mercedes have a lot of problems?

Mercedes do not have a lot of problems however as more than 100 electronic computers are present onboard, faults can occur if the vehicle is not maintained properly.

Can you drive a Mercedes Benz AMG GT?

Yes, you can drive a Mercedes AMG GT every day. The AMG GT has different driving modes and a variety of cool features like rear-wheel steering which make driving the AMG GT very easy. The cylinder shut-off function increases the fuel economy while driving through the city and full power is not required.

Is Mercedes expensive to maintain?

Yes, Mercedes can be expensive to maintain but service packages and extended warranty can reduce the overall cost of maintaining a Mercedes.

Is it okay to buy a second-hand, Mercedes?

Yes, Mercedes Benz has a pre-owned car programme. Check vehicle service history before purchasing the vehicle.