What is a Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG?

This article will introduce the Mercedes Benz GL 63 model and answer the following questions: Which engine is used in the GL63? How fast can the GL 63 go? And Should you buy it?

What is a Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG?

The Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG is the high-performance version of the standard Mercedes Benz GLS SUV model series V/W 167. The GL63 AMG looks similar to the Mercedes Benz GL class however it is designed and manufactured by the high-performance division of Mercedes Benz.

The GL class was produced between 2014 to 2019 with the facelift model introduced in 2016. The name GL was also changed to GLS. The change in name of the GL class was also carried over to its AMG sibling and GL63 was updated to GLS 63 in the same year.

The GL 63 is the biggest SUV in the AMG family and can carry 6 adults easily. The second and third-row seats are mounted on individual rails which allows for easy entry and exit for the third-row passengers. 

The exterior of the GL 63 is different from the standard GL, changes are made to the engine hood, front and rear bumpers have more aggressive styling and AMG alloy wheel design are installed on the vehicle which improves the flow of air and also cools down the massive brakes.

The GL63 is also available in an optional carbon-ceramic brake package although the high-performance brake package that comes as standard with the vehicle is more than capable of stopping the vehicle.

Like all the AMG models the GL 63 can be specially ordered and AMG exclusive options are available in the designo packages. Customers can even select the exterior colour and AMG will paint the car in that colour. There is no limit when it comes to the special order of GL 63 AMG.

However, Mercedes Benz AMg no longer does performance modification or tuning of the engine. According to AMG, the power produced by the 63 series models is adequate and doesn’t require modification to increase the power output.

AMG originally started as a tuner of Mercedes Benz cars but after Mercedes Benz acquired the AMG brand, they are focused on building and developing cars instead of just tuning the engine.

The Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG uses the same airmatic air suspension found in the GL class. The airmatic bellows and springs are slightly stronger and more durable compared to the standard model. The adaptive damping system also uses a special drive program that makes the suspension stiffer.

The most intuitive suspension feature on the GL63 AMG is undoubtedly the active body control with hydraulic anti-roll bars. The anti-roll bars have a hydraulic chamber and the ABC control unit can adjust the anti-roll bars on the fly. This helps the high SUV like GL63 corner with a minimum amount of body roll and also simplify the suspension components on the front axle.

The Mercedes Benz GL 63 has a multicontour dynamic seat package as standard. There are air pockets built into the seats that can inflate and deflate according to the steering angle. This helps to support the drive weight and keep the driver in the centre seating position. 

The instrument cluster also gets an additional AMG menu which gives the following additional information to the driver.

  • Warm-up: engine and transmission oil temperature plus charge pressure as Boost display
  • Setup: current status of systems such as the drive system, suspension, exhaust system, ESP®, transmission
  • G-Force: the display of current g-forces in a coordinate system and the ability to save maximum values
  • Race Timer: manual stopwatch for lap times and colour display of fastest and slowest laps, plus average speed and distance
  • Engine Data: engine torque / rated output in a bar chart plus charge pressure as Boost display.

Which engine is used in the Mercedes Benz GL63 AMG?

The Mercedes Benz GL63 AMG uses a handbuilt ‘one man one engine’ V 8 cylinder petrol engine M157. The M157 uses two turbochargers and produces 550 hp and 760 Nm of torque. There is camshaft adjustment for both intake and exhaust camshafts which can advance or retard the opening of intake and exhaust valves.  Thanks to the camshaft adjustment the torque curve of the engine is very wide with maximum torque generated at speeds more than 3500 RPM. 

Unlike the predecessor M156 engine, the M157 is based on a completely new M278 engine with oil and liquid-cooled turbochargers; the engine oil lubricating circuit is connected to both the turbochargers. And two coolant lines connected to the coolant system cool down the turbochargers.

The charge air intercooler is also liquid-cooled; there is no need for an air recirculation bypass valve as the sheer size of the intercooler can compensate for additional air volume in different driving situations. Both the turbochargers are wastegate type with vacuum cells connected to electro-pneumatic transducers that control the boost pressure according to the signal received from the engine control unit.

The M157 has 8 direct fuel injectors that inject the petrol directly into the combustion chamber at high pressure. The fuel pressure is generated by two high-pressure fuel pumps that are driven by the exhaust camshaft of the right cylinder bank. The rails are capable of withstanding fuel pressure of up to 250 bars and there is a fail-safe system in case there is a leak in the fuel high-pressure system. The fuel injectors are also mounted directly in the fuel rail to minimise the chances of any fuel leaks.

The silitec coating on the cylinder walls in the previous M156 was replaced by Nanoslide. Nanoslide is an extremely thin coating applied to the inner surface of the cylinder to reduce friction between the piston. Twin-wire arc spraying (TWAS) is used to spray an extremely thin coat of iron-carbon alloy on the cylinder walls.  The friction between the piston and piston rings is reduced by almost 50 per cent.

How fast does the GL63 go?

The Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG produces 550 hp and 760 Nm of torque which gives it a top speed of 280kmph and 0-100 time of under 5 seconds. The new model GLS 63 uses a 4.0-litre turbocharged M177 engine that further reduces the 0-100 time to 4.6 seconds.

Should you buy the Mercedes Benz GL63 AMG?

The Mercedes GL63 AMG had a very limited production run before it was discontinued but the built quality and the M157 engine is very reliable. Plenty of good examples are available in the used car markets and even in the Mercedes Benz pre-owned car program. Hence it is worth it to buy a Mercedes Benz GL63.

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The Mercedes Benz GL63 was the last Mercedes Benz AMG model with the 5.5 litres V 8 engine. The M156 and M157 are very popular among car enthusiasts and although the new M177 engine produces more power than M157, Many customers still prefer the GL 63 instead of the latest GLS63.

FAQS: What is a Mercedes Benz Gl 63?

How much does a GLS 63 AMG cost?

A Mercedes Benz GLS 63 AMG can cost 120,000 to 140,000 depending on the equipment present onboard the vehicle. Mercedes Benz also offers special orders for the GL63 AMG.

What is a GL 63?

A GL 63 AMG is a high-performance version of the Mercedes Benz GL/GLS SUV. it is modified by the Mercedes Benz AMG and uses a hand-built V8 petrol engine,

What is the number 63 for Mercedes?

The number 63 at the back of the Mercedes Benz represents it is an AMG model and the engine makes power equivalent to a 6.3-litre engine.