Why does Mercedes Benz have a signature on the windshield?

This article will answer the following questions: why is there a signature on Mercedes Benz windshields? Whose signatures are on the Mercedes Benz windshield? What is the difference between original and aftermarket windshields?

Why does Mercedes Benz have a signature on the windshield?

Mercedes Benz has a signature on all the windshields because it is one of the ways to determine if the windshield is genuine or non-genuine. A signature represents that it is a genuine Mercedes Benz part and it also adds a styling touch to the overall design. 

Following signatures are present on all the latest Mercedes Benz models:

  • Karl Benz
  • Gottlieb Daimler
  • Mercedes

What is the difference between the Original Mercedes Benz windshield and aftermarket replacement?

Mercedes Benz provides a genuine replacement windshield for all its models. The genuine windshield meets all the requirements and regulations for the safety of the passengers. Mercedes Benz Also provides additional parts warranty for up to 2 years for manufacturing defects.

All genuine Mercedes Benz windshields undergo strict quality checks and they are designed as a direct replacement of the original part. A Mercedes Benz windshield is not just an ordinary automotive safety glass. 

Aftermarket windshield Glass on the other hand is made by local glass manufacturing companies but they don’t meet the basic requirements like the genuine parts. The cost may be significantly lower however it can endanger the safety of the driver. Many aftermarket glasses look the same as the original windshield but they lack the special protective layers built into the windshield. 

The lack of protective layers can lead to light scattering and disturb the driver while driving at night. Many advanced driver assistance systems depend on the reflection properties of windshields. Aftermarket windshields can hinder the functionality of the assistance systems and cause malfunctions.

As the windshield is glued onto the vehicle Mercedes Benz bonding agents have special properties like noise damping and waterproofing the gaps. A genuine windshield with genuine glass adhesive is also responsible for 30 per cent of body rigidity.

Installing the aftermarket windshield can lead to increased noise and vibration levels in the vehicle. 

It can also leak water inside the cabin and there will not be proper protection in case of collision. Driving a vehicle with a broken or cracked windshield is not safe and water will enter the cabin and damage critical onboard electronic systems in the vehicle.

Therefore Mercedes Benz does not recommend the use of aftermarket windshield glass on any of its models. Mercedes Benz has also issued official statements in Markets like the USA, the statement clearly states the aftermarket windshield cannot meet the complex standards required for the operation of advanced driver assistance systems and any malfunctions will not be claimed under warranty if the windshield is not genuine.

What are some of the special features of the Mercedes Benz genuine windshield?

There are multiple layers in the windshield like a UV protection layer that will filter out 80% of UV rays and keep the interior cooler. This also helps in reducing the load on the air conditioning system of the car. Mercedes Benz uses a special layer in the windshield which reduces glare coming from the headlights at night.

Apart from safety reasons, Mercedes Benz cars have the most advanced driver assistance systems that use a stereo camera or multi-function camera installed behind the windshield. There is also rain and light sensor installed on the windshield, it is used to determine if it is raining or if it is night outside.

It is responsible for the automatic operation of windshield wipers and headlights in the vehicle. When raindrops fall on the windshield, the infrared light beam projected from the sensor on the viewport of the windshield can determine if it is raining as light rays shatter due to the raindrops. Based on the intensity of the rain it can moderate the speed of windshield wipers.

The old Mercedes Benz models used to have the Mercedes Benz logo printed on the back of the windshield. It was used to represent genuine Mercedes Benz parts but it was also easy enough to copy the logo and use it on the non-genuine windshield.

To distinguish genuine parts from duplicate parts, Mercedes Benz started using signatures near the bottom corner on the front passenger side. The signature is etched on the glass and it is impossible to forge. The signature also belongs to the founding members of Mercedes Benz and it adds a nice styling touch to the entire vehicle.

Whose signatures are on a Mercedes Benz windshield?

All the latest Mercedes Benz models have a Karl Benz or Gotlieb Daimler signature on the windshield. Some entry-level models also have a simple Mercedes printed on the windshield.

Mercedes Benz was founded in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1926,  two major German automotive companies Benz & Cie and DMG Daimler Motor Gesellschaft merged and signed an agreement of mutual interest. 

Karl Benz started the Benz & Cie company. He is regarded as the father of modern automobiles and filed the patent in Berlin, Germany for the first car powered by a gasoline engine with an electrical ignition system. The patent is considered the birth certificate of automobiles. 

With the help from the dowry received in marriage with Barth Benz, Karl Benz invented the first internal combustion engine and used it in the Benz patent motorwagen. Bertha Benz, also a business partner of Karl Benz, was the first person in history to travel more than 100km in a motorwagen invented by Karl Benz. 

Gottlieb Daimler along with his chief designer William Maybach founded the DMG Daimler Motor Gesellschaft. They were also producing stage coaches powered by small internal combustion engines. Gottlieb Daimler was an engine builder and the company supplied engines for motorboats and aircraft.

It was Daimler’s dream to design a petrol engine that can reach higher engine speeds and there should be a throttle that can control the engine speeds.  

Daimler and his chief designer William Maybach designed a small vertical cylinder engine that can reach engine speeds of 900 rpm and managed to install it in a bicycle frame and patented the design. Daimler is also known as the father of the Motorcycle as he created the first motorcycle called the Enspur or Daimler Reitwagen.

Gottlieb Daimler passed away in 1900 and DMC merged with Benz and Cie to survive the economic crisis. Karl Benz and Emil Jellinek remained members of the newly formed Daimler and Benz alliance and continued manufacturing cars.

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Mercedes Benz uses Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s signatures on the windshield as a form of homage to their contribution to the creation of the modern automobile. It is also a great way to mark the genuine product as a traditional logo and part numbers can look bad, especially on the windshield.