Does Mercedes Benz own Maybach?

This blog will answer the following questions: does Mercedes Benz own Maybach? Which car did Maybach make?  What are the current Mercedes Maybach models? Should you buy a Mercedes Maybach model over the standard model?

Does Mercedes Benz own Maybach?

Yes, Mercedes Benz owns Maybach. Daimler Benz acquired the Maybach company which was started by  Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl Maybach in 1960. Maybach as a standalone entity even produced two models till 2013. Mercedes Benz AG revived the Maybach brand in 2015 with the launch of S class Maybach and since then Maybach is a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz A G.

Currently Maybach is a  Sub-brand of Mercedes Benz that makes a luxurious version of standard models. The models offer luxurious features and advanced driver assistance systems as standard equipment. The latest Mercedes Benz S Class Maybach also features front-facing airbags for the passengers on the rear seats. 

The Airbags are located in the backrest of the front passenger and driver seat, there is no need for conventional airbag squib. When deployed, the airbag can inflate with the atmospheric pressure inside the cabin. There is also a seat airbag to reduce injuries to the passengers.

Which are the models made by Maybach as a stand-alone brand?

Maybach made two models, the Maybach 62 and Maybach 57. The production run lasted from 1997 to 2013. But due to poor sales figures both the models were discontinued in 2013. The Maybach 62 and 57 models were ultra luxurious.

The number represented the length in decimeters, the 62 model was the longest and became very popular in the American market. The response from other international markets was very poor. The predicted sales figure was 2000 units worldwide but the real sales never reached that goal.

Overall Maybach only sold 3000 units in the entire production run of the model. The Maybach 62 was a long wheelbase version of the Maybach 57 model. Both the models shared the same engines and mechanical underpinnings. The wheelbase of the 62 models was 150.7 inches which were almost 17 inches longer than the 57 models.

The following table lists the specification of the Maybach 57 model.

Specifications Model
Starting Price$366,934
Width 78.0 inch
Height 62.0 inch
Curb weight  2735 kg
Power output 542 hp
0-60 MPH5.1 seconds

Some of the key features in the Maybach models are listed below:

  • navigation system with voice recognition
  • rear-seat DVD entertainment system
  • Electric rear sunscreen
  • 21-speaker Bose premium sound system
  • Electrically adjusted steering wheel with radio and climate control switches
  • Heated and ventilated front and rear seats
  • Rear view camera
  • Partition screen between the driver and rear cabin
  • wireless cell phone link
  • rear beverage refrigerator

What are the current Mercedes Maybach models?

Mercedes Benz makes luxurious versions of the S class and the GLS, these models are sold under the Mercedes Maybach badge. The Mercedes Benz S Class Maybach is available in two models; the S 580 and the S 680 while the GLS Maybach comes in GLS 600 model.

Mercedes Maybach S580 and S680

Both the models are long wheelbase versions of the standard S class, there are recliner seats as standard in the S class Maybach. Some of the other standard equipment includes a Burmester premium surround sound system, soft closing doors, and a rear seat entertainment system with two 11.6-inch touchscreens.

The engines in the S 580 and the S 680 models are V 8 and V 12 respectively. Both the engines are twin-turbocharged and feature the NANOSLIDE coating on the cylinder head. The charge air intercooler is liquid-cooled and the turbochargers on the V8 engines are twin-scroll with roller bearings.

The drivetrain in the S Class Maybach is 4 Matic, there is also 48 V mild hybrid technology. The implementation of the electric motor is in the form of an integrated starter-alternator. In drive mode, the motor is capable of giving 21 horsepower and it can also supply power to the vehicle systems.

The following table list key specifications of the S 580 and S 680 models

SpecificationsS 580 Maybach 4MaticS 680 Maybach 4Matic
Engine output503 horsepower612 horsepower
Transmission 9G-Tronic with 4Matic9G-Tronic with 4Matic
wheelbase133.7 in133.7 in
width76.93 in76.93 in
height59.45 in59.45 in
Top speed155 MPH(250 km/hr)155 MPH(250 km/hr)
0-60 MPH acceleration4.8 seconds4.5 seconds

The S 580 and the S 680 Maybach feature a rear-wheel steering system. There is a steering rack on the rear axle and it can turn the rear wheels depending on the direction of the front wheel. The rear wheels can turn up to 4.5 degrees which will reduce the turning radius from 13.1 M to 12.2 M. 

The angle can be increased to 10 degrees but it is an optional extra as the rear wheel size must be adjusted so that the wheels do not come in contact with the bodywork. 

The combined fuel economy of the S 580 is 23 MPG while the S 680 gives 18 MPG. The fuel tank capacity of both the models is 16.7 Gallons and the range on one full tank is 463 miles for S 580 while the S680 can cover 355 miles.

Mercedes Benz GLS 600 Maybach 

It is based on the Mercedes Benz full-sized GLS SUV that can carry 7 passengers and has 3 rows of seats. The Maybach GLS on the other hand can carry only 4 passengers. The third row is replaced by a refrigerator unit. 

There are recliner seats in the second row instead of split seats. The recliner seats are heated and ventilated with fully electric adjustability. 

The engine in the GLS Maybach is the same as the S 580, it makes slightly less power compared to the GLS 63 AMG. There is also a combination of the hydraulic and pneumatic suspension system but it comes in the off-road assistance package. 

The following table lists some of the key specifications of the GLS 600 Maybach.

Specifications GLS 600 Maybach
Price $160,500
Engine output 549 horsepower 730 Nm torque
Wheelbase 123.43 in
Width 77.01 in
Height 71.77 in
Top speed250 Km/h / 155 Mph
0-60 MPH acceleration4.9 s

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This blog gave answers to the questions about whether Mercedes Benz owns a Maybach and also explained the specification of the old and latest Maybach models in the Mercedes Benz lineup. The Mercedes Maybach S680 is also the only car in the Mercedes Benz product lineup that has an M279 V 12-cylinder engine.