How many Mercedes Benz dealerships are there in the USA?

In this blog, we will find out how many authorised Mercedes Benz dealerships are there in America and the services provided by them. Answers to the following questions are also provided in this blog: which is the biggest dealership in the USA? Why should you choose an authorised dealership to purchase or get your Mercedes Benz serviced?

 How many Mercedes Benz dealerships are there in the USA?

There are 383 Mercedes Benz authorised dealerships located across the United States of America. The total number of personnel exceeds 2000 and Mercedes Benz has plans to open more dealerships in the next couple of years in the USA.

Mercedes Benz USA has sold 329,574 vehicles in total out of which 276,102 are passenger cars and the rest are Mercedes Benz vans. The headquarter of Mercedes Benz USA is located in Atlanta and is responsible for the sales and the after-service network for all the Mercedes Benz products in the United States of America.

The vehicle preparation centre is used to check and prepare the cars for delivery to all the dealerships from the vehicle preparation centre or VPC. If there are any damages or factory defects observed on the models then they are rectified under the VPC warranty.

The following table shows the locations of the vehicle preparation centre and the spare parts distribution centre.

Spare parts distribution centre Vehicle preparation centre
Carol Stream, IL Chicago Parts Distribution Centre Baltimore, MD Vehicle Preparation Centre (VPC)
Fontana, CA Parts Distribution Centre (PDC)Brunswick, GA Vehicle Preparation Centre (VPC)
Grapevine, TX Dallas Parts Distribution Centre (PDC)
Jacksonville, FL Parts Distribution Centre (PDC)
Robbinsville, NJ Regional Master Parts Distribution Centre (PDC)
Vance, AL Parts Distribution Centre (PDC)

What are the top 5 dealerships in the USA?

The top 5 dealerships and the locations are listed in the table below:

Dealership NameLocation Website
Fletcher Jones Motorcars3300 Jamboree Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660, United 
Mercedes Benz of Los Angeles1801 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United  
Mercedes Benz of Plano6455 Dallas Pkwy, Plano, TX 75024, United States 
Mercedes Benz Manhattan770 11th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States 
Mercedes Benz of Chicago1520 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, United 

All authorised Mercedes Benz dealerships must follow strict guidelines dictated by Mercedes Benz USA. Monthly inspections and audits are carried out to check the dealerships are following correct operating procedures.

The dealership hierarchy is also defined by Mercedes Benz USA; all the departments have individual Managers. The managers of various departments report to the dealer principal or general manager.

Every authorised Mercedes Benz dealership must have a sales area that allows the maximum amount of natural light. The customers can check out the colour of the display cars in the natural sunlight. 

The service area has independent front offices with interactive bays. An interactive session is carried out with a certified service advisor in order to understand the customer’s concern and explain the service scope of the vehicle.

Which is the biggest dealership in the USA?

The biggest dealership in the USA is Fletcher Jones Motorcars. It is located in Newport Beach, California. It is one of the oldest Mercedes Benz dealerships in the USA and recently Fletcher Jones Motorcars celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Fletcher Jones Motorcars have Mercedes Benz passenger cars, Vans and also commercial vehicles. They maintain the largest inventory of car models so once a customer places an order for a new Mercedes, the delivery time is very quick.

The Fletcher Jones Motorcars dealership is the nation’s number one Mercedes Benz dealership. The Newport beach dealership was opened in 1997, it is covered in a 9-acre area and over 84000 pounds of marble was imported for the flooring and the walls in the dealership. 

The main dealership building is three stories and the floor area is 180,000 square feet. 72 service bays are present on the ground floor with an additional 72 service bays in the Body Shop. The spare parts department has a huge inventory in the warehouse located on the second floor.

The parking lot for the paid maintenance and general repair vehicles is located on the top floor. It can store more than 500 cars at a time. The Fletcher Jones showroom recently increased and added 31 more service bays to reduce the turnaround time of the paid maintenance and general repair cars.

The car wash area is also extended by 50 feet, the water used in the car wash is recycled and there are plans to cover the top floor with solar panels.

The guest Amenities at Fletcher Jones motorcars include the following services:

  • Airport shuttle and parking
  • A complimentary car wash (closed on Sundays and Mondays)
  • Online shopping of cars and accessories with home or office delivery.
  • Guest lounge with workstation and outdoor patio
  • Complimentary electric charging station
  • Mercedes Cafe with Fresh Food and a dedicated Starbucks.

Why should you choose an authorised dealership to purchase or get your Mercedes Benz serviced?

You should choose a Mercedes Benz dealership to purchase or get your Mercedes Benz car service because of the following reasons

  • Authorised dealerships use Genuine spare parts for service and general repair of the vehicle. The genuine Mercedes Benz parts are specially tested and ensure the reliability of the vehicle is maintained.
  • Warranty and Field measures: the Authorised service centre can provide a warranty to any vehicle regardless of location. Mercedes Benz also frequently releases field measures such as updated parts and software bug fixes. Authorised dealerships can perform field measures and also provide other cars for the time required to finish the field measure.
  • The Mercedes Me service can be used to book online appointments and the Mercedes ME smartphone also has the remote diagnostic ability. If there is any malfunction in the car then the workshop can check the fault codes remotely. This allows the workshop to be prepared when the vehicle reports to the workshop for repairs.
  • Authorised dealerships also have Designo experts, a Designo package has more than thousands of combinations and customers can use the help from Designo experts and choose the right customization for their new car.
  • Authorised dealerships also sell certified pre-owned cars, certified pre-owned cars also come with a pre-owned warranty and a 7-day 500 miles buy-back privilege.

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This blog answered the question: how many Mercedes Benz dealerships are there in the USA and also listed the top 5 dealerships in the USA. An authorised dealership has certified manpower and specialised types of equipment so that the customers get a hassle-free ownership experience.