How much does Mercedes charge for an oil change?


This article will answer the following questions: how much does Mercedes charge for an oil change? When is oil change required? What are the parts and processes to change the oil in Mercedes?

How much does Mercedes charge for an oil change?

The cost of engine oil change in Mercedes Benz can be between 200 to 300$. The cost depends on the quantity of engine oil needed for the engine, usually, it can be as little as 6 litres of it can go to 10 litres in some models. 

Only the engine oil is never replaced in Mercedes Benz. engine Oil filter and drain plug or drain bolt washer is also replaced if the engine oil is drained from the drain plug on the oil pan. If the engine has an oil dipstick then the drain plug is not replaced as engine oil is extracted by oil extracted.

The engine oil used at authorised dealerships is usually 0W 40 where W stands for Winter. 0W 40 engine oil can flow like 0 weight oil in cold conditions but still offer the protection of 40 w oil when the engine reaches its full operating temperature. 5 W 40 is also suitable for vehicles that do not operate in extremely cold conditions.

Mercedes Benz has standard 0 W 40 fully synthetic engine oil and high-performance version Mercedes Benz AMG 0w 40 used in AMG line or AMG 45, 55, 63 models.

Mercedes Benz Engine oil                              Mercedes AMG high-performance engine oil

Viscosity is the measure of the resistance offered by a liquid to its flow. As engine oil is circulated throughout the engine viscosity of engine oil is very important. Mercedes Benz has specified that 0W 40 or 5W 40 grade oil must be used in passenger cars. 

The number in front of the letter W viscosity measurement of the flow of oil when it is cold and the number after the letter is the measurement of the flow of oil when the engine is at operating temperature.

Like other German car manufacturers, Mercedes Benz tests and publishes specified oil grades in MB sheet numbers. The MB sheet numbers start from MB226.5 and go till MB 229.7, depending on the engine in the vehicle the correct MB sheet number oil is used.

When is oil change required in Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz engine oil change is required every 15000km or once every year. Engine oil loses its properties over time and hence it must be replaced even if the vehicle has not completed 15000km. In some models, engine oil may be replaced every 10000 km.

Mercedes Benz engines have engine oil coolers or heat exchangers to cool down the engine oil and maintain the oil viscosity. Internal leaks in the oil cooler can cause coolant to mix in engine oil and reduce the engine oil level. 

As the pressure of engine oil is higher than the pressure in the coolant system, engine oil also mixes in coolant and enters the coolant reservoir. Therefore, engine oil is also replaced if any major repair work is performed on the engine.

Mercedes Benz also has an engine oil level sensor in the lower section of the oil pan. This sensor not only checks the engine oil level but can also monitor engine oil viscosity. If the level and viscosity fall below a specified value, the Mercedes will require an engine oil change.

On Mercedes Benz AMG models like SLS AMG, the engine oil must be drained from different locations as dry sump lubrication is used to circulate engine oil. The Mercedes AMG engine also uses an internal oil temperature thermostat. If the engine oil is not drained at operating temperature then the oil thermostat can close and complete engine oil will not be drained.

 Engine oil replacement process in Mercedes Benz

The engine oil level is determined with the help of an oil dipstick before replacing the engine oil. On engines that do not have an oil dipstick, the current quantity can be checked from the workshop menu in the instrument cluster. If there is any major engine oil leakage then it should be rectified before replacing the engine oil.

  • Start the engine and bring the engine oil temperature to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Turn off the engine and open the oil filler cap.
  • Pull the oil dipstick halfway up. Do not put it in completely.
  • Unscrew the engine oil filter cap slowly and let the filter rest for a couple of minutes.
  • Unscrew the drain plug and drain the engine oil. 
  • Oil extractors can also be used to extract the old engine oil from oil dipsticks.
  • Install new drain plug and torque it to specification.
  • Clean the area around the drain plug.
  • Replace the engine oil filter.
  • Add new engine oil through the oil filler neck. Add engine oil slowly as hot air is replaced by engine oil inside the engine.
  • Lastly, screw the engine oil filter cap and oil filler cap. 

Start the engine and check the engine oil level at the operating temperature. Correct the engine oil level as the new engine oil filter might absorb some quantity of engine oil.

The quantity and the quality of the engine oil which is drained is also checked. If the drained quality is very less, it could mean that there is an internal oil consumption problem with the engine oil.

For water damage or flooded vehicle cases when the engine is hydrostatic locked, engine oil is drained and documented. Water mixed in engine oil or water coming from the engine oil pan is a clear indicator that the vehicle was used in a flooded area and the engine is damaged due to water getting sucked inside the combustion chamber.

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The cost of engine oil change and labour is slightly expensive in Mercedes Benz but it also ensures the vehicle’s health is in good condition and it can operate at the same performance level. Mercedes Benz engine oil is designed and tested for use in various extreme conditions. It is fully synthetic and thus the oil change intervals are 15000km or 1 year.

 FAQs: how much does Mercedes charge for oil change?

Are oil changes for Mercedes expensive?

Yes, oil changes in Mercedes can be expensive as Mercedes Benz uses proprietary engine oils and oil filters. In some MOdels engine oil must be drained from multiple points which result in more labour cost.

How often does a Mercedes need an oil change?

Mercedes need oil changes as per the service schedule of the vehicle. It can be 15000 km or one year whichever comes first.

What is service B on Mercedes?

Service B is every second major service scheduled for the vehicle. Service A is followed by major service B where fuel filters, air filters must be replaced.

Are used Mercedes expensive to maintain?

Yes, used Mercedes can be expensive to maintain especially if they are no longer covered under warranty. The cost of major repairs can be more than the cost of annual service maintenance. As the vehicle ages, certain suspension components must also be replaced to maintain the safety of the vehicles.