How to open a BMW boot which is not opening?

This article will explain the “my BMW boot won’t open” problem. While explaining the problem, we will explain seven different techniques that can be used to open your BMW’s trunk.

Owning a car that has an automatic tailgate can be of high convenience. However, with continuous usage, the tailgate might face problems mainly due to worn-out parts, faulty motors, and sensors. Thus, if a problem arises with the powered tailgate, it can be a big headache for the car owner. If your BMW is facing a similar problem, you can apply one of the following techniques for opening the car’s tailgate.

How to open a BMW boot which is not opening?

Techniques for opening the BMW boot that won’t open are as follows:-

  • Open the BMW trunk with the key blade.
  • Manually open the BMW trunk.
  • Charging of the car battery
  • BMW valet switch on/off
  • Reconnect the broken wiring loom
  • Replace the worn off parts
  • Replace the BMW key fob battery.

Above are some techniques you can utilize to open the car’s trunk. The ways mentioned above are explained in detail below.

Open the BMW trunk with the key blade.

The BMW consists of an electronic trunk release button. But if the trunk release button is not working, then the most obvious way for opening the car trunk is by using the BMW key blade. The BMW key blade is the most reliable option because the key blade will open the trunk even when there is a problem with the electronics or the BMW latch. Therefore if you own a BMW which has a key slot in the tailgate, then it can be a blessing for you as in any case, you can open the trunk of the BMW. 

To bring the key blade on the BMW key fob, you need to squeeze the fob and the tab on one end and pull the blade from the other end. The exact location of the key blade depends upon the design of the key fob.

Open the BMW trunk manually from the inside.

Many new cars don’t have a key slot at the tailgate for opening the trunk. The trunk in such cars is opened by pressing the button on the key fob. Hence, if the key fob button is not opening the trunk, you can try opening the trunk from the inside. To open the trunk from the inside, you need to lower the rear seats and wiggle into the vehicle’s trunk. Once you enter the trunk, you need to pull the emergency handle present on the trunk. The emergency handle will open the trunk, but for that, your BMW must have an emergency button.

Charging the Car battery

When you press the button on the key fob, a signal is sent to the vehicle to open the vehicle’s tailgate. The signal actuates the system, and the tailgate is open with the use of electric power from the car battery. However, if the vehicle battery has a low charge, then the tailgate won’t open. Hence in such a case, you need to charge the vehicle’s battery. To charge the battery, you first need to jump-start the vehicle and then leave it idle so that the battery gets charged.

BMW valet Switch on/off

If everything on your car works perfectly apart from a blocked trunk, then there might be a case where the BMW valet switch is turned on. The valet switch is a safety tailgate lock located in the glove box or centre armrest. To turn the valet switch off, all you need to do is slide the switch to the right and connect it to the central locking system.

Reconnect the broken wiring loom

A bigger problem than a trunk, not opening, arises when you cannot close the trunk of the BMW. If the tailgate cannot close, then you need to check the wiring loom present on the right side of the back of your trunk. Since an electrical circuit operates the electric power tailgate, there are chances that the routed cables on the tailgate wear off and split right at the joint. Thus you need to attach them again and secure them with the help of isolation tape. Doing this will solve the problematic boot closing issue.

Replacement of the worn-off parts.

The wiring isn’t the only thing that can go wrong in a tailgate problem. Since the tailgate is a combination of electrical and mechanical systems, there are chances that the mechanical components on the tailgate get damaged. The main damage that the mechanical components face is rusting. Once the parts are rusted, more power is required to operate them. Thus, it will be good to check the mechanical components frequently and lubricate them.

Replace the battery in the key fob

Instead of a blade key, modern cars come with a key fob that has electronic buttons on it. However, this key is powered using circular dry cells, which might get discharged after a certain time. Thus once these cells get discharged, there are chances that the key won’t work, and in such cases, when you press the button on the key, the door or the trunk might not open. Therefore, replacing the cells on the key is the best way to tackle this situation.

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In this article, we have successfully addressed the “my BMW boot won’t open” problem. For resolving the issue on your BMW, we have given seven different techniques, which are also explained in detail for implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): My BMW boot won’t open

Why is my automatic trunk not opening?

If the automatic trunk is not opening on pressing the key, then the common issue is the trunk lock actuator being faulty. Moreover, if you have installed it in the aftermarket, the problem can arise for several other reasons.

How can I open the BMW trunk with a dead battery?

  • Release the hidden key in your key fob by pressing the release button.
  • Locate the manual key slot on the door
  • Open the hidden key compartment. 
  • Fold-down the back seat and access the trunk.

How do you open a BMW boot without a key?

If the BMW boot doesn’t come with a key slot, you might want to try the solution of opening the locked trunk manually from the inside. First, you need to fold the backseat of your car and access the boot space.

How do you charge the BMW battery?

For charging the BMW battery, you need to have jumper cables in your vehicles. If the vehicle has jump cables, you need to connect the positive of the charged battery to the uncharged battery while the negative of the uncharged battery should be on the ground.