How to open a stuck 2011 Honda CRV Glove Box?

This article will explain the details associated with the “2011 Honda CRV Glove Box latch.” While explaining the details related to the Honda CRV latch, we will give you a brief description of the working of the latch. Moreover, we will also explain the two faults faced with glove box lock

How to open a stuck 2011 Honda CRV Glove Box?

  • Arrange a small screwdriver.
  • Remove the backplate present in the top box.
  • Use the screwdriver and access the glove box from the backplate present on the top box. 
  • Push the latch down, and the glove box will open.

The Honda CRV is one of the highest-rated SUVs in the market. The buyers of the Honda CRV enjoy the spacious interior and practicality it offers. THe glove box of the car is present in the conventional position and is operated with the help of a latch and striker mechanism. 

Working of 2011 Honda CRV glove box latch 

  • There are two types of latch present in the market for a glove box; one latch is opened with the help of a key, while the other is a latch that doesn’t have a keyhole for opening the glove box. The latch in the Honda CR-V consists of a latch and key mechanism.
  • The glove box of the 2011 Honda CR-V consists of a cylindrical lock. This lock is responsible for locking the glove box of the vehicle. The lock on the glove box ensures that the things kept inside your car are secured.
  • Once the lock is opened, the lever can be lifted to open the glove box. The glove box is locked with the help of the latch and striker mechanism.
  • The latch consists of a lever used to actuate the latch mechanism. When the latch lever is lifted, the latch lock is detached from the striker, and then the glove box is opened with the assistance of a hinge mechanism.
  • The latch lock attaches to the striker present on the glove box frame when the glove box is closed. Thus the glove box is locked.
  • Some glove boxes consist of dampers so that the glove box can be opened easily and in a softer way. Moreover, with the help of dampers, the glove box can be closed with lesser force.

Opening a stuck lock on a Honda CR-V 2011

The Honda CR-V 2011 has enhanced space for storing articles in the car. The car consists of a conventional glove box, but it also consists of a top box on the dashboard for storing things. However, due to some reasons, the glove box can get stuck, and it becomes quite irritating. But there is a way to open the glove box when it gets stuck.

  • Arrange a small screwdriver. The glove box can be accessed by opening the top box present on the dashboard. 
  • Open the top box present on the dashboard and remove the backplate present in the top box. Once the backplate is removed, the access to the glove box is clear.
  • You now need to use a small flat screwdriver to open the glove box. Use the screwdriver and access the glove box from the backplate present on the top box. Once you have accessed the glove box, search for the latch and pry open the latch.
  • Once you have pushed the latch down, the glove box will open. Check whether the latch is working properly by removing the protective latch cover.

Different ways in which the compartment lock is broken.

Whenever there is a problem with the glove box compartment, it is mostly due to two different concerns. There are several reasons behind such problems. Therefore examine the problem you are suffering from. Because before you start fixing the problem, you should know the main problem. The two general problems faced by glove boxes are:-

The glove box is not opening.

There are different reasons which can cause the glove box lock to break; thus, breaking the lock causes the glove box not to open. The cause of this problem can be linked to the fault in the lock cylinder, such as spinning or preventing the key from fully inserted in it. Due to this, the latch cannot communicate with the cylinder or the handle; thus, even when the glove compartment lock is unlocked, the box won’t open.

Thus to fix the glove box, you first need to open the glove box even when you decide to fix the latch lock. Once you open the glove box, you can easily access the screws which hold the glove box. 

The glove box lock won’t close.

The first thing you should do when the glove box lock is not secured is to check whether there is something in between the latch and the striker hindering the closing of the glove box. Because sometimes an overstuffed glove box can create a wide gap, thus the gap prevents the latch from closing. 

Apart from overfilling the glovebox, there can be a reason where the latch is now grabbing the catch. This means that when you push the glove box for closing, it moves the catch back and out of the way of the lock. Moreover, some plastic could have sheared off, hindering the latch from closing.


This article addressed the “2011 Honda CRV Glove Box latch” in this article. While explaining the latch of the 2011 Honda CRV, we have also explained to you the working of the latch. Moreover, we have also given the various problems faced by the latch of the glove box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 2011 Honda CRV Glove Box latch.

How does a cool car glove box work?

The cool car glove box is a feature provided in several cars today. This is because the HVAC system of the car maintains the temperature of beverages in the passenger vehicles. Thus when a person opens the glove box, the beverages they have kept inside are always cool.

How to fix a glove box that isn’t opening?

If the glove box is surface mounted, then hit the glove box on the side while gently pulling the door. Moreover, when the glove box is equipped with a slide in the latch mechanism, try to pop it with the help of a screwdriver.

Why do we call it the glove box?

A glove compartment is referred to as a glove box because originally, it was designed to keep the driving gloves in it. Moreover, initially, the box was placed on the vehicle’s floorboard.

Why is there an air vent in the glove box?

The air vent is present in the glove box to blow standardized air at a certain temperature when the air-con is switched on. For example, the vent provides cool air when the cabin temperat